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27th January 2009

Record Collector October 2008 As the printed and rather cut-down version of my cover feature in the October issue of RECORD COLLECTOR magazine has prompted a fair bit of healthy debate on the the BWW forum and elsewhere, I thought it might be interesting to publish the complete original document online, as due to space limitations, quite a hefty chunk didn't make it to print.

I hold my hands up in admitting that I'm just as guilty as virtually every other journalist in over-writing and going way over my agreed word-count, and as I still do the odd but of sub-editing work for various other publications, I know only too well what a tough job they have in the art department to make things look good on the printed page.

However, it does seem that some of the more playful suggestions were left on the cutting room floor due to some last minute advertising. Bearing that in mind, the feature was quite a last minute commission so I knew that space wasn't exactly on my side. I've also taken the opportunity to reinstate some paragraphs that were dropped from an earlier draft and also, thanks to Martyn, Jeremy, James and Grant, I've managed to correct or update a couple of entries.

As I've already mentioned in the piece, it's not a complete list of every unreleased Bowie track, in fact my original feature title - 'Bowie's On Sale Again?' is restored here - as the focus, as far as I am concerned, was always that the many odds and sods and little known contributions to various outside projects are just as in need of a proper digital home as the archive material under lock and key.

So here's the author's cut, if you like - and plenty of food for thought for EMI and RZO to be getting fat on for months to come.

You can read the piece in its unedited form here in the BW Press Archives section.

From Steve Pafford.

24th January 2009

Duncan and David at Moon premiere 23rd Jan 2009 Proud father DAVID BOWIE was present for the premiere of his son's movie debut 'Moon' at the Eccles Theatre in Park City, Utah last night.

Duncan has received favourable reviews from the Sundance 2009 Film Festival, with the movie being snapped up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition Group pre-bought the film's rights before the festival began.

Check out other photographs from the Moon premiere on the links below:

WireImage #1 / WireImage #2

Zimbio.com David and Duncan / All Guests / After Party

WENN / Getty Images / Yahoo!

21st January 2009

Leee Black Childers LEEE BLACK CHILDERS will be speaking at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre in London about his life and times with DAVID BOWIE and Andy Warhol, as well as showing photos from his archive - it's a great opportunity for Bowie fans to meet someone who witnessed his career at its peak.

He'll be talking about his life behind a lens, with particular focus on Warhol's 1971 play Pork.

Leee Black Childers is one of the key witnesses of 20th century popular culture. As an intimate of the Warhol Factory in the 1960s, he met and photographed the stars of the New York rock and gay underground, absorbing Warhol's reportage aesthetic and creating a unique record of the Stonewall era.

He witnessed the birth of glam rock in the clubs of London and New York, and in 1972 became a key player in David Bowie's management company MainMan, accompanying Bowie all over the world.

As a photographer, Leee captured the famous faces of 1970s music and nightlife - and he was also part of that scene, managing Johnny Thunders, watching the emergence of punk rock on both sides of the Atlantic.

Rupert will be in conversation with Leee, and he can promise you the best rock and roll gossip of all time.

The event takes place on 30th January at 7:45. Tickets are priced at £20.

More information and details can be found at southbankcentre.co.uk website.

From Rupert Smith @ rupertsmith.org.uk

19th January 2009

New movie Moon by director DUNCAN JONES starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey has received some favourable reviews via the Sundance 2009 Movie Festival from various places...

Be warned though - some reviews contain some major movie spoilers...

     Fox News: by Roger Friedman - [Read here]
     Cinematical: Sundance Review: Moon by James Rocchi - [Read here]
     Chud.com: Sundance Review by Devin Faraci - [Read here]
     HitFix.com: Sundance 2009 'Moon' by Drew McWeeny - [Read here]

While you're at it check out the photographs from the 'Moon' cocktail reception at Sundance Park City with attendees such as: Duncan Jones, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon, Sting, Trudy Styler, Lia Buman, Peter Schlessel and Stuart Fenegan - View here via Getty Images.

And last but not least - surf on over to collider.com where you can view five new clips from the movie ('Good Morning Sam' / 'He scares me' / 'I wanna go home' / 'Ping Pong' / 'Rover accident') - [View here].

19th January 2009

Check out a Q&A with director DUNCAN JONES about his brand new movie 'Moon' over on on quietearth.us - [Read here]...

There are some rather splendid DAVID BOWIE live photographs from his 1976 World Tour at the Centre Coliseum, Seattle shot by photographer Mike Leach on 3rd February - check them out at bestrockphotos.com - [View here]...

