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by Nevada Kerr


The length of me grazes you
Our swollen borders shrink
A surging encore reverberation
You redouble what I think
More of you comes thick upon
The multitude of me
A pinprick universe apportions
Our streaming frequencies


Every inch of me belongs to you
We're a middle point between
The cold soul riddles you imbrue
Codify our golden mean
Innovative impersonator
I portray you on the screen
You're a casualty of my mimicry
The torn travesty I seam


With mirror kin I never spar
My second self refrains
This templet fits me like a glove
The blood I long to claim
I unseal the lips of echo's chasm
That dread ringer's muffled cry
Unbind my pending alter ego
Before the ringing dies

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 3rd, 2003.

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