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The Same Team
by Nevada Kerr

Our cherished team is on the video
Cheerleader mummy licks familial woe
Her embalmed delight serves the status quo
Warmonger daddy sprints with a provincial glow
A mad dash to Christmas in radioactive snow
A gentle radiance that crushes every foe
Faster roaches direct the snide slide show
For master coaches on the go

Body-building golden sons
Minors on the highest rungs
Like miners in their iron lungs
Cream between gridiron scenes
Of Neo-Nazi nation states
Where legal whores make better dates
Beatnik clones pimp their cowboy genes
And lawyer teens bite rabid greens

Evangelist bleeders in schoolboy drag
Yuppie porn stars in torn hippie rags
Carnivores gagging on edible flags
Camp out in model martyr sleeping bags
Awaiting the vanquishers of terror-jet lag

Suicidal deans watching towers fall
Rewind and pause in narcoleptic stalls
Where fetus people sprawl and scrawl
Then go dead behind their cubicle walls

Our chosen league is on the radio
Silent screaming fans from long ago
Patriot lovers patrol the Super Bowl
And midget robots clean the stadium johns
Of the mad soul purgings of suburban pawns

Old guard champions ravage the same old world
Half-wits in uniforms blame the new bad girl
What a show these guys put on in a pinch
Football gamesters beat the new world grinch

Beaming death songs and violent dreams
Dimwits and dullards churn, boil, and steam
Mainstream on Main Street is all the scream
Everyone in America plays on the same team

Written by Nevada Kerr
5th February 2002.

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