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Super Man
by Nevada Kerr

Super Man shrivels in the bone yard
Blunting the edge of the sacred word
He thrives on oil and gas with the orgasmic zeal
Of bottled laughter and cathartic skin peels

He clings to the memories of insect collections
The replaced soul parts that wisemen deemed unclean
He flaunts his disaster species throughout the burning forests
Begs God for data that will surely hurt us

His darling cyberfingers slow to a crawl
For the living dead bodies invading the mall
Obsolete eyes wink in his real-world mirror
As he releases the polar ice cap trigger

Super Man squirms in his toxic burial space
Turns his smiles on a little harmless race
His global warmth overheats the desert flowers
And his pet pigeon-roach loses her powers

Super holy hands hide his lesions
From the churning boy pages with quirky precision
He defiles the air and intensifies dread
With a yearning for libel and a bow to the dead

Under asphalt virgins and sewer sprawl
He drills to the touch of infertility dolls
He spurns exploding cars and offspring bars
For the Lazarus probe of alien stars

Bright white lover man devours the Earth
He crys for a universe free of birth
In deserted parking lot and pesticide jungle
He swirls little pain-tested tears

Written by © Nevada Kerr
5th May 2000.

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