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Stephen Lindsay Satterfield

Barely over 25, olive skin -
One glance figure,
Dark hair, eyes of red.
I've this slimy bed and path.

You, like Mercury, thieve -
Self-absorbed and Irrepressible.
I have no block to be around -
I am holding what's left.

Grass does not have a greener side -
Intimacy makes one look.
Serious on the saucy side,
Love does not take passengers.

Takes no time to beguile me.
Such a rake -
Read me, control me -
All is so chaotic without you.

And I am without you.
Downstream, drifting -
Sending me away, unneeded -
I am wasting your time.

Trifling, stifling, slamming -
After spitting, sitting, and spinning -
I am alone with people -
You never want to hold what's left...

Written by
Stephen Lindsay Satterfield
18th September 2002.

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