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18th February 2009

Students at The Commercial College of Iceland are performing in a play entitled 'Stardust' written by Ëlafur S.K. Ůorvalds.

The story tells a tale of two young boys who one day wake up on a planet called Sarasin. The people have been waiting (for 2,000 years) for them to save them from the evil witch Stardust.

It is a school musical and the cast and musicians are all 16-20 years old. There are 8 songs which DAVID BOWIE has written or performed:

     01. Ů˙ Munt Fß ■a­ Allt! (Ziggy Stardust) - David Bowie
     02. VŠri Hann HÚr (Wish You Were Here) - Pink Floyd
     03. Undir Pressu (Under Pressure) - David Bowie/Queen
     04. BrŠ­ur Munu Berjast (Moonage Daydream) - David Bowie
     05. Alla Lei­ - Original song
     06. ┴ Vetrarbraut (Space Oddity) - David Bowie
     07. Kominn (Starman) - David Bowie
     08. Hva­ Geri ╔g N˙ (Wild Is The Wind) - David Bowie
     09. ╔g Štla A­ Bor­a ■ig (Another One Bites The Dust) - Queen
     10. Stardust (Let's Dance) - David Bowie
     11. Hetjuslˇ­ (When Doves Cry) - Prince
     12. ┴ ┴nau­ Herjum (Changes) - David Bowie
     13. Alla Lei­ - Original song
     14. H˙n Gle­ur Mig Hugsun S˙ (Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics

The Commercial College of Iceland is a four-year senior high school / college for students 15 years + who have completed the Icelandic 'grunnskˇli' or grades 1-10.

More details and information can be found at the stardustshow.is website in either Icelandic or English.

From Stefßn Laxdal A­alsteinsson.

17th February 2009

Sean Bean English actor SEAN BEAN has revealed he used to dress up like DAVID BOWIE.

The Lord Of The Rings star, told The Times he used to glam up like the 70s rock star when he was a teenager.

Sheffield-born Sean said: "I wore similar outfits to Bowie. The truth is, I was a clone. I dyed my hair red, wore jumpsuits and big stack heels decorated with stars.

"People in Sheffield thought I was a poof. A weirdo. Which encouraged me to do it even more. I risked getting my head kicked in for a while, but then glam rock became more mainstream and dyeing your hair, wearing make-up and dressing up became more acceptable."

You can read the complete article here.

16th February 2009

A couple of upcoming DAVID BOWIE television and radio programmes to watch out for this month include:

Atlantis Squarepantis - The biggest mystery 20,000 leagues beneath the sea is uncovered when SpongeBob and the gang find the lost city of Atlantis, in this special SpongeBob TV movie! Guest starring David Bowie.

     SpongeBob Squarepantis (Animation) - starting: 18:00 on Saturday 21st February
      Duration: 45 minutes. Showing on Nickelodeon, UK.

     SpongeBob Squarepantis (Animation) - starting: 12:00 on Sunday 22nd February
     Duration: 45 minutes. Showing on Nickelodeon, UK.

The Blagger's Guide. David Quantick continues his comic, cut-out-and-keep guide to the entire history of popular music with a look at punk rock, David Bowie and Ireland. (Part 2).

     6 Music Plays it Again (Documentary) - starting: 00:00 on Wednesday 25th February
     Duration: 30 minutes. Playing on BBC 6 Music (707).

For full details of other happenings check out the BW Monthly Planner.

6th February 2009

The Man Who Sold The World An upcoming publication on 2nd April by Nation Books is The Man Who Sold The World by author William Kleinknecht.

Before you get too excited - unfortunately it isn't about our DAVID BOWIE.

When you read the full title... hang on take a deep breath... 'The Man Who Sold The World: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Ordinary Americans' you'll realise it's about some ex-Hollywood actor / US President.

A long shot but just in case a couple of you out there are interested in a Reagan book... 'Kleinknecht offers evidence that Reagan's legacy is not only a myth, but that he was arguably the least patriotic president in American History. He enacted wrenching social changes that have decimated small town life and undermined values that were once at the core of traditional conservatism. And thanks... (more) in large part to Reagan's policies, the economic expansion that followed his election did little for Americans in the middle and lower income brackets.' - (ISBN: 1568584105).

4th February 2009

ATOM, A plus D, World Famous Audio Hacker, ToToM, and dj BC have remixed and mashed-up DAVID BOWIE's classic album 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars'.

You can stream the music and watch a few videos produced by AJ 'Hatperson' Mazur and VJ Brewski over at the Ziggy Remixed website @ ziggyremixed.com.

Ziggy Stardust Remixed The mashed up songs are as follows:

     Stardust Kids - A Plus D (Bowie vs MGMT)
     Starman - Atom's Space Funk Journey
     Star Of The Party - DJ BC (Bowie vs Jay Z)
     Hang On To The Highway - ToTom (Bowie vs Deep Purple)
     It Ain't Easy - Atom's Quick Cinch Mix)
     Moonage Symphony - DJ BC (Bowie vs The Supremes)
     Soul Love - Atom's Pink Innards Mix
     Easy Hypocrities - DJBC (Bowie vs Bob Marley)
     Suffragette City - DJ BC's Sufferin' Remix
     Ziggy's Lullabye - DJ BC (Bowie vs Shawn Mullins vs The Beatles)
     Five Years - World Famous Audio Hacker's Brainache Mix

From AJ.

