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by Nevada Kerr

She'll badmouth you all over town and stab you in the back
Turning quaint deceptions into undisputed facts
Her sugar-coated lies will cut you down to size
When you decide to socialize beware those prying eyes

This mastermind of flattery has a parasitic charm
Her quick assault and battery feel like a healing balm
She improvised a curse to dehumanize your soul
A spell you can't reverse by rehearsing some new role

Defaming your good name with naivete and candor
She claims she's not to blame for this mean and vile slander
Trying to convince you with a deferential smile
That a loose-lipped mongrel vagabond was spewing all this bile

First she takes the pledge to lick your dirty boots
And when you plead and beg she peels you like a fruit
With insincere sincerity, she learns the words by heart
And you believe she really cares till she tears your world apart

Written by © Raven Drake
April 3, 2006.

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