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31st January 2003

I saw THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS in Tokyo last Sunday, they were excellent and some little bits of DAVID BOWIE music crept into their show.

They came onto the stage to the sounds of 'Speed Of Life' and as an intro to their song 'Motown Junk' they used 'Rebel Rebel', which was nice.

I always thought that Bowie's influence loomed large over them and for the first time it appeared to be acknowledged :)

From Hip Priest via the MB.

30th January 2003

Currently on the newsstands in the UK... The current edition of WIRE features an extensive item on Lou Reed and his new album 'The Raven' that features DAVID BOWIE on the track 'Hop Frog'. Also: The new Q Special Edition - "Songs That Changed The World" keeps up its habit of including David. An item about 'Starman' appears on page 102 - with a full shot of David as Ziggy on the facing page - (from Charlie)...

DAVID BOWIE and IMAN feature in the latest issue of VOGUE (with Debra Messing on the cover), the couple's issue. There's one photograph of them and a quote from each - (from Bella)...

DAVID BOWIE'S classic concert film 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - The Motion Picture' will be released on DVD on April 1st, along with the double-disc soundtrack. The features on the DVD include commentary from director D.A. Pennebaker and DVD-Rom extras, such as a screen saver, desktop patterns and icons. Click here for the official press release...

ZIGGY STARDUST The Motion Picture Double LP in red wax, limited edition, UK release date 14th February - (from BG) ...

In this weeks issue of NME their burn it feature asks THE FAINT to choose which tracks they'd burn onto CD for their favourite compilation album. They include the DAVID BOWIE and QUEEN track 'Under Pressure' and comment: "An epic song. It just builds and builds. I love their voices together, each is filled with so much character you could never mistake them."...

29th January 2003

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the first ever live performance by DAVID BOWIE as his alter ego 'Ziggy Stardust' at the Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on 29th January 1972.

First Ziggy Stardust Tour 1972 This first live gig, after a week's rehearsal at the Royal Ballroom in Tottenham, was used a warm-up for the upcoming Lanchester Arts Festival performance in Coventry on the 3rd February 1972. With the "official" opening gig of the UK tour being on the 10th February at the Toby Jug in Tolworth.

David informs the music press a few days previously that: "Our new stage act will be outrageous, quite outrageous but very theatrical. It's going to be costumed and choreographed, quite different to anything anyone else has tried to do before... No-one has ever seen anything like this before."

The opening act were 'Grand Canyon', who warmed up for David and the as yet unnamed 'Spiders From Mars'. With newly cut and dyed Schwarzkopf red hair and matching red plastic boxing boots, David took the stage sporting a bomber jacket and rolled up trousers, complete with a bulging codpiece a la A Clockwork Orange style... and Ziggy Stardust "the cosmic yob" was born.

His three piece band - Mick Ronson (lead guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass) and Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums) were all togged up in gold outfits but obviously hadn't totally switched over into full on "Martian Spider" mode. Probably with all three feeling rather uncomfortable and not yet fully convinced about this adventure they were about to embark on.

David says: "The Ziggy hair came lock, stock and curler, from the cover of a magazine ('Honey' or the like) and was sported by a model doing a shoot for Kansai Yamamoto's first London show. I couldn't afford the clothes but I could get the hair. Suzi did a straight forward copy. The cut and colour were both Kansai's - Schwarzkopf red was the colour. I had her cut my hair short in early January 1972. No dye. Layed flatish. I believe that it went red and stood up between the 20th and 25th of January 1972, therefore that's when the Kansai show must have been given maximum press."

Originally back in 1969, the Friars Club was started in Aylesbury by a bunch of hippies lead by David Stopps. The very first ever concert they presented was in the New Friarage Hall on 2nd June 1969 and featured Mike Cooper and a band called Mandrake Paddle Steamer. Other acts followed that year including The Pretty Things, King Crimson, Mott The Hoople and a myriad of others. This club was closed down in August 1970 but reopened in April 1971 at a larger venue called the Borough Assembly Hall. Between 1971 and 1975, the Friars presented bands such as David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Velvet Underground, Can, MC5, Mott The Hoople and many more.

Promoter David R. Stopps recalling the Ziggy show said: "I remember him doing 'Rock N' Roll Suicide', maybe for the first time. He shouted at the audience, "Gimme your hands, 'cos you're wonderful" and nobody got up. In those days they used to sit on the floor, and the stage was reasonably high and somebody got up to give him their hands, but only half-heartedly... I remember thinking, 'Oh that's a strong song, but nobody had heard it.'".

In September 1975, Friars moved yet again to an even larger venue in Aylesbury... the new Aylesbury Civic Centre which was inside the Maxwell Hall, which lasted as a venue until December 1984.

Trivia: Pure coincidence or planned? Did David chose this venue as the first ever live performance of Ziggy Stardust because the famous 'subway attack' scene in 'A Clockwork Orange' movie was actually filmed in the old Friars Square shopping centre in Aylesbury?

29th January 2003

DAVID BOWIE'S band guitarist GERRY LEONARD aka Spooky Ghost will defrost in February on two occasions, well three in fact. And play some shows.

On Saturday February 1st there's a solo performance at The Living Room in New York City at 10:00 pm.

Next up Gerry travels to Philly on Friday February 14th Trio gig at Theatre of the Living Arts Philadelphia at 8:000 pm. The trio consists of Gerry, Paul Bryan on bass and Doug Yowell on drums .

And last but not least Saturday February 15th Trio at The Living Room in New York City at 10:00 pm until midnight.

Be warmed, Mr Ghost.

28th January 2003

A DAVID BOWIE art exhibition will be held at STIP GALLERY in Amsterdam, between February 16th till March 9th. Up The Hill Backwards! The Golden Years of David Bowie features eighteen renowned Dutch artists who have each given their artistic impression of a Bowie period.