4th February 2009

Luv-A-Fair Glam Valentines Ball 2009 The LUV-A-FAIR: BOWIE-GLAM-VALENTINES BALL takes place tomorrow night in Vancouver, Canada.

This event will be Luv-A-Fair's ultimate homage to pop culture's most influential music and style icon DAVID BOWIE and to all things Luv-A-Fair and its original New Wave, Post-Punk, Krautrock, Synthpop, Electro playlists!

Luv-A-Fair Nightclub as we knew it would have never existed without one man: DAVID BOWIE.

He is the the single most important influence on the scene we love so much...

Some of the Luv-A-Fair music this night: David Bowie all night plus the Luv-A-Fair/New Wave/Post-Punk artists he influenced such as Japan, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Klaus Nomi, Eurythmics, Culture Club, Visage, Telex, The Normal, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, OMD, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Divine, Psychedelic Furs, Nina Hagen, Soft Cell, Human League, U2, Nine Inch Nails, Billy Idol, Spandau Ballet, Fad Gadget, Echo and the Bunnymen, Blondie, Devo, The Cure, Ladytron, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Grace Jones, etc - AND some of the bands/artists who he co-influenced OUR scene with: Kraftwerk, T-Rex, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Giorgio Moroder.

Get dressed up in your wildest outfits on: 5th February at Celebrities Nightclub, 1022 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada - 9pm till 2am. ($15 advance / $20 at the door).

Featuring: DJ Pandemonium (Sanctuary, SinCity) and DJ Chris (Luvafair) plus a massive line-up!!!

     **Artist: Johnny Veres Bowie-Glam Art.
     **Artist: Max G Arnason Bowie Prints.
     **Simian Special Bowie - Live Tribute Performance.
     **Nancy Black Glam Designs.
     **Socialities: Rick Forde, Guy Babineau and Drew Willis.
     **Lady Stardust Dancer Anelore.
     **Blanche MacDonald Glam Bowie Make-Overs by Elle Campbell and Alvina Winnie.
     **Beauty Night Glam Body Paint Show and Raffle.
     **Alt Rock Culture Magazine Stand.
     **Glam Photographers: Neil Pelman and Morgan Beare.

Dress Code: Bowie characters, New-Wave, Goth, Punk, Avant-Garde, Stylish, Eccentric.

Door prizes for Best Dressed by Juju Salon and Subeez/Waazubee Cafe.

Visit luvngraceaffair.com website for more details and information.

Vernard was recently interview by Canadian newspaper columnist and Bowie fan Guy Babineau. The article Rebel Rebel 'How David Bowie made it okay for a generation of teenagers not to fit in'.

The article describes Bowie's influence on gay and outsider culture. It also talks about Bowie's influence on Guy Babineau as a gay man and Bowie's influence on Vernard and the Luv-A-Fair BowieGlamBall.

From Vernard (Promoter/Creator) Luvngrace - Luv-A-Fair Entertainment.

2nd February 2009

The forthcoming 160-page DAVID BOWIE publication Collaboration: The Bowie Sessions which features photographs from Frank Ockenfels III was due for publication tomorrow has now been rescheduled for a launch date of 7th July via Welcome Books (ISBN-10: 1933784784) and (ISBN-13: 978-1933784786)...

The WAR CHILD - Heroes Vol.1 CD is all set for release this month on 16th February on the EMI Parlophone label. Various artists are contributing to this charity release, which features DAVID BOWIE's iconic track "Heroes" performed by TV On The Radio
More details...

1st February 2009

Bowie T-Shirt BowieWonderworld visitors can claim a 15% discount on a brand new snazzy DAVID BOWIE t-shirt available from the online shop FRONTROADE.

The Bowie graphic is from the Rolling Stone magazine Issue 206, dated February 12th, 1976.

After 40 years of building a world-respected magazine that is devoted to music, politics and popular culture, Rolling Stone has decided to launch an apparel division under their iconic name. The collection offers casual and sportswear tops featuring covers, graphic art, and denim silhouettes - all carefully crafted to embrace the culture of music's revolutionary movements.

And what's more... they are the only shop in Europe stocking them.

If you want to claim an exclusive discount code of 15% simply use FRNTRDR1dvdbw5 at the checkout stages.

Check out frontroade.com for this exclusive offer.

Update: It is valid for not only the Bowie tee, but for ALL gear in there.

1st February 2009

Rockarchive.com in association with Genesis Publications and the book 'From Station to Station' would like to invite you to FROM STATION TO STATION - an exhibition by GEOFF MacCORMACK showing his images of DAVID BOWIE.

The exhibition started last month on 23rd January and runs until 6th February.

     Rockarchive Gallery Chelsea
     289 Kings Road
     London SW3 5EW
     (Nearest Tube - Sloane Square)
     Tel: +44 (0) 207 376 7129

Drive like a demon to rockarchive.com to view all the Bowie photographs available.


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