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23rd March 2008

Very sad news to have to report the passing away of LES MIGHALL the original drummer with The Lower Third.

Les died of natural causes on Tuesday morning 11th March, just one day after celebrating his 65th birthday.

The Isle of Thanet Gazette newspaper reported:

[Tribute paid to drummer]

16th March 2008

Artic Monkeys frontman ALEX TURNER and The Rascals frontman MILES KANE's who teamed up to form their new side-project THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS have reworked DAVID BOWIE's 'In The Heat Of The Morning'.

The song will appear as a B-side on their new single 'The Age Of The Understatement' which is scheduled for release next month on 14th April via Domino.

Also on the CD is the new track 'Two Hearts In Two Weeks' and their version of Billy Fury's 'Wondrous Place'.

15th March 2008

The Pulitzer prize winning play ANGELS IN AMERICA currently on tour in the Netherlands and Belgium features extensive use of DAVID BOWIE music throughout.

The play written by Tony Kushner had it's premiere on 8th March from the Amsterdam based theater group Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

The thirteen songs used are: 'Space Oddity', 'Eight Line Poem', Rock 'N Roll Suicide', 'Station To Station', 'Wild Is The Wind', "Heroes", 'Moss Garden', 'Sons Of The Silent Age', Let's Dance', 'Tonight', 'Ian Fish, U.K. Heir', 'I'm Deranged' and 'The Motel'.

The play can be seen in two parts and on certain dates as a marathon of six hours. For the Dutch speaking readers an exhilarating theater experience. For more information please visit toneelgroepamsterdam.nl

From Arjan Roos

15th March 2008

As a thank you for your support over the last two years, MIKE GARSON has decided to do a special limited pre-release of his new album 'Conversations With My Family' via mikegarson.com. This edition CD+DVD will be limited to 500 copies, and each will be individually signed and numbered by Mike himself!

'Conversations With My Family' will be the first solo album released by Mike Garson in over 15 years, after having spent the previous decades working with artists such as DAVID BOWIE, playing on ground breaking albums 'Aladdin Sane', '1.Outside' and 'Earthling' and working with artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins.

In the past 2 years Mike has appeared online, and given away over 100 new compositions for free through his myspace site, including several eps, and several albums worth of material.

This new cd collection of original works, some of them dating back 30 years and others written as recently as during the Conversations sessions themselves, heralds Garson's arrival in the front rank of jazz piano performance and composition.

Based on Garson's longtime practice of creating music inspired by members of his family, Conversations is both adventurous and accessible, animated by extended sections of improvisation involving Garson, bassist Bob Magnusson and drummer Gary Novak, enhanced by guest appearances from upcoming Resonance artists that include flutist Lori Bell, violinist Chris Howes, guitarist Andreas Oberg, and trumpeter Claudio Roditi, and adorned with arrangements by Kuno Schmidt.

April 8th will see the CD released in stores in the US, however this special edition of the album can only be ordered through his website.

For more details and information please visit mikegarson.com and you can also download the track 'Awe And Mystery' from myspace.com/mikegarson for free now!

15th March 2008

Film director DUNCAN JONES and his lead actor Sam Rockwell both appeared on BBC's Film 2008 last week.

The conversations took place on the set of his first major directorial debut movie MOON at Pinewood Studios in London.

During the final few days of filming, Duncan fell off a scaffold and ended up with some cracked ribs and several stitches above his eye. Ouch!

You can still view the show (Episode 9) via the BBC iPlayer here

13th March 2008

Bowie In Berlin Thanks to everyone who entered the latest BowieWonderworld competition courtesy of the publishers Jawbone Press.

It was your chance to win one of THREE copies of the brand new publication BOWIE IN BERLIN: A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN written by THOMAS JEROME SEABROOK.

All you had to do is answer the five questions each one relating to the five albums covering this period.

The three winners drawn at random are: Joe Melaik / Brian Carolan / PMHermes.

If competitions aren't your bag - you can directly order BOWIE IN BERLIN: A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN Pre-Order NOW and receive a generous 34% discount.

12th March 2008

MySpace users have been given the chance to star opposite DAVID BOWIE and Duran Duran on a new film soundtrack.