Contributing artists include: Pieter Dorrenboom, Erik Kriek, Luuk Bode, Henk Schiffmacher, Leendert Masselink, Panc, Tijn Snoodijk, Cosh, Marco Lap, Pepijn v/d Nieuwendijk, Peter Pontiac, Joppe Rovers, Hans Kievit, Remko Kalkman, Vince and Niels Kalk.

     Stip Gallery
     Eerste Sweelinckstraat 20
     1073 CM Amsterdam

Go to www.letsgoshoppingaround.com/bowie for more details and some examples of the artwork that will be shown.

From James.

28th January 2003

Top English chansonnier DES DE MOOR and RUSSELL CHURNEY, Julian Clary's ex-pianist, resume their travels with a wide-eyed alien from Bromley in February when their show based on the songs of DAVID BOWIE, 'Darkness and Disgrace', returns to London for a three-week run at Hampstead's Pentameters Theatre in a new, enhanced version.

Des and Russell take you on an intimate and emotionally dynamic musical excursion interpreting the work of one of the world's most enduring and fascinating performers. This is no Stars In Their Eyes tribute show, but a contemporary musical and theatrical appreciation of one of Britain's major international icons.

The show traces Bowie's oeuvre from its roots in the soul-soaked, creatively explosive London of the 1960s and onwards through a landscape peopled by mod Newley-wannabes, sexually ambivalent science fiction apocalypse prophets, Brel-fixated trash theatre queens, drug-stupefied cold war romantics, pre-millennial art murderers and wild-eyed aliens from Bromley.

Personal and moving, 'Darkness and Disgrace' rediscovers Bowie's fabulous talent and brings new readings to his words and music.

Superbly directed by Britain's foremost cabarettiste Barb Jungr, the show has drawn acclaim from critics and audiences alike since launched in 2000 at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London, and enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival fringe in 2001. This new version includes many extra songs including some from Bowie's 'Berlin' period.

     "To hear these songs in such a personalised context is a real ear-opener.
     I listened as though someone else had written them."
- David Bowie

     "A must see...stunning new versions of Bowie songs." - Xfm Radio

     "Very rewarding... brings fresh life to the songs." - EdinburghGuide.com

     "Fascinating...an enigmatic two hander." - The Times

     "Intelligent and moving...providing new insights at every turn." - What's On In London

     "An endless stream of compelling vignettes." - The Stage

For more see www.desdemoor.com

Tuesday 4th - Sunday 23rd February 2003 (except Mondays 3, 10 and 17)

Leigh and Longworth present
Pentameters Theatre, Three Horseshoes, Heath Street, London NW3 6TE
Box Office: +44 (0)20 7435 3648

Times: 20:00-22:00 hrs Tues-Sat, 17:00-19:00 Suns
Tickets: UKP £10.00/£8.00
Transport: Hampstead Underground (Northern Line) 1 min.

27th January 2003

The Raven To celebrate the release of his latest album 'The Raven', LOU REED will be doing a signing and Q&A at the Union Square Barnes and Noble in New York City.

     Date: Thursday, January 30th .
     Time: 7:00pm.
     Location: 33 E 17th Street, Union Square, New York 212-253-0810.

The Raven which features DAVID BOWIE on the track 'Hop Frog' is released by Warner Brothers and comes in two formats. The single CD (Cat. No. 9362483722) and the 2CD Limited Edition version (Cat. No. 9362483732).

Richard Williams writes: '...Reed himself brings the project down to earth early on with a song named after the writer: "These are the stories of Edgar Allan Poe/Not exactly the boy next door," he sings, against a backing that sounds like the Asbury Jukes on a punk-metal kick. He and Bowie team up for the sprightly Hop Frog, and on Burning Embers he brings off a steamy voodoo blues, like a cross between Tom Waits and Dr John...'

Visit Lou Reed's official website [loureed.com] and discover how you can listen to the tracks on the album.

26th January 2003

TIBET HOUSE will celebrate the Tibetan New Year the Year of the Water Sheep at its 13th annual benefit concert on Friday evening, 28th February. The spectacular concert, organised and directed by composer-pianist Philip Glass, will highlight a star-studded cast that features DAVID BOWIE, Laurie Anderson, Ray Davies, Angelique Kidjo, Ziggy Marley, Tsering Wangmo, Rufus Wainwright and others. The evening will continue with a festive buffet dinner party following the show.

Concert tickets can be purchased by calling Carnegie Charge, (212) 247-7800, or in person at the Carnegie Hall Box Office, located at 154 West 57th Street. Tickets, price $25-$108, are still on sale.

Check out the official website Tibethouse.org

Update: According to BowieNet LOU REED is the latest addition on the bill.

25th January 2003

Update: The current online auction at present is for video tapes - all 'buy it now'. Next auction starting on 3rd February is Recordings: 7" ers, cassettes and CDs! (and Polish postcard records!).

An enormous collection of rare DAVID BOWIE memorabilia is being offered for sale by major Bowie fan and collector JULIE STOLLER, former editor of the U.S. newsletter 'Sound & Vision' (1987-1992).

Recordings, books, fanzines, posters, press kits, promotional items, t-shirts, displays, magazines and newspapers, audio and video tapes, and much more! Most items sold by auction to highest bidder. Offers for particular items or groups of items will be considered during the preview period.

Free Bowie items and Sound & Vision newsletters to winning bidders, while supplies last! Many one-of-a-kind and super rare collectibles!!

Click here to visit Sound & Vision: The David Bowie Online Auction! @ http://bowiestuff.sytes.net.

25th January 2003

The second request... what do you mean second request? Where's the first? (erm scroll down)... And last but not least, I need a few more of you talented peeps or budding journalists out there to write your own column here on BowieWonderworld.

At present there are eight columnists writing their points of view, their thoughts, their opinions... or just babbling on like some ranting babbling lunatic ;)

Even getting these eight peeps to write regularly without bribing them is proving somewhat difficult... it's costing me a fortune in Belgian chocolates, db cds and db dvds (there that's given them all a nudge).