CAMILLE O'SULLIVAN performed her excellent version of DAVID BOWIE's 'Five Years' the other night at the Roundhouse in London. I'm told it was the highlight of the night - [Website]...

A Spanish DAVID BOWIE tribute band are to perform at Faktoria D'Arts, Terrassa, Spain on 29th January at 22:30 - [More details]...

18th January 2009

Rockarchive.com in association with Genesis Publications and the book 'From Station to Station' would like to invite you to FROM STATION TO STATION - an exhibition by GEOFF MacCORMACK showing his images of DAVID BOWIE.

The exhibition runs from 23rd January until 6th February.

     Rockarchive Gallery Chelsea
     289 Kings Road
     London SW3 5EW
     (Nearest Tube - Sloane Square)
     Tel: +44 (0) 207 376 7129

Drive like a demon to rockarchive.com to view all the Bowie photographs available.

10th January 2009

The eagerly anticipated premiere of MOON directed by DUNCAN JONES takes place this month at the Sundance Festival 2009 in Utah, USA.

     Friday January 23rd at 6:15 p.m. - (MOONN23CE)
        Eccles Theatre, Park City, Utah, USA.

     Saturday January 24th at 9:00 a.m. - (MOONN24CM)
        Eccles Theatre, Park City, Utah, USA.

     Saturday January 24th at 9:30 p.m. - (MOONN24GN)
        Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

     Sunday January 25th at 1:00 p.m. - (MOONN25SA)
        Screening Room, Sundance Resort, Park City, Utah, USA.

Movie Description:
Nearing the end of a three-year contract with Lunar Industries, Sam Bell is counting the days until his return to Earth. The lone occupant of a lunar mining base, Sam monitors the tractors that harvest the moonís surface for helium energy. Buoyed by sporadic transmissions from his wife and young daughter, he combats monotony and isolation by tending to plants, continuing his predecessorís woodcraft project, and interacting with the stationís robotic computer, Gerty. But Sam is beginning to unravel mentally. After a hallucination causes him to crash his lunar rover, he wakes up in the sick bay and soon realizes that his life at the base is not what it seems.Moon is a refreshingly philosophical and ultimately touching indie inflection on a genre that too often loses sight of character and story amid the wizardry of its special effects. In confining the story to one man (and his robot), director Duncan Jones and writer Nathan Parker create an intimate and insightful character piece about memory and identity anchored by Sam Rockwell's perceptive performance; he brings out the heartache, contradictory emotions, and existential terror of a man gradually stripped of the most fundamental sense of who he is. So for all the creativity of its visual design and technology, Moon is less about outer than it is about inner space.

Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott, Benedict Wong, Matt Berry, Kaya Scodelario, Malcolm Stewart.

Duncan Jones got his professional start as a wild-cam operator for director Tony Scott. He went on to work as an assistant director for Walter Stern and became the resident film director for the computer-games company Elixir Studios, all while shooting low-budget promos, short films, and commercials in his hometown of London. He worked with Trevor Beattie on successful and sometimes controversial ad campaigns for McCain, Carling beer, and French Connection. Moon is his first feature film.

Full details and information can be found at the Sundance Festival 2009 website.

9th January 2009

GAIL ANN DORSEY is performing next Wednesday 14th January at 7pm-8pm (sharp) at The Living Room, 154 Ludlow Street (btwn Stanton and Rivington) in New York City, Lower East Side.

There is no cover, only a one drink minimum, and they have average priced drinks with a nice selection. There is a bucket passed for the entertainer and there is a suggested donation of $5.

The Living Room, for those who have not been there yet, is a lovely, tiny venue with awesome acoustics. After the show Gail stays behind to say hello (and sell her latest CD 'I Used To Be'... to any who do not already have a copy or wish to buy one for friends).

Check out livingroomny.com - their web site does not yet reflect this, but it is true. Feel free to call and ask - 212-533-7237.

The show is is 21+ only.

From Karen B.

8th January 2009

Happy Birthday 62nd David To David
Wishing you many happy returns of the day
Have an absolutely fabulous day

Best wishes and lots of love as always from
Paul, Dawn, the kids and everyone here at Wonderworld xxx

8th January 2009

Besides our DAVID, other famous and well known people also born on the 8th January include...

