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by Dasha

Here it goes. Everyone screams and cheers. I go on the stage. Climbing the stairs. A pleasant music is playing. "I can't stop"...

Somewhere in the middle the lights went off. The darkness captured the place with it's power. I look around but I see nothing. Only a small spring of light in front of me. I try to reach to it, but I can't! Can not. I turn to it, suddenly my feet don't touch the ground and I'm floating somewhere in space, dark space. Fear overwhelms me. I feel something sharp. I take it... it's a fragment of a mirror. So sharp that it hurts my hand to blood, but I no longer fear the pain. I feel nothing.

I look in it with surprise. I don't see myself in it. Only the darkness...

I throw it away. With my hands bleeding I continue my way through nothing. "I can't stop"...

Something hits my feet and I fall... discovering I can fly. I can control my movements in the air. The thing which hurt my legs was a lever. A silver lever. I pulled it. The darkness filled with the sparkling objects, called "Starlets". Scarlet Stars. They float around me. Like they've got my mind under control. But, no... I'm the one o control the universe. I scream... scream... scream...

Then the angel appears behind me. Dressed in red. Starlets gather around him. A few minutes after that the light surrounds me. The light so bright that it's blinding. The wind blows with such a strength that I can't control myself. I'm taken into the light. So scary. Nothing around. Oh, no, sorry. The emptiness around.

"Is that all I could reach in my life?" - I thought.

The other second I hear voices. I open my eyes and see crowds of people gathering around my body, lying on the stage.

"Am I dead?" - thought I before standing up and continuing my senseless existence.

So interesting... All my life was white and empty.

Written by
30th September 2001.

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