As long as the subject matter relates to David Bowie in some way that's all we need. It's your column, you are totally free to write whatever you like, however you like, whenever you like. Monthly, weekly, daily or even a one off piece. You can even write under a pseudonym, you know, like what some of them proper writers do ;)

If you want ideas or want to see what competition you would be up against, check out the columnists archive area.

25th January 2003

Would you like to extend a helping hand to BowieWonderworld? I'm shouting out two requests... don't worry there's more to come! ;)

What I need is all you DAVID BOWIE fans out there to scan and send in any of your David Bowie concert ticket stubs so I can add them to the concert listing pages.

I have another hundred or so from my own personal collection to scan and upload, but finding the time to do this is proving somewhat difficult at the moment.

Presently, besides keeping the site updated, there are seven brand new areas I'm currently working on and I don't seem to be getting any nearer finishing them. I'm trying my best guv'enor, honest I am.

So if any of you out there would like to contribute towards this area please feel free to do so, it would be very much appreciated :)

Please send your db ticket scans to

24th January 2003

BOWIE WONDERWORLD has teamed up with 'RECORDS BY MAIL' to offer record collectors worldwide the opportunity to find that elusive piece of vinyl.

Craig Moerer who owns 'Records By Mail' has been trading since 1974 and has over one million vinyl records in-stock - Click here to visit www.recordsbymail.com where you'll find used, rare and collectible vinyl records. It must be one of the most comprehensive selections of vinyl LPs and 45s available anywhere in the world.

Housed in a 6,000 square foot warehouse that currently holds 1.3 million records, Craig and his talented, dedicated staff serve music lovers in more than 60 countries.

Visit www.recordsbymail.com

24th January 2003

Various programmes being broadcast today from around the world featuring DAVID BOWIE include the following...

UK: Airport documentary features David Bowie, UK Horizons at 8:30pm GMT
UK: Airport documentary, UK Horizons Plus 1 at 9:30pm GMT
US: Where Are They Now? Features David Bowie, VH1 at 7:00pm ET.
US: Absolute Beginners, Showtime at 5:00am ET
US: Mr. Rice's Secret, HBO2 8:15am ET
UK: Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country starring Iman, Channel 5, UK, 8:00pm GMT

And if you're living in the Big Apple and fancy a night out check out GAIL ANN DORSEY (The Chanteuse Club) performing at Joe's Pub @ The Public Theatre, NYC. More details at their website @ www.joespub.com

23rd January 2003

COOPER OWEN are currently holding Rock Legends Auction on the 20th February which contains a couple of DAVID BOWIE items.

Signed RCA Single Sale 2077 Lot 37
'David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars' signed single
A copy of the 1972 'RCA Records' single John, I'm Only Dancing, signed on the front cover Love David Bowie, Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey all in blue ballpoint pen. Mounted, framed and glazed.
Overall measurements approx. 11.5 x 11.5 inch (29 x 29 cm)
Estimate £200-300

Afro Pagan Exhibition Poster Sale 2077 Lot 38
David Bowie signed poster, 1995
An advertising poster titled 'New Afro-Pagan and Work 1975-1995' for David Bowie's first solo art exhibition at The Gallery in Cork Street, London, signed David Bowie 95, in red marker pen. Framed and glazed.
Overall measurements approx. 23 x 35 inch (58 x 89 cm)
Estimate £100-150

From Kaz @ cooperowen.com

22nd January 2003

David Bowie Fans London Day on February 1st - Coach trip and evening in Beckenham.

Hi folks, Just to let you know there are now a few limited spaces on the coach trip for anyone interested. If you would like to come along and join a mad bunch of Bowie fans on what promises to be an interesting day out finishing up in the Rat & Parrot (The Three Tuns) please contact us.

For more information visit Bowie Fans London Day or contact either Linda or LadyArt

From Linda.

22nd January 2003

Voting has now opened for this year's NME CARLING AWARDS - the only music awards that really count. After an explosive year in music during 2002, this year's awards look set to attract the biggest stars of the music scene all hoping to get their hands on a much-coveted gong. Get your votes in now at CarlingLive.com

The first Carlinglive Presents event saw rock n' roll icon DAVID BOWIE go back to the very place where Ziggy Stardust last played guitar. Launching the new Carling Apollo, Hammersmith on 2nd October 2002, Bowie put on a show that no-one in the audience would ever forget.

If you want to check out some of the bands that have been part of the new rock revolution over the last year, then make sure you get down to the NME Awards Shows taking place in the first week in February at the Carling Astoria in London. For all the latest details on the acts appearing and for your chance to win tickets for The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Saves The Day, The Libertines and The Coral.

Go and get yourself heard - vote for David now at CarlingLive.com

20th January 2003

Bowie Inside Outside The Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance (OtB) are to produce an evening of live dance and music inspired by DAVID BOWIE and his work.

Seattle choreographers Pat Graney, KT Niehoff, Pablo Cornejo, Peggy Piacenza, Crispin Spaeth, Amii LeGendre, Maureen Whiting and Wade Madsen will share the stage, presenting dance pieces that celebrate this enigmatic and mercurial icon of art.

"For me, taking a new and exciting artistic avenue has always been my priority. I want to be able to continually surprise myself as an artist. I think if that element is not there, then things dissipate and you get into a sort of regularity of concept that becomes vegetating, if your not careful." - David Bowie '97 interview, NY Rock.

     The Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance
     100 W Roy Street, Seattle, WA 98119
     On the Boards
     Bowie: Inside/Outside

     May 8th - 11th, 8:00 PM
     Ticket price: $25.00

BOX OFFICE INFORMATION:     Regular Business hours
     Tuesday - Friday, 12 noon - 6:00pm
     Saturday & Sunday, 3-6pm, day-of-show only

"AT THE DOOR" TICKET SALES: Lobby Ticket Counter is open one hour before curtain for walk up sales, day of show only.

BUYING ONLINE: From the calendar listing to the right select the show you wish to see, then click on the 'Buy Tickets' button. Powered by TicketWeb; service fees apply.

