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    12th October 1993

    Black Tie White Noise - The Video

    Poole Edwards

         18th October 1993 sees the release on BMG Video International of David Bowie's number one album "Black Tie White Noise". The video includes exclusive live performances of six tracks from Bowie's latest album, shot in LA in May with David Mallet directing. Mallet who'd worked with Bowie previously on video clips of "Ashes To Ashes", "Let's Dance", "China Girl" and "Loving The Alien" shot the performance footage on five 35mm cameras in one day with a crew of over sixty people, many of them fresh from working on the feature film "Bram Stoker's Dracula".

         David Bowie's solo performance with his backing band are complemented by exclusive footage of Bowie talking intimately to camera about his latest album, personal experiences, old and new friendships and more.

         The video runs for sixty minutes as follows:

    JUMP THEY SAY (Promo Clip)
    YOU'VE BEEN AROUND (Exclusive Performance)
    NITE FLIGHTS (Exclusive Performance)
    MIRACLE GOODNIGHT (Exclusive Performance)
    BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE (Exclusive Performance & Promo Clip)
    I FEEL FREE (Exclusive Performance)
    LOOKING FOR LESTER (Rehearsal Footage)
    I KNOW IT'S GONNA HAPPEN SOMEDAY (Exclusive Performance)
    MIRACLE GOODNIGHT (Promo Clip & "Making Of" Footage)


    30th October 1998 - Press Release





         DAVID BOWIE has announced that he is hosting a songwriting contest, whereby contestants compete to become co-writer on one of his new songs, titled "WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING." BOWIE has written the music and chorus for the song and participants are asked to submit three verses.

         BOWIE will pick the winner (from a list of finalists chosen by the public), who will not only receive co-writer credit, but a $15,000 publishing contract compliments of international music publisher Bug Music, a trip to New York to be present when the song is recorded and a three-year subscription to Rolling Stone, along with gift certificates from CDNow (www.cdnow.com) and BarnesandNoble.com The grand prize winner will also receive a free one-year subscription to BowieNet, the music industry's newest Internet Service Provider. Contest voters are eligible to win daily prizes awarded for their participation. The contest, which begins November 2 and is open to anyone world wide with access to an internet connection, can be found on www.davidbowie.com. Click on button for "cybersong contest," where you will be able to hear the song and submit your verses.

         As for the big news for BowieNet subscribers, BOWIE has announced that with the help of BowieNet members, he will create the first online virtual CD to be titled liveandwell.com Starting now, members of BowieNet will be given three songs recorded live during BOWIE's 1997 "EARTHLING TOUR" and asked to create the cover art and a 48-page insert. Every month, two additional tracks will be posted in order to create two pages per track for the insert. Members are encouraged to post their reviews of particular shows, submit ticket stubs, photos, as well as any anecdotes from their adventures during the tour. To help with the process, BowieNet will make pictures, set lists and other clip-art available. Submissions will also be accepted via post office box for members with oversized materials or those without scanners. Plans for the finished product's future accessibility to the general public are probably in the hands of BowieNet members.

         BowieNet - which Ziff Davis, publisher of PC magazine, calls "The coolest ISP on the planet" - is located on the world wide web at www.davidbowie.com. Launched September 1, the network had over 5,200,000 hits in its first two weeks. Full ISP service is available for $19.95 per month or fans can stay with their existing ISP and become a VIP member for only $5.95 per month.


    25th September 1997





         In his continued exploration and utilization of the Internet, DAVID BOWIE is inviting listeners from around the globe to experience one of his shows with his first-ever live cybercast Wednesday, October 1, emanating from Boston's Orpheum Theatre. The event will kick-off with a live fans-only chat at 8:30pm (eastern), followed by BOWIE's live concert.

         Currently in the midst of his six-week North American "Earthling Tour," BOWIE has been selling out concerts across the country, adding second and third shows in some cities, while inspiring one rave accolade after another. Richard Cromelin noted in The Los Angeles Times: "His artistic reinvigoration was reflected in the performance, whose sonic force, richness and dynamism captured the complexity and inventiveness of the new material - which brings BOWIE's preoccupation's with technology, alienation and spiritual fragmentation to bear on '90s culture - and enlarged it to a grand scale," while Kevin Williams' review in the Chicago Sun Times began with the line: "To simply say DAVID BOWIE tore it up Friday night lacks the eloquence sufficient to convey how awesome he was..."

         During BOWIE's performance, the on-line audience may chat with fellow fans in Rocktropolis' Buzz Cafe, as well as pre-order BOWIE's new EP, the Bowie/Brian Eno-penned "I'm Afraid Of Americans," one of the stand-out tracks on his EARTHLING album. This EP - due out October 14 on Virgin Records - features five remixes by NINE INCH NAILS and one by England's Rupert Parkes, also known as Photek. BOWIE's back catalog will available for purchase, while fans may also participate in an "Earthling" competition whereby concert-goers can win merchandise.

