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by Nevada Kerr

I'm having fun growing old
Finally nearing the end
And I'm almost as ugly
As my ugliest friend

Sagging skin, double chin
And I'm losing my hair
Can't recall where I've been
I'm not even sure I'm here

Youth was a scam
And sex was a joke
Now I'm all out of jam
Decrepit and broke

A fossil from the past
I can laugh at my decline
I was as sharp as a tack
Before I lost my mind

Obsolescence has its charms
I can fade and disappear
The pills that keep me calm
Melt away the fear

I can't go to the clinic
If my heart gives out
The insurance had a gimmick
And my policy ran out

I broke a hip in the shower
Forgive the nasty smell
If I could shower on the hour
I'd still smell like hell

I don't eat like I used to
And I'm surely going blind
I know that death has a schedule
But I think he fell behind

Written by © Raven Drake
December 15, 2006.

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