Visit the OtB website for more details and ticket purchases.

20th January 2003

The Raven LOU REED'S next album 'The Raven' which features DAVID BOWIE on the track 'Hop Frog' has received a 4 out of 5 star rating review in The Guardian.

The album to be released next Monday on 27th January by Warner Brothers comes in two formats. The single CD (Cat. No. 9362483722) and the 2CD Limited Edition version (Cat. No. 9362483732).

Richard Williams writes: '...Reed himself brings the project down to earth early on with a song named after the writer: "These are the stories of Edgar Allan Poe/Not exactly the boy next door," he sings, against a backing that sounds like the Asbury Jukes on a punk-metal kick. He and Bowie team up for the sprightly Hop Frog, and on Burning Embers he brings off a steamy voodoo blues, like a cross between Tom Waits and Dr John...'

You can read the full review here at www.guardian.co.uk

19th January 2003

Sad news to report the death of British journalist PENNY VALENTINE last week, aged fifty-nine, after a long struggle with cancer.

Penny started her journalistic career in the 60s for the teen girl magazine Boyfriend, which followed on to her joining the Disc And Music Echo. In 1970 she joined the staff of 'Sounds'.

Her sharp ear and intuition enabled her to pick out future stars of the music business. She had always tipped DAVID BOWIE for success long before he had his first major hit with 'Space Oddity' in 1969.

Penny championed David's cause at every available opportunity with her reviews and interviews throughout his early career. Every piece I've ever read always shone favourably on David.

Looking back on her writing, she was obviously aiming at the kids who bought and danced to the music, not just for Tin Pan Alley. Here are two of her early David Bowie reviews picked at random... On 10th July 1969 she wrote 'David Bowie - Amazing Sound!'

I have a bet on in the office that this is going to be a huge hit - and knock everyone senseless. There are disbelievers among us! David Bowie has always been talented but had a nasty knack of sounding like Tony Newley. Good records came from him but nothing to actually make you fall over. This does though. In fact I listened spellbound throughout, panting to know the outcome of poor Major Tom and his trip into the outer hemisphere. Apart from that - and some really clever lyrics - the sound is amazing. Mr. Bowie sounds like the Bee-Gees on their best record - New York Mining Disaster - and has managed to arrange the backing to sound like a cross between the Moody Blues, Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. It's obviously going to do well in America, which is nice.'

Later the same year she reviewed the album 'David Bowie' with piece entitled 'David Bowie says most things the long way round!'

On hearing a new LP called David Bowie, someone remarked: 'Well it's very nice, but do you think he's a lasting talent?'

The answer is Yes. Not just on the strength of this album but merely because Space Oddity is not the be all and end all of his talents, and because David Bowie has been around writing some very good songs for the past four years. Unheralded, and to a great extent, unnoticed, except by the Bowie believers and devotees.

This album then is David Bowie NOW. As he has always been. David is a very social writer. He does not exactly make blatant social comments, but rather uses social diseases and the rather frightening atmosphere we all live in as a back-drop to his songs.

In 1970 for Sounds, Penny started one particular interview off with the immortal lines... 'David Bowie has never been a conventional anything. Certainly he is no run of the mill product of the music business...'

Penelope Ann Valentine, journalist, born 13th February 1943; died 9th January, 2003 - RIP.

17th January 2003

Update: All you PS2'ers... those who checked out FreQuency last year will know that the rhythm based game was one of the most addictive titles seen on the PS2, as well as being one of the most original. Now Harmonix is set to release a hard rocking sequel, now known as Amplitude, which is set to offer even more musical mayhem - even taking the series online.

Amplitude promises over 25 levels, based around top tracks from all genres of music. Already announced for Amplitude are a trio of top tracks by great artists. You'll get to groove along with 'Cherry Lips' by Garbage, rock with DAVID BOWIE'S 'Everyone Says Hi' and even play along with Emo classic 'Dope Nose' by Weezer.

Once again, the gaming environment allows you to trigger various instruments, so you can reproduce famous tracks or completely remix them in your own style by adding extra drum loops, pumping up the bass, or turning the guitars up to eleven.

As well as playing alone, gamers can play Amplitude against four other gamers, with the online version of Amplitude allowing your opponents to see 3D versions of you and the other competitors. The game will feature chat capabilities, so you can socialise as you are grooving and the online multi-player jam sessions might even produce some of the musical stars of tomorrow.

By Kendall Lacey.

17th January 2003

Scheduled for release on 24th March is the 30th Anniversary Special Edition of ZIGGY STARDUST and The Spiders From Mars: The Motion Picture (EMI - Cat No. 5419792). Remastered and released in three different formats: Double CD, double vinyl and DVD...

April 15th sees the release of Julien Temple's movie ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS on DVD which stars DAVID BOWIE as Vendice Partners. This new release features anamorphic widescreen transfer and feature trailers...

Also about to the released any day now on DVD is ROCKTHOLOGY Presents Hard N Heavy, Vol. 4 by Image Entertainment which features TIN MACHINE. These compilations feature music videos combined with rarely seen footage of up close and in-depth interviews with some of the greatest bands in rock history. Hardcore fans will also enjoy a host of innovative DVD features including band history highlights, extensive discographies, interactive trivia games, bonus animation, and more! Other bands besides TM featured in this volume are Queen, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Deep Purple...

16th January 2003

DAVID BOWIE made the Top Ten in both Best Albums of 2002 and Best Concerts of 2002 on the online music magazine ConcertLivewire.com

David's Heathen album was placed at number 5 in the best albums of 2002 and in the Best Concerts section he was placed at number 2 for his performance during the Area2 tour at the Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, IL from August 8.

Andy Argyrakis states: 'The Thin White Duke took to Moby's Area 2 Tour in full stride, mesmerizing the genre-bending brigades' annual crowd with his dashingly dapper looks and royal rapport...'.

And Tony B tells it like it is with: 'Perhaps what this 55-year old legend demonstrated better than any of his early contemporaries, such as The Stones, McCartney and The Who, is that his new music is more relevant than anything they've done in decades.'