    The event site may be reached via:


         BOWIE has participated in several massive Internet events including his 50th Birthday Chat which was hosted by 50 different DAVID BOWIE websites from around the world and the Internet-only release of his single "Telling Lies," which prompted an unprecedented registered 300,000 downloads.

         Meanwhile, for those who miss this cybercast the first time around, it will be rebroadcast twice the following day on October 2 at 9am (eastern) and 2pm (eastern), enabling fans in Europe and Japan to hear it during prime hours.

         BOWIE's concert will be broadcast in both Real Audio, Real Video, and NetShow and VDO. All helper applications and tools necessary to view the concert will be made available at the site several days in advance of the cybercast.


    24th February 1998 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


    JAC Publicity & Marketing Consultants Ltd.

         Principal photography started February 21 on Everybody Loves Sunshine, a hard-hitting gangland drama directed by newcomer Andrew Goth from his award-winning original screenplay. Starring drum & bass phenomenon Goldie and David Bowie (Basquiat, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence), the cast also includes Rachel Shelley (Photographing Fairies) and Clint Dyer (Shopping), with Goth himself playing one of the lead roles.

         Everybody Loves Sunshine is produced by Joanne Reay. Goth's script won the 1995 European Script Fund Award and the 1996 Carl Foreman/BAFTA award.

         Set against a backdrop of Manchester's club scene, Everybody Loves Sunshine is an explosive account of gang warfare, exploring the violent yet glamorous world of the G-men, with their sharp suits, gleaming guns and flashy cars. Feared but idolised, hated but respected, these gangsters will stop at nothing to have absolute control in their territory.

         Warlords Terry (Goldie) and Ray (Andrew Goth) have been inside, and in their absence the rival Triads have grown stronger and more daring. When one of their number is brutally killed, the gang members, led by Bernie (David Bowie) want revenge and turn to Ray and Terry for direction. However, prison has changed Ray: he wants out of the gang in order to go legit. But Terry, driven by an obsession far beyond friendship, is determined to make sure that Ray never leaves...

         IAC Holdings is co-financing the picture with the Isle of Man Film Commission and BV Film International. IAC is also handling international sales, with deals already in place in several major territories including Italy (Triumph), Benelux (RCV) and Scandinavia (BV Film). Everybody Loves Sunshine has also been sold in Brazil (Top Tape), Mexico (Gussi), Russia (Soyuz) and Malaysia (Sunny Films).

         Drawing on the talents of the artists involved in the production, Sunshine will deliver a soundtrack album exploiting the film's strong contemporary music and club links. The album will be an eclectic mix of music, including a number of original Goldie tracks written especially for the film.

         Everybody Loves Sunshine will shoot for 5 weeks on location in Liverpool and the Isle of Man.


    14th September 1995


    InterAct - BMG Information Service

         Fancy something quite unique?

         As someone who has requested information about David Bowie in the past we are delighted to offer you this exclusive visual 'taster' of the forthcoming David Bowie album '1.OUTSIDE'.

         Specially designed, this package gives you the first part of a two part short story written by David himself. The images and words are the visual back-drop to his brand new album that is released by RCA Records on Monday September 25th 1995.

         Produced by his legendary cohort Brian Eno, '1.OUTSIDE' is said by many to hark back to the glory days of albums like 'Low', 'Lodger' and 'Heroes'. This is David Bowie at his most creative and eclectic. It's an album of depth, variety and power that will surprise and possibly shock you.

         You may have already heard the single 'THE HEARTS FILTHY LESSON' which is released on Monday September 11th 1995 and has been re-mixed by, amongst others, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor! It seems that in America bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Tricky have all been citing Bowie as their inspiration and there is a whole new wave of interest in the man we have been following for years!

         For the second part of this exclusive CD sized package (which features more visuals and information) just return the response card to us and you can find out just what happened to Baby Grace Blue!

         The Single THE HEARTS FILTHY LESSON is available from September 11th.

         4 Track CD (with remixes by Trent Reznor & Tony Maserati),
              plus another album track I AM WITH NAME
         4 Track Picture Disc 12 inch featuring the Alt./Rubber/Bowie remixes
         2 Track Cassette Single (Radio Edit) plus the album track I AM WITH NAME

         The Album '1.OUTSIDE' is available on September 25th on Vinyl, CD and Cassette.


    March 1983

    David Bowie Embarks On World Tour,
    Releases New Album & Single

    Modern Publicity

         David Bowie will commence his "Serious Moonlight" World Tour, on May 20th from Frankfurt, Germany. The first leg of the tour, his first live appearances for five years, takes him throughout Europe, followed by concerts later in the year in Australia, Japan, USA and Canada. Concerts so far confirmed are as follows:


         Appearances are now being scheduled for other territories such as Scandinavia, Belgium and Holland, plus additional shows in Germany and France.

         David will be taking a ten piece band with him on the road that includes:


         PLUS: A horn section and back-up vocalists.

         David Bowie's new single "LET'S DANCE" is released on March 18th in both 7" and 12" format, it is accompanied by a video co-directed by Bowie himself and highly acclaimed video man David Mallett. The whole concept and story line of the video was originated by David and took him on location to a small town in the outback of Australia for its completion.

