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16th February 2018

David Bowie World 7 Inch Records Discography 1964 - 1981 The brand new website is now live for the DAVID BOWIE 7" vinyl collectors' Bible...

The new SOFTBACK edition of DAVID BOWIE WORLD 7" RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY 1964 - 1981 book by MARSHALL JARMAN and RETO STÖCKLIN is available for pre-ordering now.

- Hardcore collectors' Bible revised and updated
- Special softback edition
- Over 1,000 records
- 95 acetates
- Over 900 colour illustrations
- 244-pages (60 more than the first publication)
- New 26-page middle section with related memorabilia

For more details and information, please visit the marmot-publishing.com website.

Check out the new reveal quick flick through video below - obviously contains spoilers!...

For those of you who managed to order the now SOLD OUT Limited Deluxe Edition, these will start shipping at the end of next month.

15th February 2018

The BOWIEWONDERWORLD message board has now been migrated from Network54 over to Tapatalk.

Take a look over at tapatalk.com/groups/bowiewonderworld

If you're already a member of the old board, you can simply log in using the same usernames and passwords as before.

Have a look around and get a feel for it. You can change/update whatever to you need to do in your Profile settings, photos, signature etc.

I'm still tweaking a several things, colours, graphics and so on, and for use on different platforms, so please bare with me over the next few weeks whilst I get everything ship shape and Bristol fashion.

For any new members, it's now much simpler to register and join in.

14th February 2018

Published in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE is an article by GREG KOT entitled: 'Why DAVID BOWIE the unknowable endures' - [Read here]...

In today's DETROIT METRO TIMES guitarist EARL SLICK is interviewed and talks about DAVID BOWIE and what he misses most about him. Great interview and well worth checking out - [Read here]...

On this day, 45 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA in 1973...

Happy Valentines Day to everyone...

13th February 2018

A to Z of David Bowie The third episode of THE A TO Z OF DAVID BOWIE podcast created by MARC RILEY, ROB HUGHES and HOWARD NOCK is now available online for your listening pleasure.

This third episode continues with the letter B and covers the topics: Brixton, Bromley, Bolan, Barrett and BowieNet.

Available via your preferred podcast download or streaming via iTunes, etc - I personally prefer acast.com for streaming.

There will also be 'extra' episodes featuring new and archive interviews with db associated people too!

For more information, updates and questions you can follow @zofdavidbowie account on Twitter.

For the podcast each letter is currently 2 episodes of 30 plus minutes and will be published at 3am on Tuesday's each week.

12th February 2018

Heads up! Sneak peek. Opening today's parcels... sshh don't tell anyone...

Pre-ordering for the softback edition starts on Friday (16th) evening at 6pm GMT. More details to follow.

For those of you who have ordered the SOLD OUT deluxe hardback edition, these will start shipping out at the end of next month.

Also on Friday, I hope to do a proper sneaky look 'quick flick through' video before then.

10th February 2018

The new issue of Q magazine features DAVID BOWIE on the front cover.

This is a photo spectacular, featuring 75-pages of classic, rare and unseen pictures and the photographer's tale behind each one.

There's also a celebration of Mark E. Smith, 2 collectable art prints (one-sided): David Bowie and The Stone Roses, and much more.

For more details, and a look inside, pop on over to the qthemusic.com website.

8th February 2018

Did any of you spot what featured in the official MUTE movie trailer?

Duncan recently did an interview with EMPIRE magazine where he informs us that MUTE features several homages to his father. No spoilers here if you've not read it.

Mute co-written and directed by Duncan Jones premieres on Friday 23rd February on Netflix.

If anyone wants to personally own one of these prints, or the read the background details, take a LOOK HERE and get in touch.

Don't hang around, these are all remaining original left-over stock from thirty-four years ago, and once their gone, their gone.

7th February 2018

Published today on the UPROXX website is an interview by MIKE RYAN with film director DUNCAN JONES talking about his latest movie MUTE and where to go next after a couple of 'crappy' years.

It's been an emotional, trying few years for Duncan Jones.

Professionally, Duncan spent three and a half years making Warcraft, an expensive and ambitious fantasy film that just didn't catch on with American audiences - an experience that was, as Jones puts it, "soul crushing".

Personally, Duncan lost his father, DAVID BOWIE, in 2016. In 2017, Jones lost MARION SKENE, the woman Duncan gives credit for raising him. And while all this was happening, Jones himself became a father for the first time. These are the kinds of events that will lead to a lot of soul searching and re-evaluations. And for Duncan Jones, one of these revelations was that it was finally time to make the movie he's been trying to get made for the last 16 years. It was time to finally make Mute a reality.