14th January 2003

Back in 1966, thirty-seven years ago to this very day saw DAVID BOWIE release his first ever single 'Can't Help Thinking About Me' as 'David Bowie with The Lower Third', backed with 'And I Say To Myself'.

Released on the Pye label (Pye 7N 17020) in the UK , the single reached 34 in the Melody Maker chart and peaked at number 14 on 20th February in the Radio London Fabulous Forty chart.

The musicians on the single were: David Bowie: vocals/tambourine, Dennis Taylor: guitar, Graham Rivens: bass and Phil Lancaster: drums. The producer was Tony Hatch.

Four months later the single was released in the USA on the Warner Brothers (WB 5815) label. Later the same year the track appeared on the Pye compilation album 'Hitmakers Volume 4' (Pye NPL 18144) which marks the first track on an album by David Bowie.

David said of the song during an interview for Melody Maker on 26th February 1966... "Several of the younger teenagers' programmes wouldn't play 'Can't Helping Thinking About Me', because it is about leaving home. The number relates several incidents in every teenager's life - and leaving home is something which always comes up."

Japanese release 1972 Six years later the single was re-released as an EP in the UK (Pye 7NX.8002) and New Zealand (Pye 7NX 8002) in October 1972, also in Japan backed with 'I'm Not Losing Sleep' (Pye UP-408-Y).

Spanish release 1973 The following year (March 1973) saw a release in Spain (Pye 11.603) backed with 'I Dig Everything', complete with as you can see a rather nice picture sleeve.

There then follows a list as long as your aunty's left arm of compilations, reissues and repackages containing the track.

More recently, David has re-recorded this song which was first performed live again during the VH1 StoryTellers show and also his Roseland 1999 gig in New York City. For the trivia anoraks he actually performed a snippet of this song in San Francisco during his 1997 Earthling world tour.

14th January 2003

DAVID BOWIE is featured on the front cover of the January 2003 issue of HOROSCOPE magazine. Inside there's a three-page in depth analysis - (from Jen)...

In the current issue of German magazine MUSIK EXPRESS there are competitions to win a Les Paul Gibson guitar signed by DAVID BOWIE, Best Of Bowie DVD and Heathen - (from Hermann)...

The next issue (March) of UNCUT magazine is a Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane special issue which comes complete with a free cover mounted CD entitled 'Starman'. The CD contains cover versions of db tracks performed by various artists such as Peter Murphy, Culture Club and Billy Mackenzie. Three of the songs are exclusive to Uncut: Ian McCulloch: 'The Prettiest Star', Edwyn Collins: 'The Gospel According To Tony Day' and Alejandro Escovedo: 'All The Young Dudes'. Available from 6th February - (from TBB @ BowieNet)...

IMAN graces the cover of V MAGAZINE (Jan/Feb issue 21) inside there are some great new photographs and an interview entitled 'Take It Like Iman', where Iman reveals (almost) all to Mario Testino. Visit the V Magazine website @ www.vmagazine.come - check out the following issues 4 (checking out the Millennium), 10 (David Bowie remembers his youth), 18 (DB cover and article) and issue 21 (Iman).

14th January 2003

BOWIENET are currently auctioning five lots of separate VIP tickets for the Tibet House Benefit show in NYC featuring of course DAVID BOWIE at the Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall on Friday, February 28th, 2003.

The package includes two adjacent tickets within rows A-101 through A-110, access to an exclusive buffet dinner on the night of the show.

By bidding and winning any BowieNet special items with a final value (before shipping) of $64.99 or more will receive a free one-year BowieNet membership, including the exclusive Liveandwell CD.

Click here to check out David Bowie items on eBay.

13th January 2003

A quick round up of some of the updates here on BOWIE WONDERWORLD...

# Added more scans to the 1972 Concert Tours pages. (Click on dates).
# Added more scans to the 1974 Concert Tours pages. (Click on dates).
# Added more chords and tabs for David Bowie songs.
# Updated part of the David Bowie FAQ section.
# Added more information to April 2003 monthly planner.
# Added more information to February 2003 monthly planner.
# Added more information to January 2003 monthly planner.
# Added advertisements on the Trading Post.
# Added more fan contributions to The Arts Lab. (More to follow).
# Added more David Bowie Misheard Lyrics section.
# Added more David Bowie web sites to the BowieDirectory.
# Added advertisements on the Trading Post.
# Added new items to the David Bowie Wonderworld Shop.

A full list of BW updates each month can be found here.

13th January 2003

Next month sees the broadcast of DAVID BOWIE'S 22nd September 2002 concert in Berlin, Max Schemling Halle on Germany's SAT1.

The concert is rumoured to be shown on for 8th February from midnight until 1:30.

SAT1 are expected to broadcast one hour of the performance. The three-hour concert was professionally filmed with at least eight cameras, four hand-held on stage, one long dolly track centre stage and a small adjustable mobile crane.

The full set list consisted of:

     Life On Mars?
     Ashes To Ashes
     Look Back In Anger
     China Girl
     Slip Away
     I'm Afraid Of Americans
     5:15 The Angels Have Gone
     I've Been Waiting for You
     Heathen (The Rays)

     Speed of Life
     Breaking Glass
     What In The World
     Sound And Vision
     Art Decade
     Always Crashing In The Same Car
     Be My Wife
     A New Career In A New Town

     Rebel Rebel
     Moonage Daydream
     Alabama Song
     Everyone Says Hi
     Hallo Spaceboy
     Let's Dance
     Ziggy Stardust

Check out the SAT1 website @ www.sat1.de for more details and confirmation of the broadcast date.

10th January 2003

One of the trippiest games in a genre known for its trippiness, Sony's Frequency enabled PlayStation 2 players to rhythm-action their way through over 20 different tracks, all contributed by top of the line (and, of course, under-contract-to-Sony-Music) artists like Crystal Method and Orbital. And although rhythm-action games seem to have languished a bit over the last year or so, Sony has made the decision to release a sequel, Amplitude, from developer Harmonix Music Systems.