         David's new record company, EMI America have set a simultaneous world-wide release for the "LET'S DANCE" album for April 11th. It is co-produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers.

         For the past year, David has been keeping busy completing two major feature films, firstly alongside Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon in "THE HUNGER" a chillingly erotic vampire movie and secondly in distinguished Japanese Director Nagisa Oshima's POW drama "MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE" in which he co-stars with Tom Conti and Japanese rock star Ryuichi Sakamato.


    20th September 1995


    Poole Edwards Publicity

         Hot on the heels of his groundbreaking US tour with Nine Inch Nails, DAVID BOWIE has announced details of a UK tour with Morrissey. Details are still being finalised, but the UK tour will take place between November 14th and December 6th and includes two shows at Wembley Arena and dates around the country.

         This is an event that has been threatening to happen for a while. Bowie and Morrissey first met in Manchester on Bowie's 1990's Sound And Vision Tour. Since then the mutual admiration society has continued with David covering a Morrissey song 'I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday' on his last album, 'Black Tie White Noise' and appearing onstage with Morrissey in Los Angeles at the Forum on the latter's tour in 1991. Morrissey's album ''Southpaw Grammar'' is already on release and is a Top 5 hit and Bowie's album ''Outside'' is due to be released on September 25th, both are on RCA Records.

    Tour dates and booking details are as follows:-

    Tuesday November 14th
         London, Wembley Arena - £25.00 - BO: 0181 900 1234

    Wednesday November 15th
         London, Wembley Arena - £25.00 - BO: 0181 900 1234

    Monday November 20th
         Birmingham NEC - £25.00 - BO: 0121 780 4133

    Tuesday November 21st
         Birmingham NEC - £25.00 - BO: 0121 780 4133

    Thursday November 30th
         Glasgow, SECC - £25.00 - BO: 0141 248 9999

    Sunday December 3rd
         Sheffield, Arena - £25.00 - BO: 0114 565 656

    Monday December 4th
         Sheffield, Arena - £25.00 - BO: 0114 565 656

    Wednesday December 6th
         Manchester, Nynex Arena - £25.00 - BO: 0161 930 8000

         David Bowie's new album 'Outside', will be heavily featured throughout the tour. Fans will also be pleased to hear that David will be performing some of his lesser known classic songs such as 'Scary Monsters', 'The Man Who Sold The World', and 'Andy Warhol'.

         David will be backed onstage by a blistering line-up of musicians, most of whom worked on the recording of 'Outside'. There's Carlos Alomar, who has worked with Bowie since 1974; guitarist Reeves Gabrels from Tin Machine days; keyboardist Mike Garson who provided all the incredible piano work on 'Aladdin Sane' and 'Young Americans'; background vocalist George Simms who worked with Bowie on the 1983 tour plus ex-Gang Of Four bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, synthesist Peter Schwartz, and drummer Zachary Alford.

         It's not known yet whether the shows will follow the same pattern as the Nine Inch Nails dates in the US with both artists performing jointly as well as separately.


    28th September 1995

    Bowie/Morrissey: The Outsiders Tour
    - Extra UK Dates

    Poole Edwards Publicity

    DAVID BOWIE and MORRISSEY, who embark on a uniquely partnered UK tour on November 14th, have added a further six dates after overwhelming demand at the box office. The extra dates with box office details and prices are as follows:-

    November 17th London, Wembley Arena
         Box Office: 0181 900 1234 - £25.00
    November 23rd Belfast, Kings Hall
         Box Office: 01232 323 744 - £26.50 seated
    November 24th Dublin, Point Depot
         Box Office: 00353 14 569 569 - £26.50 standing
    November 26th Exeter, Westpoint Arena
         Box Office: 0990 321 321 - £22.50 + bkg/fee
    November 27th Cardiff, International Arena
         Box Office: 01222 224488 - £25.00 + bkg/fee
    November 29th Aberdeen, Exhibition Centre
         Box Office: 01224 620011 - £22.50 standing

    The credit card hotline for the whole tour is:- 0990 321 321


    3rd March 1993 - For Immediate Release


    Poole Edwards

         David Bowie releases his first solo single in over five years - entitled "Jump They Say" on Arista/BMG on March 15th. The track is taken from the stunning forthcoming album, which sees Bowie paired with producer Nile Rodgers for the first time since his multi-platinum selling "Let's Dance" album of the mid eighties; entitled "Black Tie White Noise" the LP is due out on April 5th.

         "Jump They Say" has an energetic and distinctive sound suffused with screaming sax and a driving beat. Mixes of the track have been done by Leftfield (recent successes include Stereo MC's "Connected"), Brothers In Rhythm, who were at the controls for Heaven 17's Top 5 "Temptation" remix and JE, whose recent credits include En Vogue's "Free Your Mind". The 12" promo containing the Leftfield mixes is causing a storm on the dance scene having just entered the Record Mirror Coolcuts chart and the Mixmag Buzz chart at Number 1 and 2 respectively.

