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The Court Of Eumenides
by Nevada Kerr

Retributive justice crushes the judge
A cosseted idol, a matinee drudge
Accused and accursed confess and avoid
The avenger's aspersions churning the void

Hurling invectives, cackling with glee
Whirling the wind for the lost at sea
Anathema squanders the economy grudge
Impales the despot refusing to budge

Nemesis wailing a threnody
Transfigures hope and cruel ecstasy
Recants the light before memory
When her heart swells, coroners grieve
Suitors shiver, solicitors flee

Victorious witch, unrivalled host
The mother of gods, the maker of ghosts
Exacts an atonement, a killing decree
Sacrifice on the altar of Dame Destiny

Written by © Nevada Kerr
November 12, 2003.

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