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by Nevada Kerr

Cancer stole my calm expression
Facial bones and eyes
I can form no brave reaction
To your grimace undisguised

The features of my prosthesis
Retrace the memory of my pride
The patronized complexion
Of a stunning child bride

But I want a real face
Not a fleshless compromise
The confidence and courage
To smash this mask with plastic eyes

A chin, a mouth, a nose
Cheeks with nerves attached
An identifying pose
A set of ears that match

Jaw and tongue and palate
A furrow on my brow
Teeth to chew my salad
Break bread and carouse

A donor dead or dying
Whose skin will correspond
Someone else's kissing lips
Tissue cut to bond

Infection or rejection
I refuse deformity
I want back my grand veneer
My human dignity

Written by © Nevada Kerr
January 22, 2004.

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