Featuring music from DAVID BOWIE, Weezer, Garbage, Quarashi, Logan 7, as well as 'other major recording artists' (and again, pretty much all of them under contract at Sony Music or some subsidiary thereof), the game lets you trigger drum, bass.

By Jeff Lundrigan @ www.gamers.com.

9th January 2003

The PARKINSON SHOW which featured a wonderful interview with DAVID BOWIE will be broadcast on BBC America on Saturday 1st February @ 8.00pm EST...

I bet nobody spotted this first time around... If you watch the repeat of 'Buzzcocks' on BBC2, at 11.15pm on 12th January, and look out for the guy on the far right of the 'Who was in the Dave Clark Five' line-up. I bet neither Mark Lamar nor the team captains realised it was ex-Manish Boy, WOOLF BYRNE. Click here for a recent photo taken at the 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion in August 2002 of Woolf (right of photo) with ex-radio London DJ John Edward, who was also fellow Manish Boy - (from Mary P)...

The line up for the 2003 Tibet US Benefit show is: Philip Glass - Artistic director / Tsering Wangmo - Tibetan vocalist / Ray Davies - The Kinks / DAVID BOWIE / Laurie Anderson / Rufus Wainwright / Angelique Kidjo / Ziggy Marley...

8th January 2003

Happy Birthday David To David
Wishing you many happy returns on this special day
Have a wonderful time

Best wishes and lots of love from
Paul, Dawn, the kids and everyone here at Wonderworld xxxx

8th January 2003

Besides our DAVID, other famous and well known people born on the 8th January include...

Elvis Presley (singer), Ron Moody (actor), Larry Storch (actor/comedian), Soupy Sales (comedian and father of Tony and Hunt Sales of Tin Machine, Charles Osgood (CBS TV newsman/host), Shirley Bassey (singer), Cristy Lane (singer), Robby Krieger (musician), R. Kelly (singer), Paul King (musician), Jeff Abercrombie (musician), Terry Sylvester (musician), Stephen Hawking (professor, astrophysicist, author), Amanda Burton (actress), Gil Grand (musician), Ami Dolenz (actress), Amber Benson (actress), Sarah Polley (actress), Yvette Mimieux (actress), Thelma 'Butterfly' McQueen (actress), Little Anthony aka Anthony Gourdine (singer), Harriet Sansom Harris (actress), Jenny Lewis (actress), Richard Cromwell (actor), Jose Ferrer (actor/director), John McTiernan (director), Scott Whyte (actor), Sander Vanocur (broadcaster), Joan Rivers (comedian), Maria Pitillo (actress) and Gabby Hoffman (actress).

7th January 2003

Check out the latest DAVID BOWIE fan contributions to the ARTS LAB section. New in the art gallery section are:

STUART DALZELL a contemporary artist selling through several galleries around London and Kent says: "All my work is inspired by music and the paintings are often created listening to a single track on repeat. Obviously with my passion for David Bowie's music his songs feature significantly in my work"...

Some great cartoon artwork of David produced by HALLÓR R. LARUSSON from Iceland...

I'm trying to play catch up... there's another big update on the way. Visit the Arts Lab section to check out some of the great David Bowie fan contributions.

7th January 2003

DAVID BOWIE has been nominated for a GRAMMY for his song 'Slow Burn' in the category of 'Best Male Rock Vocal Performance' (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only).

The Final Nominations List in the 45th Annual GRAMMY® Awards in this category are:

Field 4 - Rock Category 15 - Best Male Rock Vocal Performance

     'Slow Burn'
     David Bowie
     Track from: Heathen [Columbia Records Group]

     Elvis Costello
     Track from: When I Was Cruel [Island Records]

     'The Barry Williams Show'
     Peter Gabriel
     Track from: Up [Geffen/DGC]

     'Darkness, Darkness'
     Robert Plant
     Track from: Dreamland [Universal Records]

     'The Rising'
     Bruce Springsteen
     Track from: The Rising [Columbia Records]

The February 23rd Grammy ceremony returns to New York for the first time in five years and is to be held at Madison Square Garden.

Check out the official website @ www.grammy.com for full details.

6th January 2003

Get those video recorders ready... The pick of the best television programmes featuring DAVID BOWIE from around the world to be broadcast this month include the following:

8th Jan: UK - Top Of The Pops 2, BBC2, 6:20pm
     Fast-moving music show mixing today's hits with classic performances from the Top Of The Pops archives including David Bowie (performing 'Ashes To Ashes' recorded in NYC last June), Oasis, UB40 and Alanis Morissette.

11th Jan: UK - The Hunger, Sci-Fi, 01:40am GMT
     The Seductress. Series 2, episode 19. David Bowie introduces tales of the erotic and the bizarre. Presented by David Bowie. A woman is threatened by the mother of her boyfriend who has committed suicide. She then meets a new lover, a strange character who isn't what he appears to be. Guest starring Rachel Hayward and William Katt. Directed by Alain DesRochers.

11th Jan: USA - Late Night With Conan O'Brien, NBC, 12.35am ET
     Repeat showing of the 19th October 2002 show (Episode #1652) when David performed 'Afraid' and 'I've Been Waiting For You'. Guests: Johnny Knoxville; Richard Lewis; with musical guest David Bowie.

13th Jan: USA - Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central, 7:00pm ET
     Repeat showing of the 19th October 2002 show (Episode #1652).

14th Jan: USA - Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central, 01:00pm ET
     Repeat showing of the 19th October 2002 show (Episode #1652).

18th Jan: UK - The Hunger, Sci-Fi, 01:25am GMT
     Triangle In Steel. Series 2, episode 10. Tales of the erotic and the bizarre. Presented by David Bowie. A construction worker takes a job at a bridge construction site, where he is united with a native steel-working team. Guest starring Richard Bobitaille and Victoria Sanchez. Directed by Adrian Moat.

