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Figuratively Speaking

by Nevada Kerr

He's searching for the undefiled sublimated girl
A loyal servant of the faith unspoiled by the world
Someone so unselfish she would sacrifice her soul
To a life of self-denial and selfless self-control

A noble queen of virtue dutiful and true
Conforming to the curfew of the virginal and new
Unerring and unsullied, chaste beyond reproof
Celibate and elegant and sinlessly aloof

Goodly beyond compare, giving comfort to the sick
With a dry eye for every tear and a treat for every trick
Saintlike in her certitude and doubtless on the edge
Toppling pedestals of rectitude to redeem an earthly pledge

The answer to all his prayers heavenly designed
Steadfast without any peers and tenderly benign
Someday she'll be standing there but he'll surely miss the signs
And she'll vanish on a misty pier, a fallen angel on his shrine

Written by © Raven Drake
March 31, 2006.

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