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Host Mother
by Nevada Kerr

Host mother of the mutated hordes
Nightmare fancy of ventriloquist whores
You reinvent reverie for the post-traumatic bored
Snoozing paid companions sweeping floors on all fours

Dormant elixir without a trace you gobble mates with brine
In clandestine womb shelters your eager sleepers shine
The widespread followers of your bent paralytic side
Harbor ominous parasites in a biting cold clime

You discovered a ready market for their gravity and haste
For their overfunded parts giving rise to household waste
Still you refuse solid ground preferring the empty space
Your discontinued houseguests consistently displace

Gene ciphers and patented tears divert throngs to your snare
You dazzle them with the misused harlot's hypnotic leer
Hex-supported mongrel eros immune to a deflated ego
You painstakingly reengineer these hybrid militia heroes

Unbroken Hoodoo Outlaw, Queen of the Shrine of Dreams
Whose euphoric prayers pick melancholy's altar clean
You poke fun at the drunken numb staining car bumpers
Awarding their fragrantly tinged hopeless skins to the forsaken

Holy rose whose high class act is mocking old skits of bold frat brats
You look lucid dressed in your ascending stars and crimson feathers
When you glare down on hope's future upgrading impending doom
Don't let the holy ghost, communion oaf do our mother host one better

Written by Nevada Kerr
25th October 2001.

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