Check out the January 2003 monthly planner for more info, events and who's birthday is coming up ;)

6th January 2003

Playwright ADRIAN BERRY who wrote and directed the excellent DAVID BOWIE themed related play 'From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads' hits London with his latest work JACK PLEASURE.

Following great success at this year's Edinburgh Festival, Adrian Berry's acclaimed play now comes to the Union Theatre, London SE1. The play runs from 28th January through till 15th February.

Jack Pleasure is a theatrical road movie with a twist. Terry, a 36 year-old coach driver, has left his wife and now wants to escape his childhood town. Reduced to sleeping on his dad's sofa and unable to see a way out, one day in a bar he eavesdrops on a bizarre anecdote about a failed Dutch porn star. Fascinated, Terry becomes inspired and makes plans to steal the man's identity and leave for a career in the American porn film industry. And thus, Jack Pleasure is born.

Click here to read the official press release from tiny dynamite.

4th January 2003

This year's SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME induction class could have a decidedly rock and roll edge to it. The organisation has asked voters to choose from a pool that includes DAVID BOWIE, Tom Petty, Queen, Pete Townshend, John Fogerty, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Phil Collins, and the Fleetwood Mac lineup that came together in the '70s, as well as Aerosmith/Bon Jovi collaborator Desmond Child.

The Songwriters Hall Of Fame will hand out the honours at its 34th annual ceremony in New York City.

Click here to visit the Song Writers Hall Of Fame website and view the 2003 Nominees.

4th January 2003

DAVID BOWIE band member's GERRY LEONARD aka Spooky Ghost and MARK PLATI will perform a short set at a VH-1 Save The Music Children's benefit in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY on Monday 6th January at the Water Street Bar.

Featuring Mark Plati on bass and Doug Yowell on drums, doors open at 6:00pm, set time 8:00pm. Tickets are priced at $20.

Mama Mia Music and VH-1's Save the Music Foundation Present: RHYTHM OF HOPE A Benefit Concert for Save The Music Foundation. Hosted By Robyne Robinson of Fox News, Minneapolis and featuring:

     Gerry Leonard
     Atomizer - featuring Greta Brinkman of Moby
     Joshua Tyler - featuring members of Blue Man Group
     West Side Rhyme - Spoken Word and acoustic soul
     Kaki King
     Amy Sue Barston and Friends (Classical)
     Also - silent auction of artwork by David Stoupkakis and tickets to see Blue Man Group NY
     AND MORE!

$20 Tickets available at Ticketcentral @ www.ticketcentral.com - Box Office: 410 W. 42 St. between 8th and 9th. Also available the day of the show at the Water Street Bar.

All proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction will go to the Save the Music Foundation. Please support this very worthwhile cause.

3rd January 2003

The recently broadcast A&E biography of DAVID BOWIE is available for purchase on DVD and video via their website. Concert footage, clips from his films and interviews with musicians like Moby highlight this look at the groundbreaking performer. 100 Minutes - Price: $29.95.

Synopsis: David Bowie has released scores of chart-topping hits, starred in films and on Broadway, pioneered new ways of doing business as a performing artist, and gleefully defied conventions and provoked outrage with carefully-constructed personal re-inventions. From his childhood in London to his extensive philanthropic efforts and place on the board of a fine arts magazine, BIOGRAPHY® peels back layers of incarnations, going beyond the Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust for an intimate portrait of the man himself. Rare footage from the BBC archives shows the future superstar performing at the age of 17, while musicians like Moby and Trent Reznor reflect on his towering legacy. And a more intimate view is provided by his wife of ten years, Iman.

Here is the complete story of a rock and roll pioneer whose accomplishments go far beyond music.

Click here for the A&E Biography David Bowie DVD

2nd January 2003

The December 2002 issue of THE VOYEUR is out now! This issue contains reviews from David's concerts in Bonn, the London Meltdown Festival, a 'Best Of Bowie' DVD competition and many, many more.

To celebrate Christmas this edition of 'The Voyeur' contains a full colour centerfold with exclusive David Bowie 'On Stage' photographs by Antoine Loogman.

Inside this issue:
     - Watch out for "The Voyeur"
     - Welcome to "The Voyeur"
     - Tress Bonn Bowie (review by Angela Palermo)
     - 5 Past Midnight (review by Allert van Harten)
     - Standing Ovation From Crowd And Fans (review by Leon Haan)
     - Exclusive Full Colour Centerfold "On Stage" Photographs (by Antoine Loogman)
     - European tour schedule
     - Searching For Jackalopes (The Mystery Resolved)
     - A Show You Can Only Dream About (review by Leon Haan)
     - "The Voyeur" Fanclub Meeting (review)
     - Ten Ago (by Antoine Loogman)
     - CD review (including promos, official and unofficial releases)
     - Best Of Bowie DVD Competition

Read more about International David Bowie fanclub 'The Voyeur' at http://go.to/bowiefanclub or email them for more information at thevoyeur@home.nl

Click here to view several sample pages from the current issue.

1st January 2003

On CBS, here in New York last night (31st December), they broadcasted the other two songs by DAVID BOWIE taped for the Early Show, Slip Away, and Afraid! A couple of months ago they showed Cactus and Rebel Rebel! Click here to view - (from Andre)...

Crazy like a fox... The filmed DAVID BOWIE song shown on The Dick Clarke New Year's Show during the New Year Rockin' celebration programme was 'Afraid' taken from his live performance in Berlin at the Max Schmeling Halle on 22nd September 2002 - (from Angel)...

1st January 2003

ALIAS co-star Kevin Weisman, who plays gadget geek 'Marshall', told Sci Fi Wire to expect more spy toys, more Marshall action - and possibly a Ziggy guest star in the upcoming second season.

In an interview at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend at Disney's California Adventure theme park, Weisman revealed that rock star DAVID BOWIE may make an appearance on the ABC spy show, joining a list of stellar guests from last season that included Quentin Tarantino.

