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by Nevada Kerr

When your spirit enters my body I shiver
I catch the infection, a delirious throe
A furious ferment, my soul in a quiver
The fever is seething and boiling below

I can taste the fire, the heat of desire
The shock of your throbbing inciting a thrill
Inflaming the tingling lump in my throat
The speed of intention fueled by your will

Hatching a fancy when revelry flies
Skimming the froth and licking the cream
Frisking your eyes, my tongue on your thighs
This rhapsody draws the deep breath of dream

The palpable kiss, the lambent caress
My triumphant fingers groping your breasts
Animal spirits in high glee and bliss
The beguiling rapture of relishing flesh

Written by © Raven Drake
July 21, 2005.

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