You can read the whole interview on the uproxx.com website.

6th February 2018

A to Z of David Bowie The second episode of THE A TO Z OF DAVID BOWIE podcast created by MARC RILEY, ROB HUGHES and HOWARD NOCK is now available online for your listening pleasure.

This second episode continues with A and covers the topics: Aladdin Sane, Aladdin Sane album with each song discussed, A Clockwork Orange and the Arts Lab.

Available via your preferred podcast download or streaming via iTunes, etc - I personally prefer acast.com for streaming.

There will also be 'extra' episodes featuring new and archive interviews with db associated people too!

For more information, updates and questions you can follow @zofdavidbowie account on Twitter.

For the podcast each letter is currently 2 episodes of 30 plus minutes and will be published at 3am on Tuesday's each week.

3rd February 2018

Taking place on Friday 23rd February is AN EVENING WITH TONY VISCONTI AND WOODY WOODMANSEY organised by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University.

Join us for an evening with legendary music producer and an original Spider From Mars, discussing their work on the classic DAVID BOWIE album The Man Who Sold The World and their supergroup Holy Holy.

The event will be followed by a book signing and pop-up record shop.

Location: Visconti Studio, Kingston Hill campus, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7LB, England.

Tickets priced at £15 and £5 (student/concession) can be booked via eventbrite website.

2nd February

David Bowie 2018 UK Convention Update: Full line-up is confirmed! Tickets are on sale now for the DAVID BOWIE 2018 UK Convention which takes place in Derby on 11th and 12th May.

With live music from: The Bowie Contingent, The London Boys, Faerground Accidents, Rebel Rebel, Liqueur, John Dyson and The Bloody Marys, The Bowie Room, The Major Toms and Luxury Stranger.

Featuring Heroes Indie DJs, Andy Yeo's Bowieoke, Q&A with Sarah-Rena Hine and much, much more.

Venue: Queens Hall, 125 London Road, Derby DE1 2QQ, England.

Dates: Friday 11th May 6.00pm till 1.00am.
Saturday 12th May - 12 noon till 1.00am

For tickets and information contact Jimster Draper at

1st February 2018

As I'm sure you are aware, LAZARUS the musical production written by DAVID BOWIE and ENDA WALSH has a new production and is being performed in Germany. You can check out two video news reports via zdf, which shows the production and backstage interviews with the lead actor HANS PETTER DAHL - News report footage #1 and News report footage #2...

Available for your listening pleasure is part 1 of THE A TO Z OF DAVID BOWIE podcast created by MARC RILEY, ROB HUGHES and HOWARD NOCK - each letter is currently 2 episodes of 30 plus minutes and will be published at 3am each Tuesday. Obviously starting with 'A', this first episode covers: the 'Ashes To Ashes' video, Bowie's early trips to America, 'All The Young Dudes', Arnold Corns, Ava Cherry, Anthony Newley and Adrian Belew. If you go to iTunes (podcasts) or acast.com to listen in...

PHILIP GLASS is to perform SYMPHONY NO. 12 which is his final three-part tribute inspired by the 1979 DAVID BOWIE album 'Lodger'. This eagerly awaited and long-discussed symphony now completes the 'Bowie trilogy' of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger. Symphony No. 12 has been co-commissioned by the Southbank Centre London, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, and will receive its world premiere in Los Angeles. The European premiere will take place in London next year on 9th May 2019, at the Southbank Centre near Waterloo. The director of music, GILLIAN MOORE said said all THREE works would be played at the venue on the same day. Don't quote me, but I'm told London tickets go on public sale on Tuesday at 10am 6th February...

The new movie from director DUNCAN JONES entitled: MUTE staring Alex Skarsgard, Justin Theroux and Paul Rudd is to be released via NETFLIX worldwide on Friday 23rd February. Check out the official trailer below...

1st February 2018

David Bowie: Transmission Impossible Released tomorrow is TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE a 3-CD Box Set featuring some of DAVID BOWIE legendary radio broadcasts from the 1970s - 1990s.

Released via Eat To The Beat, this triple CD disc set contain class late period Bowie television broadcasts.

The first of these was recorded at Bowie's gig in Buenos Aires in August 1990, whilst the second is from Tin Machine's legendary tour of Japan in the early part of 1992, with the show presented here being the groups performance at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on 17th February.

The set is completed with a disc of television appearances recorded between 1975 and 1995, which features some of Bowie's best ever live TV spots.