"With me, there's a lot more weapons and gadgets," Weisman added. "And [creator] J.J. [Abrams] has promised me that I will be venturing out on a mission this year, so watch out for some Marshall ass-kicking, or for Marshall getting his ass kicked, which is probably more of a likely scenario. However, I'm looking forward to that."

Weisman said that the Alias cast is currently in production on the second season's fourth episode. "There's some good stuff," he said. "In this last episode, we've created a luge that Sydney [Jennifer Garner] has to ride through a kind of... ice field. It's a luge that goes over 150 mph, and that's pretty cool. And some retinal scanners we just used. There's a lot of good stuff coming up." Alias kicks off its second season 29th September in its regular 9:00 pm Sunday time slot.

1st January 2003

Reminder: Tickets are on sale for the 2003 Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York City at 11:00am (that's 4:00pm GMT) Online purchases or ring 212 247 7800. Tickets prices range from $30 through to $85.

The Tibet House Benefit Concert takes place at the Isaac Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall, NYC on Friday, 28th February at 7:30pm.

The Artistic Director is Philip Glass, with guest artists confirmed so far include: DAVID BOWIE, Laurie Anderson, Ray Davies and Rufus Wainwright.

Online Ticketing:
Tickets may be purchased online by using their interactive Calendar of Events. Browse for concerts by date or use the search box to sort by artist, composer, or keyword. Concerts available for purchase will feature a 'Buy Tickets' link that initiates the process of seat selection and purchase using American Express, Mastercard, or Visa.

Actual seat locations are confirmed via e-mail, and tickets will be held at the Box Office, located at 57th Street and 7th Avenue. To pick up tickets, which are available immediately after purchase, you will need to present the actual credit card used in the transaction. If you are not the one picking up the tickets, please call CarnegieCharge, 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week at (212) 247-7800.

Because some seats are not sold online, there may still be tickets even if our web site indicates that none are available. Call CarnegieCharge or visit the Box Office for more information.The Box Office is open from 11 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday and 12 PM to 6 PM Sunday.

By Phone:
For tickets or information, call CarnegieCharge, 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week, at (212) 247-7800.

In Person:
The Box Office, located at the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue, is open 11 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday and 12 PM to 6 PM Sunday . The Box Office is not open on legal holidays.

For more information on Carnegie Hall policies and information click here to visit their web site.

1st January 2003

Cast your minds back to 1st February 2002... Do you remember when I first mentioned the project by SRT (Sound Recording Technology) in Cambridgeshire, UK who were remastering the soundtrack to THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH? Well now at last the full release information has finally come through.

Anchor Bay have announced that they will be releasing Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Fell To Earth. Starring David Bowie as the offbeat title character, the movie will be presented with a THX-approved anamorphic transfer and DD5.1 and DTS6.1ES English audio.

The Man Who Fell To Earth The extras will be spread over two discs and will include a Watching The Alien featurette, a poster/still gallery, some trailers and TV spots, the original screenplay and many more "yet-to-be-announced features".

Synopsis: Nicolas Roeg's acclaimed cult masterpiece - like you've never seen or heard it before. DAVID BOWIE made his unforgettable feature film debut as a visitor from a dying planet who becomes a reclusive multi-millionaire, only to lose himself in an earth-bound abyss of decadence, self-destruction and alienation. Candy Clark, Rip Torn and Buck Henry co-star in this enigmatic masterpiece directed by Nicolas Roeg (Don't Look Now, Performance) that remains an extraordinary combination of sci-fi epic and mind- blowing allegory, as well as one of the most provocative motion picture events of our time.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is proud to present the complete and uncensored version of The Man Who Fell To Earth, now fully restored from original negative materials and featuring remastered DTS and Dolby EX audio for an unparalleled new experience in sound and vision.

Includes a 8-Page Collector's Booklet - the set includes:

The Man Who Fell To Earth - Feature Presentation (Disc One)
     - Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs
     - THX Approved

The Man Who Fell To Earth - Bonus Materials (Disc Two)
     - Theatrical Trailer
     - TV Spots
     - Talent Biographies
     - Poster and Still Gallery
     - Watching The Alien - An All-New 24 minute featurette
     - Original Screenplay in DVD-ROM

Genre: Sci-Fi
Encoding: Region 1 (US and Canada only)
Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen
Street Date Release: 11th February 2003
Year Originally Released: 1976
Rating: R. Length: 139 Mins

List Price: $29.98. Price: $22.49 (and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping). You Save: $7.49 (25% Discount).

This item will be released on February 11, 2003. You may order The Man Who Fell To Earth now.

Thanks to Gary for the pointer :)

1st January 2003

The upcoming DAVID BOWIE fan London Day and Evening Bash date has been confirmed for Saturday, February 1st. The planned event starts off with a daytime London Bowie-Places to see Tour and then finishing off at The Rat & Parrot public house in Beckenham for an evening of brilliant tribute bands and such like.

Tickets for the evening only will be £8.50 each and are available via my site or by emailing Linda or Debbi or from the pub itself... or from ChangesBowie (formerly Little Wonder)... these will be available hopefully from 5th January.

The whole event is ticket only and if you need any more information please don't hesitate to email or visit the mini site for full details of the tour and evening bash.

Full Trip: These tickets are only available to order via the internet at a cost of £18.50 per person. A confirmation email will be sent on receipt of payment which must be used to pick up tickets on day of trip. Payment can be send using either Cheque/Postal Order and in Pounds Sterling or Euro only.

Evening: Order your evening only tickets via the internet. A confirmation email will be sent on receipt of payment which must be used to pick up tickets on arrival at the pub. Cost of evening ticket = £8.50 per person. Payment can be send using either Cheque/Postal Order and in Pounds Sterling or Euro only.

The Rat & Parrot (aka The Three Tuns): Pop along to the pub and pick them up at 157 High Street, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AE. Telephone: 0208 658 9618.

From Linda and Debs.

1st January 2003


I hope you all receive everything you ever wish for

Very Best Wishes from Paul (aka Rednik)


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