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The City That Care Forgot

by Nevada Kerr

A grade five tempest whirling fury
Is heading toward the Gulf
We don't need a judge or jury
Just a bus to get us out

They put us in this superdome
To beg for food and water
With no dry land to call our home
We clutch our sons and daughters

Venom blues or forlorn jazz
The devil got his due
A sporting chance we never had
Were we born to lose

The levees break around our prison
The inmates loot and plunder
He had years to make the right decision
But Bush the bungler blundered

America gave up her heart
To the oil industry
A delta doomed from the start
Spurned ecology

As an offering to global warming
And a boon to misery
Sweet Louisiana drowning
Willed New Orleans to the sea

Written by © Raven Drake
September 3, 2005.

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