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Hog's Confection
by Nevada Kerr

Curdled milk spills as the hurricane hits
Sugar plum fairies eat pickled pig lips
The sweetest redemption for the servant within
Excites the flagellant to new heights of sin

The penitent confesses for the elixir of hope
Mouths vinegar prayers at the end of his rope
He chides the bootlicker and his serpentine twin
For their lime yogurt crawl over taut, dewy skin

Spirits rise in the primordial fires
A manure inferno of mangled desires
A casket intruder and his uninvited guest
Strike it rich in the house of death

Hog's got a craving for cinder and ash
The skeletal chaste and their survivor flashbacks
His tongue, tooth, and stomach relish the taste
A fat, flaccid mummy, he bends to his fate

An errand boy's ambrosia of lapdogs and wings
Fermenting nectars and neighborhood flings
Sweep Hog off his feet like a puppet on strings
Ready to burst from the prickles and stings

Hog's confection sets your teeth on edge
An Old Testament curse that lays claim to the dead
A cure for the frost and delirium dread
That taunts the jailbird in the whoremaster's bed
The sure remedy for the godless who fled
The guillotine henchmen born to behead

Written by © Nevada Kerr
1st August 2002.

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