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The Militia Hordes
by Nevada Kerr

Cyclone begetters and frenzied go-getters
Sweet-talk pure and prurient bed-wetters
In a clamor of boasts and GI Joe hope
Rural witch-hunts and counterfeit dope
Wild-eyed meat dealers quickly elope

An ancient tribe killer swaps buffalo hides
Upholds the mad cow bonding of the countrified
His prized livestock collapse and liquefy
The skins and shells of the cannibalized
Expose a top-notch militia's underside

Urban hearts quicken but can't keep pace
With a homestead lover's effortless grace
His corn-fed flesh and hamburger waste
Exemplify the essence of gringo taste
Factory pharmers baiting borderland waifs

Yokels and sods share communal tights
Cattle prod drills and Breeder Nights
They bulge in a flash of homespun delights
During lynching rehearsals of fag-hating whites
Singing 'God Bless America' before the fights

A blushing man with an enduring beef
Divinely illuminates the cowboy's reprieve
A redneck missionary in the barnyard eaves
Rewards some clodhopping bawd of reverie
Fusing bible crusades and shopping sprees

Flag-waving creeps crawling ashore
Devastate the planet on a Disneyland tour
Outriders forewarn of the primal allure
The cloistered merging of hicks and boors
An epidemic resurgence of militia hordes

Written by Nevada Kerr
21st February 2002.

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