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Theater Of The Absurd

by Nevada Kerr

Old Vinegar ruminates upon the tribulation
Calamities, catastrophes, Middle East aversions
The Arab oil industry's lucrative inflation
Arbitrary power plays, citizen desertions

The patriot's epiphany, a kaleidoscopic stain
Fear and hate, foreign nations, xenophobic brains
Love of country, isolation, victors never deign
The State's united hallucination, self-delusions strain

Israel miscalculates, ensuring her entombment
Palestine infuriates, progress mars improvement
Tyranny burgeons through liberty's arraignment
Barbarity, brutality guarantee estrangement

The patriarchal martyr crowd renovates the mushroom cloud
A hand-me-down extinction from unhewn men of straw
Budding teenage nihilists demoralized and raw
Build new terror training camps for the ceaseless Holy War

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 20, 2004.

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