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by Nevada Kerr

Stood aside
Far and wide
In baneful black
I hung my head

Orange warning
On a red sky morning
Your big talk went on all day
Thunder rumbled
Watchdog grumbled
In the West the fires howled
Idle shadows looming

Stifled a laugh
Tethered at last
But I could never pin you down
Held the line on the beaten path
Like a junky drunkard
Who never got the knack
Of moving on

The sun prevailed
The four winds wailed
I fell to work
Digging dirt
Built an earthen haven
To conceal my hurt
It fell to dust

I'm the clinging vine
Whenever you leave town
Too inclined to pine
I'm climbing down

Without your rain
My desire withered
Like a hard up mummy
In a dried up river
Felt like I was burned alive
I strained my throat
But I could not cry

I knew this time
You weren't coming back
The mesa overgrown
The cows too fat
And me a skittish skeleton
With crazy bones to crack

Written by © Nevada Kerr
March 26, 2005.

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