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Dust And Sham
by Nevada Kerr

I am the ideal unmade
An accessory within
Formless without
A chip of the old block
A reembodied thought

I am the hotchpotch screwup
With a predilection for the oddest quirk
The tag or tail added to the final product
I am a pretty piece of work

I am tangled skein/skin
Made from broken parts
Discorded and discarded hearts
A house of card sharks
Your second final thought

I am unbecoming in broken threads
Strung together by undead dreads
An extraction of roots
Untold and disused

I am the impossible figure
A flesh and blood doll
A homely fable fingerlings scrawl
A flash in the pan
The moth eaten straw man
Recollect me in dust and sham

Written by Nevada Kerr
20th December 2000.

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