         The track is released in four formats.

    CD 1 (Double case, containing discography booklet)
         1. Single Version
         2. Hard Hands Mix (Leftfield)
         3. JAE-E Mix
         4. Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Mix) by Meat Beat Manifesto

    CD 2
         1. Single Version
         2. Brothers In Rhythm 12"
         3. Brothers Instrumental
         4. Leftfield Full Vocal

         1. Hard Hands Mix (Leftfield)
         2. Full Album Version
         3. Leftfield 12" Vocal
         4. Dub Oddity Mix

         1. Single Version
         2. Pallas Athena (Meat Beat Manifesto)


    31st July 1991 - For Immediate Release

    Tin Machine Belong In Rock & Roll

    Poole Edwards

         True to their word TIN MACHINE are back with a serious rock and roll album, a new label and an Autumn tour. The album - which was mainly recorded in Sydney, Australia, in late '89 and was produced by TIN MACHINE and mixed by Tim Palmer and TIN MACHINE - is due for release on September 2nd.

         The album, the title of which is TIN MACHINE II, will be the first on a major new label launched by Japanese electronic giants JVC, called Victory Music. Victory Music, which is headed by former top executive at Atlantic Records, Phil Carson, will be distributed in the UK and the rest of the world, excluding the USA, by London Records, and in the USA by Polygram Records.

         The first single to be released from TIN MACHINE II will be YOU BELONG IN ROCK & ROLL, which will be issued on August 12th. The single formats are:

    7'' A side
    7" B side
         AMLAPURA (Indonesian Version)

    12" A side
         YOU BELONG IN ROCK 'N' ROLL (Extended Version)
    12" B side
         AMLAPURA (Indonesian Version)

         Included on the 12'' is a free streamer which includes photos of each band member on one side and a TIN MACHINE logo on the other side.

         AMLAPURA (Indonesian Version)
         HAMMERHEAD (Extended Version)

         The album ranges from the blues workout of a song like STATESIDE through the thoughtful acoustic GOODBYE MR. ED to the out and out rock of BABY UNIVERSAL.

         The confirmed UK tour dates for TIN MACHINE are:

    2nd November: Civic Hall, WOLVERHAMPTON
    3rd November: International II, MANCHESTER
    5th November: Mayfair, NEWCASTLE
    6th November: Royal Court, LIVERPOOL
    7th November: Barrowlands, GLASGOW
    9th November: Corn Exchange, CAMBRIDGE
    10th November: Brixton Academy, LONDON
    11th November: Brixton Academy, LONDON

         Tickets go sale at venues at 10.00 am on 11th August, are available by personal application only and are limited to two tickets per person.

         Tickets are priced £9.00 for all venues except the Brixton Academy where tickets are priced £11.50.


    3rd September 1995

    David Bowie: US Tour With Nine Inch Nails

    Poole Edwards

         It will be a meeting of two of rock's most acclaimed and visionary performers when DAVID BOWIE returns to the road this autumn with very special guests NINE INCH NAILS. Ending weeks of speculation, the much-rumoured 'Outside Tour' will launch on September 14th in Hartford, CT, and will feature sets by both artists in addition to a surprise opening act to be announced shortly.

         The trek - set to last six weeks in North America - will visit mostly outdoor amphitheatres and have a ticket price of $28.50; there will be reserved seating at each concert, with all the shows having a general admission section in the pit.

         For DAVID BOWIE, who is headlining the tour, this will mark his first solo concert tour since his 'Sound And Vision' trek in 1990. It also represents BOWIE's first tour with new solo material in eight years, coinciding with the September 26th release of his RCA Records album (Virgin Records in the US), 'OUTSIDE'. The album reunites BOWIE with producer and collaborator Brian Eno for the first time since the pivotal 70's releases, 'Low', "Heroes" and 'Lodger', a trilogy of experimental works that established a blueprint for an array of industrial and other contemporary artists. Highlights of 'OUTSIDE' include 'The Heart's Filthy Lesson' - a special version of which has been remixed by TRENT REZNOR; 'Hallo Spaceboy', 'We Prick You', 'I'm Deranged', 'Strangers When We Meet' and 'Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)'.

         Set to perform onstage in a stripped-down, non-theatrical format, BOWIE will be joined by a group of musicians who've played with him at various points in his career - guitarist Carlos Alomar (who has worked with BOWIE since 1974), guitarist Reeves Gabrels (Tin Machine), keyboardist Mike Garson ('Ziggy Stardust', 'Aladdin Sane'), background vocalist George Simms (BOWIE's 1983 tour), plus ex-Gang Of Four bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, synthesist Peter Schwartz and drummer Zachary Alford.

         Since the release of NINE INCH NAILS' 1989 double platinum debut 'Pretty Hate Machine' and their unflagging tours, the band have established themselves as the most vicious, dark and provocative band to kick the mainstream into submission.