The makers of Faintheart, a British comedy about people recreating Viking battle scenes for fun, have invited amateur musicians across the country to submit music to feature on the soundtrack alongside the pop legends.

Claiming to be the world's first MySpace-generated feature film, Faintheart is now in the final stages of production - having called on users of the social networking website to contribute to everything from choosing the director and auditioning for parts, to editing the script and working on the production.

The MyMovieMashup project - a collaboration between MySpace, the UK Film Council and various film companies - now wants unsigned bands and composers to create tracks for the movie's score.

A shortlist of five entries will all appear on the soundtrack, set for release in the autumn, while three voted by MySpace users will also be used in the film.

The film's director, Vito Rocco, said: "We're looking for the music for the world of the film. It's very simple, hopeful, uplifting, a bit kooky, a bit sad at times. The music of heroic failures.

"We're not looking for a highly polished, studio recorded sound. We're after something more DIY - simple. It's the musical equivalent of a group of men with normal jobs who at the weekend dress up as Vikings."

Closing date for entries is March 24th. Final results announced on April 7th.

For more details and information please visit myspace.com/mymoviemashup

11th March 2008

Bowie In Berlin Thanks to everyone who entered the latest BowieWonderworld competition courtesy of the publishers Jawbone Press.

It was your chance to win one of THREE copies of the brand new publication BOWIE IN BERLIN: A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN written by THOMAS JEROME SEABROOK.

All you had to do is answer the five questions, each one relating to the five albums covering this period.


The three winners drawn at random will be announced shortly.

If competitions aren't your bag - you can directly order BOWIE IN BERLIN: A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN Pre-Order NOW and receive a generous 34% discount.

6th March 2008

The JIM HENSON COMPANY have announced that two films from the Company's feature film library will be available for purchase and download on the iTunes Store from March 3rd.

The launch begins with the cult fan favourite THE DARK CRYSTAL and the DAVID BOWIE classic, LABYRINTH.

The Jim Henson Company has partnered with New Video, a leading digital aggregator of independent video content to bring these highly sought after films to the iTunes Store

Through this new partnership between New Video and the Jim Henson Company, more titles from the Jim Henson library will be available on iTunes including the entire Fraggle Rock and Farscape television series.

You can read the press release here which includes multimedia elements.

Also check out digital.ihenson.com for some promotional images from Labyrinth.

4th March 2008

'Which is your favourite track from the 1976 album Station To Station?'... The voting in the BW Visitors Poll placed 'Station To Station' in top position with 33.62% of the total votes.

The top choices after a total of 1,517 votes cast were as follows:

     1. Station To Station - (510 votes)
     2. Word On A Wing - (308 votes)
     3. Stay - (237 votes)
     4. Wild Is The Wind - (236 votes)
     5. Golden Years - (132 votes)
     6. TVC 15 - (94 votes)

To view the full breakdown of the voting please [VIEW HERE]

Thanks to everyone for voting... and in the blink of any eye... here's another brand new BW poll now underway... 'Which is your favourite track from the album Pin Ups?' [VOTE HERE]

4th March 2008

ARCADE FIRE performing in Cleveland at the Beachland Ballrom last night did their take of DAVID BOWIE's "Heroes" for their opening song.

They also performed the song at Nelsonville in Ohio the previous night.

4th March 2008

DAVID BOWIE and Pink Floyd albums will be targeted by EMI's revamped catalogues and compilations division to try to develop new sources of growth in the struggling British music major.

The idea is to develop the success that EMI has had in repackaging music from the Beatles and Queen and build on a business that EMI said accounted for as much a third of its overall recorded music sales, and somewhat more of its profits.

In an sign of the importance that Terra Firma, EMI's owner, attaches to reviving the corporate back catalogue, the private equity group has put Stephen Alexander in charge of the division. He is a close colleague of Guy Hands, the private equity group's boss.

Mr Alexander, on his first day in the job, said that EMI had "not universally applied" the treatment that it had given to the Beatles. "If you look at the recordings of David Bowie, it's not clear that we have done them anything like justice," he said.

However, Mr Alexander conceded that it might not be so easy to persuade ageing superstars to agree to another rerelease of familiar material. He said: "I'm told that he [Bowie] is not always easy to persuade, but we'll try to see if we can work up serious plans that have credibility. We don't know for certain where it will go, and maybe I'm being naive, but hopefully it will work."

