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The European Cannon (1974-1976)
by Russell Phillips

He's the European Cannon
He's the Duke with Iggy Pop
He's the side effected coke-head
He's the station were you stop
He's got sixteen televisions
He's a friend of Halloween Jack
He's resurrected on 84th Street
His hand across his back
He's Hitler in Victoria
He's pissed and miming 'Fame'
He's 'doin'-it' with the brothers
He's white and on Soul Train
His Gitanes are in his pocket
He's a German cabaret
He's the paranoid schizophrenic
He's Cracked Actor in L.A.
He's in Philly with young Luther
His reflection's in every car
His face is fifty feet high
He's a rock n' roll superstar
He's a man of many journeys
He's a man who never flies
He's melting in the waxwork
He's thrown darts in lover's eyes
He's remembered President Nixon
He's cut-up Burroughs' worth
He's hiding in a duffel coat
He's the man who fell to Earth

Written by Russell Phillips
11th October 2001.

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