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by Nevada Kerr

Sorrow endures while desires languish
Lady Heartache speaks without a language
She unwrites your heart's bold song to God
Pain you can decode she can always defraud

She devours your anguish and drains your regrets
Repays your debts with a quick and kind death
What she does not owe you is your wish to forget
That love's milk and mire won't always stay wet

Dead lovers incarnate the black suits you wear
Crowded graveyards obligate your deepest despair
Mourning veils obliterate your face and shame
While Sorrow bestirs what only faith can sustain

She misplaces time in a blackhole of years
Cleanses your blood in a torrent of tears
The dread she reveres grows fat on your fears
Skies fall and worlds stall when Sorrow comes near

Lady Heartache spirals when reason rebounds
Her heavy spirit holds you fast to the ground
She knows gateways to oceans underground
Longings long buried, bereavements unbound

She discards your heart's closing wounds
Replaces a limb or an eye with a soulful bruise
Woos barren private parts with her funeral blues
Grief you can explain she must always refuse

The ghosts of longing suckle unborn flesh
The most hopeless bodies cling to new breath
Decay demands skins and the darkest bones
Misery receives guests but Sorrow lives alone

Written by © Nevada Kerr
15th March 2001.

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