Elvis Presley (singer), Ron Moody (actor), Larry Storch (actor/comedian), Soupy Sales (aka Milton Hinkes) (comedian and father of Tony and Hunt Sales of Tin Machine), Graham Chapman (comedian), Charles Osgood (CBS TV newsman/host/author), Shirley Bassey (singer), Cristy Lane (singer), William Henry Hartnell (actor, the first Doctor Who), Robby Krieger (musician), R. Kelly (singer), Mike Reno (singer), Paul Dresher (composer), Paul King (musician), Jeff Abercrombie (musician), Terry Sylvester (musician), Paul Hester (musician), Stephen Hawking (professor, astrophysicist, author), Amanda Burton (actress), Gil Grand (musician), Ami Dolenz (actress), Amber Benson (actress), Yvette Mimieux (actress), Thelma 'Butterfly' McQueen (actress), Simone De Beauvoir (writer), Evelyn Wood (reading teacher), Gypsy Rose Lee (burlesque entertainer), Bill Graham (concert promoter), Wilkie Collins (author), Frank Doubleday (publisher), Sir Frank Dyson (scientist), Lee Jackson (musician), Vladimir Feltsman (Russian pianist), Little Anthony aka Anthony Gourdine (singer), Ted McDougall (footballer), Michael Ridley (cricketer), Harriet Sansom Harris (actress), Sean Paul (musician), Karen Poole (musician), Jenny Lewis (actress), Richard Cromwell (actor), Jose Ferrer (actor/director), Sam Riley (actor), Ryan Frances (actor), Roy Kinnear (actor), John McTiernan (director), Scott Whyte (actor), Sander Vanocur (broadcaster), Joan Rivers (comedian), Maria Pitillo (actress), Sarah Polley (actress), Loretta Lee (actress), Gabby Hoffman (actress), Maria Pitillo (actress), Brad Snyder (shot putter), Kent Jones (golfer), Virgil Hill (boxer), Vyacheslav Dmitriyevich Zudov (USSR cosmonaut), Terry Brooks (author), Antai Ribari (composer), Serge Poliakoff (Russian/French painter/guitarist), Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, Bronislava Nijinska (ballet choreographer), Storm Jameson (novelist), Frank Nelson Doubleday (publisher), William Wallace Gilchrist (composer), Fannie M Jackson (pioneer and educator), Lawrence Alma Tadema (Dutch/British painter), Nicolas Coustou (French sculptor) and Henry V (Roman German king/emperor).

It's also BowieWonderworld's birthday - now twelve years online - big thanks to everyone who supports the site - it's really appreciated :)

2nd January 2009

Put on your spandex and practice your crystal ball juggling - it is time for the LABYRINTH sing-along!

Next week sees a special late-night sing-along, set to the movie Labyrinth at 92YTribeca in New York on Friday, January 9th at 11pm.

To be held in an intimate 72-seat screening room, and theyíll fill up quick! So get your tickets asap.

As you know DAVID BOWIE and JENNIFER CONNELLY star along with some homely Muppets, taking us through a maze of upside down staircases and talking door-knockers. Beer will help you to admit that you know the words to the songs.

For tickets and information visit 92YTribeca.org website or telephone 212.601.1000. $13 ticket includes one beer.

1st January 2009

Passenger exhibition 2009 Announcing the new PHILIPPE AULIAC photographic exhibition Passenger....

The Thin White Duke photographs will be presented in Bassano Del Grappa in Italy from December 12th to January 10th 2009 at the Cacao American Bar via Roma - Crespano Del Grappa (TV).

The opening night premiere took place last month with the exhibition closing on January 10th with 3 days of Bowie's International Bash to celebrate David Bowie's birthday at the famous Shindy Club.

From Philippe Auliac (Photographer and Films Director).

1st January 2009

Bowie T-Shirt BowieWonderworld visitors can claim a 15% discount on a brand new snazzy DAVID BOWIE t-shirt available from the online shop FRONTROADE.

The Bowie graphic is from the Rolling Stone magazine Issue 206, dated February 12th, 1976.

After 40 years of building a world-respected magazine that is devoted to music, politics and popular culture, Rolling Stone has decided to launch an apparel division under their iconic name. The collection offers casual and sportswear tops featuring covers, graphic art, and denim silhouettes - all carefully crafted to embrace the culture of music's revolutionary movements.

And what's more... they are the only shop in Europe stocking them.

If you want to claim an exclusive discount code of 15% simply use FRNTRDR1dvdbw5 at the checkout stages.

Check out frontroade.com for this exclusive offer.

Update: It is valid for not ONLY the Bowie tee but for all gear in there.

1st January 2009


I hope you all receive everything you ever wish for

Very Best Wishes from Paul (aka Rednik)


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