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by Nevada Kerr

I wormed into the husk of a man
A fossil of fauna in the wild moorland
His udders, his creek, his becrippled reach
The pickled grume of the gunner and swain
His caramel ooze, his petrified brain

He oozes as I dangle on the fringe of a portal
My saliva on his bung hole, my phlegm on his shaft
A cartilage crunch careening to hatch
A crucible of spume, soft tundra fume
Marrow in bloom

I lather the dredger puckered and snug
He gurgles like fungus and squats like a pug
My tendrils tamper with cove and dune
The disheveled cargo that once was my groom

Written by © Nevada Kerr
10th January 2003.

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