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The Pit Of Laws
by Nevada Kerr

Angel paramour of the abyss
Harem mistress how I miss your kiss
I offer you all my hours to raze these godly towers
Tear down the temples so I can reach your tears
No hope of God could make me leave your kind
Timeless begetter of darling hope and time

Guardian spirit of my faith and ogress concubine
I sacrifice these heads for your avenging mind
I yield to the sky scrapers scouring my skin
Furies that rip apart my limbs and smother me in their wings
Their guiltless talons define your ultimatum

Phantom angel with a goblin's soul
I launder shadows that never will come clean
No need for heaven when I'm in your clutches
Your clause of claws bestows the final cause
There are no reasons within your pit of laws

Seraph suitor of my breaking heart
I purge my love to ignite your molten rocks
A volcanic burst burning my cracked skull
Splintering the borderline between heaven and hell
I long to hear perdition's arousing angel bells

Cherished cherub of my hope
I yearn for your healing craw
The harlot's harvest of holy holes
Your throat and belly are my desire's grave
There within the gorges your vulture's heart consoles

Elemental lover with undying eyes
You blow me out over quenchless pyres
You blow me up in the airless fires of unfulfilled desires
Your yield of harrowed souls reveals the puppet's wires

I long to join the league of manikins on fire
The phantom hope of burning whole within your soul's desire
I climb the gates of hell in search of fury's wings
The temple tower that contains your hymns of power
Not the songs to God but your pit of laws

Written by © Nevada Kerr
10th September 2001.

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