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by Nevada Kerr

Pistol Hector, swanky warder
Flunkey jackal, fawning codger
Bastard Hank, pouty spanker
Cyclops maggot, burly banker
Cut up root and branch
On Go The Whole Hog Ranch

Gudgeon Grub, humbug shuffler
Thrift store hubby, gun shot muffler
Numskull bully, Marshal Rigger
Turnscrew Willy, bugbear bigger
Ride the trails of bandits
A finger on each trigger

Apache Texas, canyon climber
Utah Israel, sheriff primer
Convict hunter, Diablo Maven
Branded Maverick, bruiser craven
Vow to take away your breath
And die a Western death

Written by © Nevada Kerr
October 10, 2003.

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