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It's Time
by Nevada Kerr

It's time to be tasteful and tell all your secrets
In a muffled voice in the deafening stillness
It's time to be comely, hopeful, and homey
With cozy smiles and fond displays of denial

The sheltered world you cherished vanished in the air
Words you spoke without codes we now refuse to hear
Repress, restrain, subdue, constrain any unbound fear
Panic shakes and breaks the bull undermining every bear

It's time to applaud prudes adorning your nudes
With the tags and gags that taxpayers approve
It's time to be cheerful, kindly but careful
In your housecoat strolls and inconspicuous clothes

Moneyed lovers move Earth and Heaven to uphold normality
The banners they wave over open graves sidetrack catastrophe
You must beg forgiveness from an eyewitness to renew security
Confess before we force open your lips and ransack your destiny

Written by © Nevada Kerr
29th September 2001.

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