         With 1992's Grammy award-winning 'Broken' EP and March 1994's release of the now double platinum recording, 'The Downward Spiral' to their record-breaking, sold out Self Destruct 1995 tour, America has seen NIN continue to smash definitions of ''popular'' music. NIN's brutally honest recordings and skilful showmanship on stage has kept them more than alive and growing; always unpredictable while going against the grain. Critics cited 'The Downward Spiral' as the most uncommercial recording ever to debut in the Top 10 (it entered Billboard's LP chart at No. 2) and audiences were blown away by their history-making, show-stealing set at last summer's Woodstock festival. Musician magazine named Trent Reznor 1994's Artist of the Year; Entertainment Weekly placed him as one of this year's Top 10 Entertainers and Rolling Stone voted NIN's live show as one of the Top 5 of 1994. Simultaneously, sticking true to their grass roots, NIN swept Alternative Press readers' poll as Best Band, Best Album, and Best Live Act of 1994. Los Angeles Times' Robert Hilburn sums it up calling Trent Reznor ''rock's most compelling new anti-hero.''

         Opening for DAVID BOWIE will afford NINE INCH NAILS yet another opportunity to captivate a new audience. Besides the unique pairing of REZNOR and BOWIE whose album 'Low' influenced Trent during the recording of 'The Downward Spiral', NIN's live show alone promises to unite and turn on two generations of fans. Trent Reznor and his live band - Chris Vienna (drums), Charlie Clouser (keyboards), Robin Finck (guitar) and Danny Lohner (guitar and bass) - eagerly prepare to seduce this hybrid audience by sharing the stage with DAVID BOWIE.

         Cities confirmed through the month of September include Hartford, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago.

         Dates and venues to be announced shortly.


    24th April 1996


    Poole Edwards

         Following his hugely successful world tour, top 20 hit 'Hallo Spaceboy' with Pet Shop Boys, million selling album 'Outside' and 'Lifetime Achievement' Award at the 1996 Brits, David Bowie continues his 'Outside' world tour which began in the US in September 1995. The concerts will include headlining appearances at most of the major festivals in Europe (including Bowie's only UK date this summer at the Phoenix Festival), as well as concert dates in Japan and Russia. David is presently in the studio working on new material.

    4-14 - Japan tbc
    Sun 16 - Russia, St. Petersburg (White Nights)
    Tue 18 - Russia, Moscow Kremlin Palace
    Thu 20 - Iceland, Reykjavik, Laugardalshowllin
    Sat 22 - Germany, Loreley Rockpalast Nacht
    Sun 23 - Portugal, Lisbon Super Bock Super Rock
    Tue 25 - France, Toulon Zenith
    Fri 28 - Germany, Halle (Nr Leipzig) Outside Festival
    Sun 30 - Denmark, Roskilde

    Mon 1 - Greece, Athens PAO Stadium-Rockin Athens Festival
    Wed 3 - Israel, Tel Aviv Hayarkon Park
    Fri 5 - Belgium, Torhout
    Sat 6 - Belgium, Werchter
    Sun 7 - France, Eurokennes
    Tue 9 - Italy, Rome Curva Stadium Olimpico
    Wed 10 - Monaco
    Fri 12 - Spain, Escalarre
    Sun 14 - Austria, St. Polten Festival
    Tue 16 - Holland, Rotterdam Ahoy
    Thu 18 - England, Phoenix Festival
    Sat 20 - Germany, Baligen
    Sun 21 - Switzerland, Bellinzona Open Air

    August 1965



         "WE'RE NOT a 'scream' group. We like our audiences to be quiet while we're performing a number, and then to give us a healthy response when we finish. So says DAVIE JONES, who recently teamed up with THE LOWER THIRD and is heard with them on the group's first record, "YOU'VE GOT A HABIT OF LEAVING".

         DAVIE was about 17 when he became a full-time singer: "It was either that or commercial art. I was doing both as a semi-pro and at that time I thought singing was more creative. I joined the King Bees and was with several more groups until meeting The Lower Third."

         WHILE their future vocalist was singing with other groups, The Lower Third were playing in the Thanet area of Kent, where they lived at the time. They are now based in London. They were, as bass guitarist Graham Evans said, "trying to find some sort of foothold." Three months ago they moved to London and played for a few weeks at The Discotheque Club before meeting Davie. Since then they have played at Bournemouth Pavilion and at a seaside club where membership increased from 50 to 2,000 during their stay.

         WHAT do Davie and his new group think of their partnership? Says Davie: "We like each others ideas. We have the same policies and fit rather well together. All us us like to keep to ourselves and we like things rather than people."

         First record by Davie (who wrote both sides) and The Lower Third is "YOU'VE GOT A HABIT OF LEAVING" and "BABY LOVES THAT WAY" on Parlophone R 5315. Release date was August 20th, 1965. With the Manish Boys, Davie previously recorded "I PITY THE FOOL" on Parlophone R 5250.

