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World Without End
by Nevada Kerr


A dark bird flew
Through a crack in space
Over bowling green tombs
Rampant and base
Neither here nor there
At a furious pace
It blew out the sun
And left no trace


The outcast of Limbo
Doubled it's size
Devouring red skies
Time after time
Plucking out dry eyes
And seeds of the mind
Lone soul spasm
Concealing the light


At one fell swoop
It divided the fold
Defunct company towns
From pole to pole
The whirlwind vanguard
Struck the death knell
Upon hulk and hull
Hailstones fell
The skyline dwindled
Only the mountains held


A world without end
Comprehending great loss
Gathered together
Indispensable parts
Engraving the future
In the crow's footmark
The scoundrel rose again
To seize a new start

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 13th, 2003.

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