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by Nevada Kerr

I've been called reserved
But a better word is distant
So physically removed
I'm almost nonexistent

Like a hermit or a ghost
Staggering confused
I recede as you approach
With a gift I can't refuse

I'm just not in the mood
For tender love and hope
I'd rather sulk and brood
Over deadly sex and dope

With a light heart and a smile
You came to buck me up
Offering cream instead of bile
I should be flattered to suck up

I got in line for bread and wine
I'm not your average whore
Flesh and blood and out of time
You know I need to score

Sorry that you're disappointed
Did I let you down again?
Don't be crushed or disconcerted
You'll find another friend

Someone you can gladden
With your good-natured spin
Their madness reimagined
As you crawl under their skin

Written by © Raven Drake
July 04, 2007.

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