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by Nevada Kerr

Of course I ignored you, how could I not
You're not me and you're not hot
It's not spite when I rub it in
It's only right that I should win

I never used you, you're useless my dear
I've got nothing to prove, I'm truly sincere
Just and kind to those of my kind
Tender and fair and always on time

You're not worthy of me, I deserve more
I earned my degree, what good are you for
My talent and virtue exceed any reward
How could I hurt you, I'm so close to God

Why make a stink, you're too stupid to care
I control what you think, I decide what you wear
Keep believing the lie that some day you'll be free
You can try till you die, you mean nothing to me

Written by © Raven Drake
October 09, 2007.

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