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by Nevada Kerr


When war resumes in fields of doom
The scurvy hound, a dogged loon
Gulps down victory's rheum and rouge
The smoking tongues of stool and stooge
The ruptured hearts of hopeful cubs
Spraying blood in the drying mud

The mongrel wretch loses the pack
Eluding grenades burning naked laps
And sniffing the gristle of cad and goon
Their daggers thistles amid corpses strewn
He digs up the face of the vain gossoon
A crested general from vulgar roots
A sorry victor wearing legless boots


The famished worm, a spiral bane
Finds his way to groin and vein
The savory lips of Joe and Jane
Their luscious fingers tobacco stained
The quid and curd of exploded nerves
Once dewy eyes and sturdy thighs

The galling worm makes manifest
The rim and brim of unclothed flesh
The howling bark of skin undressed
A gash, a leak, a tear, a crack
When war resumes and trumpets blast
For the grim visaged of Bellona's caste
The temples crumble like soap and wax
These bloated bodies provide a new repast

Written by © Nevada Kerr
10th February 2003.

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