         Davie Jones and The Lower Third line-up as follows:-

    DAVIE JONES born at Brixton on January 1st, 1946. Sings and plays harmonica. Likes - painting; dislikes - "in crowds". Favourite artistes - Graham Rivens, Sammy Davis Jr.; food - rump steak; drinks - barley wine, vodka and lime. Ambition - "the group's ambition". Has blonde hair, green eyes, is 5ft 11 ins. and weighs 9 stone.

    DENNIS (Teacup) TAYLOR born at Ramsgate on July 6th, 1944. Plays lead guitar. Likes - women with kinky boots; dislikes - "in crowds", big heads. Favourite artistes - Frank Sinatra, Sophia Lauren, Carroll Baker; food - spaghetti Bolognese, Chinese; drink - rum, cider, stout. Ambition - to be a good musician. Has grey-blue eyes, dark brown hair, is 5ft 11 ins. and weighs 10 stone.

    PHIL LANCASTER born at Walthamstow on December 26th, 1942. Plays drums. Likes - rain, reading Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck; dislikes - hypocrisy. Favourite artistes - Sammy Davis, Lambert, Hendricks and Bevan; food - cod and chips; drinks - lager and lime. Ambition - "to make loads of money and keep playing". Has blue eyes, brown hair, is 5ft 8 ins. and weighs 9 stone.

    GRAHAM RIVENS born at Plaistow on October 10th, 1945. Plays bass guitar. Likes - big cars, guitars; dislikes - traffic wardens, taxi drivers. Favourite artistes - Phil Lancaster; food - curried prawns, fresh fish and chips; drinks - vodka. Ambition - "to end up with a line of garages and pubs". Has blue-grey eyes, dark brown hair, is 6ft 1 in. and weighs 10 stone 11 lbs.

    Martin Ross,
    The Press Office,


    June 1978

    "JUST A GIGOLO..."
    - A Song - A Story - A Film

    By Wolfgang Tasler

         The biggest and most expensive German film made since the end of the War has been produced in Berlin. The LEGUAN FILM Company founded by the successful film director Rolf Thiele ("Däs Madchen Rosemarie") put the 12-million-DM project on its feet. The American Joshua Sinclair wrote the script, a story which plays in the decadent Berlin of the Twenties. Thiele and Sinclair succeeded in enlisting the convincing Englishman David Hemmings ("Blow Up") as director and actor, a man who works with great concentration and commitment. The soundtrack was composed by GDR composer Günther Fischer, East Berlin. The cast of international stars is impressive: Rock star David Bowie as Gigolo; Sydne Rome as his childhood friend who transforms from a working class girl into a Hollywood star; Kim Novak - widow of a general and Gigolo's flirt; Maria Schell as his mother; Curt Jürgens as a German prince; Erika Pluhar as a fashionable member of the demi-monde; Evelyn Künneke as a female suitor; and approximately 1,000 extras.

         The question mark in the cast: Back in front of the camera after 17 years, in a German production again after 40 years - Marlene Dietrich with the title song "Just A Gigolo...". The various locations had atmosphere: The old and dilapidated nightclub 'Lützower Lampe', and the luxurious palace hotel Gehrhus, Cafe Wien (as if left over from 1920), genuine Berlin-Kreuzberg - Chamisso Square with its neo-baroque façades dating back to the 'Gründerzeit', the time of wild speculation, 1850-1900. The producers chose as cinema studios the former CCC studios, now Studios Berlin which are under the management of Hans-J. Heidenreich and offer all technical facilities. Warner Columbia will be the film distributors for Germany; ICM, Paris, will distribute the film internationally.

         This great film is planned to be first shown in September 1978 in Berlin.


    4th March 1996 - Bowie News


    Young Philippine Artist Wins Bowie "Outside" International Art Competition

         Joseph Lee Alviar, 19 year old art student at the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines was elected as the winner of the international "Outside" art competition sponsored by BMG Entertainment International.

         The decision was reached on February 20th in Paris with David Bowie, Austrian actionist Hermann Nitsch and Christoph Ruecker, VP International Marketing, BMG Entertainment International as the final jurors. The 11 pieces of art from the winners of the various participating territories were exhibited at the gallery "Le monde de l'art" in Paris, with most of the artists in attendance.

         The event took place one day after David Bowie performed live and accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual "Brits" awards in London, and coincided with the last date of the European leg of the "Outside" world tour.

         Given the outstanding quality of all submitted art pieces, it was tough to decide on only one winner. The winning 20" x 30" colour painting titled "Destruction Of Man" was picked based on its formal integrity, pictorial intensity, and of course, on the connection with the contents of David Bowie's latest album "Outside."

         The young artist himself, who, unfortunately was not present in Paris, had described the painting as follows: "The art piece represents the gore of the album's contents, death and the destruction of man. The crime artist creeps into the inside of his medium, or can we say victim!? By the use of tubes and syringes he extracts life and replaces it with death. With no remorse seen in his eyes, just the excitement of seeing pain and suffering. The new generation of artists acts like gods, not because they create but they destroy."