The full tracklisting runs as follows:

   01. Space Oddity (5:27)
   02. Life On Mars? (3:39)
   03. Rebel Rebel (3:14)
   04. Ashes To Ashes (5:13)
   05. Stay (6:41)
   06. Pretty Pink Rose (4:56)
   07. Blue Jean (3:07)
   08. Let's Dance (4:34)
   09. Sound And Vision (3:25)
   10. Ziggy Stardust (3:42)
   11. China Girl (5:36)
   12. Suffragette City (2:55)
   13. Fame (5:52)
   14. "Heroes" (4:27)
   15. Modern Love (4:52)

   01. Young Americans medley (with Cher) (6:32)
   02. Fame (3:26)
   03. Can You Hear Me (with Cher) (4:13)
   04. Stay (5:02)
   05. Five Years (4:55)
   06. "Heroes" (3:25)
   07. Funtime (with Iggy Pop) (3:00)
   08. Sister Midnight (with Iggy Pop) (4:03)
   09. The Man Who Sold The World (with Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias) (3:02)
   10. Boys Keep Swinging (with Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias) (2:18)
   11. TVC 15 (with Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias) (3:16)
   12. Life On Mars? (4:04)
   13. Ashes To Ashes (3:39)
   14. Nite Flights (4:16)
   15. Black Tie White Noise (4:48)
   16. Strangers When We Meet (3:38)
   17. The Hearts Filthy Lesson (3:44)

   01. Sorry (5:56)
   02. Goodbye Mr. Ed (3:30)
   03. If There Is Something (4:16)
   04. Baby Universal (3:14)
   05. Crack City (4:51)
   06. I Can't Read (7:11)
   07. You Can't Talk (5:40)
   08. Stateside (9:09)
   09. Go Now (6:11)
   10. Bus Stop (3:21)
   11. You Belong In Rock N' Roll (5:45)
   12. Debaser (2:09)
   13. Heaven's In Here (15:14)
   14. Shopping For Girls (3:38)
   15. Sacrifice Yourself (2:44)

David Bowie: Transmission Impossible 3-CD Box Set is released on Friday 2nd February - you can pre-order NOW.

(Ed. If anyone is wondering how these semi-legal products manage to get released, I'm told that it is due to a legal loophole permitting previously broadcasted material to be released independent from the artist or their record label).

1st February 2018

David Bowie Glamour fanzine 3 Update: If you're quick you might just be able to grab yourself one of the remaining copies. Literally only a handful left. Be aware that this 62-page fanzine will NOT be reprinted. See posting on @DavidBowieGlam

The DAVID BOWIE GLAMOUR fanzine issue #3 is sixty-two glorious pages of high quality print, design and Bowie content for a mere £10 plus postage.

Once again, the cover has been illustrated by Helen Green and this time it features a beautiful fold-out design.

Inside, there is exclusive and original content contributed by David Bowie fans and collaborators.

This third issue features: Jimmy C, Robin Clark, Ian Hunter, Paul Cuddeford, Terry O'Neill, Nicholas Pegg, Mark Plati, Catherine Russell, Tony Sales, Morgan Visconti, as well as Bowie fan submitted articles.

For more details visit davidbowieglamour.wordpress.com website.

1st February 2018

PARLOPHONE have announced there are to be five DAVID BOWIE selected album break outs from last year's A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982) boxed set.

The stand-alone remastered audiophile vinyl, CD and digital hi-res downloads are: Low, "Heroes", Stage (2017), Lodger, and Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).

Low   Heroes  Stage 2017  Lodger  Scary Monsters

Released later this month on Wednesday 23rd February and are all available to pre-order now.

1st February 2018

David Bowie Blackstar Fanzine #3 collage David Bowie Blackstar Fanzine #3 The THIRD DAVID BOWIE BLACKSTAR fanzine is available to order now.

DBBF is the new Italian fanzine, with unpublished articles both in Italian and English: 28 colour pages with beautiful pictures, all in printed in opaque glossy paper: a must for all fans. Exclusive interviews with Bowie collaborators, fan articles and experts, collectors, wonderful pictures, comics and much more.

Amongst other things, in this 3rd issue you will find exclusive insights by Pierpaolo Martino (author of The David Bowie Philosophy), Luke Garro (author of the new biography published by Hoepli) and Roger Griffin (author of the beautiful David Bowie: The Golden Years book).

The front cover of this third issue is the work of a well-known artist in the world of pop art: Butcher Billy. An artist who combines various sources of pop culture (music, comic books, movies, games, etc.) to mix them in irreverent and provocative works, in a creative balance between nostalgia and modernity.

For more information and purchasing details, please visit dbblackstarstore.it website.

From Daniele Pensavalle at davidbowieblackstar.it



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