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Code Orange
by Nevada Kerr

An information glut breeds infinite terrors
Upstart self-assassins aroused by searing hate
Intelligence amok in a muck of human errors
Every true believer professes his faith
Sacrificial suffering, the mindful martyr's fate
The infidel's impiety, a sin against his race

Midway between yellow and revolutionary red
A Muslim shares communion with the Christian dead
While American crusaders shielded by tankers
Expropriate Iraq for the corporate bankers

For chronic attacks iconoclasts hanker
Their jihad tirades provoking ancient rancor
Mecca bound pilgrims beg Allah for a cure
But prayers for peace won't end the greed of oil connoisseurs
Nor will they quell the wrath of prophet saboteurs

Written by © Nevada Kerr
December 27, 2003.

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