         In his presentation speech David Bowie acknowledged that the works submitted "are absolutely extraordinary", and admitted that "...it was very, very hard to come to a decision. But both Hermann and I came to the same choice, which is extremely fortunate."

         Special mention and credit was also given to the art pieces by the winners from South Africa (Elli Garb), Japan (Yasuharu Yoshizaki) and the UK (Charlotte Baker-Wilbraham).

         The paintings and sculptures of all eleven finalists are currently on their way to New York where they will be exhibited in front of media and interested gallery owners in the near future.


    22nd May 1997

    Bowie Strikes Monster Deal With EMI

    EMI Records

         David Bowie, ever the financial wizard, has struck a licensing deal with EMI Music for his back catalogue, a deal that could net the fifty-year-old singer over $2 million a year. While that may not sound like a lot in the big picture of music sales, Bowie is using the deal as collateral for investors who have dropped money into his ten-year, $55 million bonds, which they purchased against his future earnings. The deal gives EMI rights to release twenty-five Bowie albums from between 1969 and 1990 over the next fifteen years, including unreleased studio and live recordings that Bowie has sitting around the house. Needless to say, the agreement gives EMI some of Bowie's best work, including Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory, and Let's Dance. Bowie is guaranteed more than twenty-five percent of the royalties from wholesale sales in the U.S.

         This isn't the only deal Bowie's got going. He's just launched his own art-book publishing company, called 21, in London. The company's first release will be a tome titled Blimey! From Bohemia to Britpop, which is described as a "gossipy volume about contemporary artists." On top of that, the Man Who Fell to Earth is gearing up for a summer tour that will include stops at more than twenty summer festivals. Although his most recent releases haven't sold particularly well, Bowie is clearly in the money: he's sold over seventy-two million records in the last thirty years.


    May 1966


    Pye Records

         David Bowie must be one of the most talented stars on the pop scene today. It is not enough just to be able to sing nowadays, most of the top artistes compose and sometimes act as well and David is no exception.

         Not only did his first record get to No. 34 in the hit parade but it was his own composition. 'I compose all the time,' he said. 'Sometimes I sit down and think out a song and other times they just come to me.'

         You might think that David, still only twenty, wouldn't have time to do anything else but he is a disc jockey at the famous Marquee Club in Soho where he has his own show called the 'Bowie Showboat'.

         David Bowie is a solo artist but he is backed by his group The Buzz. Their record, 'Can't Help Thinking About Me' was released in the US and was the 'Cashbox' best bet, so it may do as well there as it has done here. David said he would quite like to go to the States but his main ambition as far as travel is concerned is to go to Tibet. Why Tibet? 'I don't know, I'd just like all those mountains and the monasteries and priests, I know I'd find it fascinating.' As an expert in astrology and a believer in reincarnation, his desire to visit Tibet is perhaps not so surprising.


    December 1967


    New Decca Group Releases


    DAVID BOWIE is a bright and original new star who looks set to make his mark on the disc scene with this first DERAM release.

    "RUBBER BAND" is a ballad of lost love - it's original in production, unique in presentation and was written by David.

         There's a neat off-beat approach to the lyrics that touch on such topics as garden tea parties, waxed moustaches and the First World War. Yet the underlying sentiment reflects the ideals and humour of this London-born singer.

         David is 18-years old, he studied art at Bromley Art School before drifting towards a musical career that encompassed the group scene and stints in Paris and London.

         Now David lives with his family in Kent, works hard on a cabaret act and has high hopes that "RUBBER BAND" will advance his ambitions. Personally we don't think he'll have much difficulty in achieving them!

    (Flipside: "THE LONDON BOYS")


    2nd March 1975



         Hi There,

         Many thanks for your subscription for a year's membership to the David Bowie Fan Club and we hope you like the enclosed info.

         In February of this year we were lucky enough to be in Amsterdam for the presentation of the 'Edison' Award that David received for 'Most Popular Male Vocalist'. In that same week he was also presented with awards from 'Disc' and 'Music Week' and the 'Golden Ear' Award for 'Top Male Vocalist' was brought over here this month from Sweden. David is presently working hard in the studios.

         If you change your address please notify us as from when your new one is applicable, including your membership number. Thank you. When your membership expires you will be sent a form to be completed by you and returned to us with your subscription fee for another year's membership, if you wish to rejoin.

         If you'd like to write to us with any queries, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

    Love on ya

    Fiona and Aindrea (Presidents)


    2nd January 1975



         Hi There,

         We regret to inform you that due to the rising cost of printing and paper etc, and to improve everything for all of you, the membership fee is now £1.00 instead of the former 55p. During the coming months there will be many surprises and new ideas, the like of which you have never seen before. We know you will all agree with us that it is money well spent.

         David is, of course, very busy working on various projects which you will no doubt hear more of later.

         The Fan Club started in April 1972, and the membership total is now over 11,000. We answer all letters as soon as we can, but due to the enormous response and interest everyone is showing it sometimes takes a little while before we are able to do this. Don't worry, all letters will be replied to.

