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by Nevada Kerr

I'm not on one side or the other
Been walking this highway for miles
I'm not pure anymore
The fat old rich own all the real estate
Some screaming queen from England built a tropical garden in the desert
The lady from California likes her new nursing home
It's got everything she needs
The aging boomers are using up the last of the planet's resources
And they all come here to die

The Mexican family down the street prays the food stamps won't run out
14-year-old Carla just had another baby
They both made it over the border
After a few years of chemical exposure from the mines
Half her kids will become retards
Working to enhance their image as garbage collectors

Desert sprawl and another mall
And I'm looking forward to the bird flu
And all these galleries
How much art can you do
Before you turn ninety-two
You know this town really needed a Walmart
The retirees are happy now
But I'm not sure there will be enough water for all these people

Written by © Raven Drake
April 25, 2006.

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