EMI holds the rights to much of Bowie's catalogue, with albums ranging from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, first released in 1972, to Let's Dance a decade later. It also controls Pink Floyd's catalogue, although it is hard to see how Terra Firma could do better with Dark Side of the Moon, which has sold an estimated 40 million worldwide.

You can read the whole article by Dan Sabbagh at the TimesOnline website.

3rd March 2008

Scottish DAVID BOWIE tribute band TIGERS ON VASELINE perform three gigs this month...

     6th March: McSorleys Bar, Jamaica Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 8.00pm. Admission Free!
     17th March: Oran Mhor, Byres Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 8.00pm. Admission 5.00
     23rd March: Blackfriars, Bell Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 8.00pm. Admission Free!

More details, information and future gigs can be found at myspace.com/tigersonvaseline

2nd March 2008

Bowie In Berlin The latest BowieWonderworld competition is now underway courtesy of the publishers Jawbone Press.

It's your chance to win one of THREE copies of the brand new publication BOWIE IN BERLIN: A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN written by THOMAS JEROME SEABROOK.

All you have to do is answer the five questions below, each one relating to the five albums covering this period:

     Q1: (The Idiot): What was 'China Girl' originally named?

     Q2: (Low): Which song does Iggy Pop supply backing vocals on?

     Q3: (Lust For Life): Which song was co-written with Geoffrey MacCormack?

     Q4: ("Heroes"): Who produced the album with David Bowie?

     Q5: (Lodger): Who played drums on 'Boys Keep Swinging'?


This competition ends on Monday 10th March 2008 at midnight (GMT). Good luck to everyone!

Alternatively if competitions aren't your bag - you can directly order BOWIE IN BERLIN: A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN Pre-Order NOW and receive a generous 34% discount.

1st March 2008

Next month on Friday April 11th sees the event 'Is There Life On Mars? The DAVID BOWIE Singalong' taking place in Winnipeg, Canada at Cinematheque.

The Cinematheque's monthly singalongs continue with a rollicking romp though the glittery world of chameleonic pop icon David Bowie! From his folkie beginnings through the flamboyant glam of Ziggy Stardust, the mystic androgyny of Aladdin Sane and the elegance of The Thin White Duke, Bowie constructs and deconstructs his own myths, always interesting and riddled with apocalyptic angst. Although the singalong shows a clear emphasis on 70s Bowie, the 80s make a significant appearance, including selections from the crotch-popping muppet masterpiece Labyrinth! All lyrics are subtitled onscreen.

The Winnipeg Film Group's Cinematheque is located in the Artspace Building based at 100 Arthur Street, at Bannatyne, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3, Canada.

Tickets are priced at $8 General / $7 students and seniors / $6 members. The show kicks off at 9:00pm.

You can pre-purchase your tickets with a credit card by phoning the Cinematheque office at 925-3454. Your ticket and receipt will be with a will-call list at the door.

Visit winnipegfilmgroup.com for more details and information.

1st February 2008

Last day to vote in the current BW poll...

The question being asked is: 'Which is your favourite track from the DAVID BOWIE album 'Station To Station?'

So far the top three choices are as follows: 'Station To Station' way out in front with 33.6%, followed by 'Word On A Wing' with 20.04% and joint third are 'Stay' and 'Wild Is The Wind' with 15.65% of the vote.


1st March 2008

A HEROES soundtrack album is to be released next month which features DAVID BOWIE's classic track "Heroes" and Bob Dylan's 'Man In The Long Black Coat' amongst 18 tracks on the LP, up to half of which have been used on the NBC show.

It will feature exclusive new singles including Wilco's 'Glad It's Over', Panic At The Disco's 'Nine In The Afternoon', 'Not Now But Soon' by Imogen Heap, and 'He's Frank' by Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop.

Wendy and Lisa and The Jesus and Mary Chain will also contribute tracks to the album, which will be available from 18th March.

The show's executive producer/director Allan Arkush has created five music video montage podcasts to accompany the new release. The videos, which feature scenes from the show set to the album's songs, will be available to download from the Zune Marketplace online store and for streaming at MSN.

The NBC Records album will also be released as a CD in selected stores.

Heroes returns for a third series in the US this autumn.


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