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Face Of The Thing
by Nevada Kerr

Jilted siren bride
In the moonless sky
Unsatisfied with suicide
I replicate your form
The rheum and reflection
Of an ectoplasmic storm

Your riddled banshee eye
Fistulous and pied
The blasphemy oracular
I hurriedly transcribe
Its obliquity of vision
Subdividing the flood tide

Blazing effigy of reason
I solemnly explore
Your infernal immolation
The hollow, narrow core
A folkloric emulation
Of the famished omnivore

Vertebral equator
Arcadian disarmer
Umbilicus dilator
Bounding georama
Your cosmic translocater
Lubricates the wheel of Karma

Fay fiend afrite
Confiscating charms
Bending telepathies
Sounding false alarms
In the glimmering eclipse
You sow the seeds of harm

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 27th, 2003.

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