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No Face
by Nevada Kerr

I am a subject with no face
I belong to the realm of no debate
My blood relations are second rate
Only sanctioned mates can lick my plates

Your benediction aids my diction
Lay your hands on my predilections
Consecrate my recompense
With a white picket fence and cheerful friends

Guarantee me real estate
I promise that I'll participate
In innovative pain and hate

With this divine seal of removal
I can never merit your approval
My flesh consents and conforms
To the ruling judge's norms

The way I strive heartens God above
I'm a union member of the Toiler's Club
A fraternity open for eternity

I need your permission to kneel
Consent to kiss, consent to feel
My better half shows so much zeal
That grant to laugh has made her squeal
The air and water are almost real

My soul's in debt for a day of zest
For a sanitized orgy and a manic rest
But I've got a license to thrive
A mortgaged life and a borrowed wife
I'm the envy of the credit card paralyzed

Rent my integrity
Dispose of my property
I have no real security
Only paper money equity

Misuse my every move, profane my every word
My obligation is to the Lord of Termination
I must betray unbaptized nations

My duty is to kill warring factions
I am a socially secure man of action
I own a utility monopoly
A skin and bone company

Your breath is my passport
My vehicle to self-worth
Still I need a password for the bathroom
A password for the airport

I'm a taxpaying professional doter
Whose yearbook photo hides the coddled voter
A beautiful person mutating rejected floaters
Giving them permission to drink my country's water

The official papers say I'm a misnomer
A shrinking skeleton of melanoma
A cancellation from the Master of Bliss
Who promised me I'd thank him for this

Lead me to the altar with your bridal halter
I'm not authorized to fail or falter
No regime will endorse my face
My buried and undiscovered race

I need you to confirm that I am small
Your cowering citizen always on call
Your towering inferno ready to fall

Written by Nevada Kerr
8th February 2002.

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