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by Nevada Kerr

Carnage on the highway
I'm always late for work
Traffic is murder
But still the patrons lurk
A weary pedestrian
Never saw the light turn green
The car kept going at full speed
The body never left the scene

Velocity is everything
Haste is all the rage
The earlier the better
Better now than yesterday
The clock is ticking
I made good time
Progress doesn't wait
Perfection has a schedule
Make the grade or don't get paid

I didn't mean to kill the kid
But boy that baby flew
A foster child, I grew up wild
And now I'm on the news
With my vocation, there's no vacation
The moment's all I have
Burning rubber, scorning lovers
In the spotlight like my dad

I step on the gas, wind at my back
I'm never slowing down
I'll cut and run from joy and fun
As long as I gain ground
And if someone gets in my way
As I'm flying down the road
I hope to meet them in the grave
Freed from this heavy load

Written by © Raven Drake
October 26, 2006.

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