         Please complete the enclosed form if you wish to join, and return it to the Fan Club, together with a cheque/postal order for the correct amount. Please make all cheques/postal orders payable to:-


         Thank you.

    Love on ya

    Fiona and Aindrea (Presidents)


    June 1967


    Decca Group Records

         D is for December, D is for David, D is for Deram - December 2nd is D-day all round, for that's when Deram launches its exciting new contract star DAVID BOWIE singing his own outstanding song "RUBBER BAND".

         David not only wrote the song, he scored the arrangement and produced the master recording.

         "RUBBER BAND" is probably as near as David will ever get to moon and June. A love story without a happy ending, it is pathos set to tubas. A happening song.

         On the 'B' side is "THE LONDON BOYS", David Bowie's partly autobiographical cameo of the brave and defiant little mod racing up-hill along Wardour Street to an empty Paradise.

         David Bowie, born in Brixton, now considers himself to be a suburban Londoner, but actually comes from Bromley, Kent where he lives with his parents and a dog. He is 19, slim, fair, blue eyed and impatient to release his enormous store of pent-up talent.

         His remarkable powers of observation enable him to write with humour and wit about the people, loved and unloved, and the attitudes, lovely and unlovely, that constitute today's society. A recent bout of 'flu enabled him to pen half a dozen songs to go on a forthcoming Deram LP. In fact, David is one of the very few artists commissioned for an album before a single.

         Simultaneously, David is writing songs and situations for a colour film in which he is to star and putting the finishing touches to a unique cabaret act.

         David Bowie studied graphic art at Bromley Technical High School, but six months after leaving he drifted towards music for a living. He had already come under the influence of Little Richard and had been playing saxophone from the age of thirteen.

         David played sax with a number of groups he formed then went to the front as a singer. Dissatisfied with much of the available material he started to write his own songs.

         He has sung them all over the country and in Paris. At the Marquee Club in London his Sunday afternoon Bowie Showboat has drawn large crowds particularly during the summer when he made many fans among holidaying continental students.


    1st November 1996

    So You're A David Bowie Fan Are You?

    InterAct - RCA

         Well would you be interested to hear about a new single release from the Thin White Duke which only a select number of his hard core fans will ever get a chance to buy?

         The title of the track is called "TELLING LIES". It is, in fact the track that Virgin Records NYC launched exclusively on the Internet through the official David Bowie web site on the 11th Sept '96 and has previously been totally unavailable - until now!

         For strictly exclusive UK purposes, RCA are releasing "Telling Lies" as a limited edition CD and 12". Featured are mixes by the highly acclaimed Adam F and A Guy Called Gerald which have been serviced to radio and played on Kiss FM and Radio 1's 'One In The Jungle'. You may have heard this track before but it needs to be stressed that this is a strictly limited edition release with only 3,500 copies being pressed.

         If you want a copy of this release we suggest you get your coat on now and find a shop which has stocked it. But wait - don't go down to your huge local chrome filled record store. In an attempt to dissuade non-Bowie fans from purchasing "Telling Lies" this release is only being sold through the smaller independent shops, a list of which you will find on the back of this letter.

    Good Luck, InterAct

         If we have recorded your address details incorrectly or you know of any friends who may be interested in DAVID BOWIE information, please send their name, address and D.O.B. to us at:

    David Bowie, PO Box 607, London SW6 4XR.

         N.B. If you are already an InterAct member, please quote your membership number which appears above your name on the address label in all correspondence.


    1st April 1974


    MainMan Ltd.


         Currently in France conferring with John Dexter (the director of the National Theater in London and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York), Bowie is scheduled to arrive in New York on the S.S. France April 11.

         He will then prepare for an extensive series of theatrical presentations. These have been designed and staged by Bowie in collaboration with Jules Fisher (Tony Award winning lighting designer whose vast credits include "Pippin", "Lenny", "Seesaw" and "Hair") and will have their first presentation in Montreal on June 14. Subsequent performances will continue through the months of June and July in selected cities in Canada and the East Coast of the United States.

         Much of the content of these shows is taken from Bowie's new RCA album "Diamond Dogs" (release date - May). In simplest terms, "Diamond Dogs" is about the breakdown of an overmechanized society. Bowie conceptualizes this vision of a future world with images of urban decadence and collapse. This theme will be extended into a visual form for the stage.

    And... in the death - as the last few corpses lay... ten thousand peoploids split into smaller tribes coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers... like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love Me Avenue... any day now - the year of the Diamond Dogs

    "This ain't Rock 'n Roll - this is Genocide"

    Reproduced courtesy of MainMan


    MAY 1964



    ....artist's news ....song news ....record news ....


         Pop Music isn't all affluence. Just ask new seventeen year old recording star Davie Jones. Time was (two months ago, in fact) when he and his group were almost on their uppers. No money, bad equipment. Then Davie had a brainwave. "I had been reading a lot in the papers about John Bloom," says Davie. "So I put pen to paper and wrote him a letter." David told Bloom that he had the chance of backing one of the most talented and up-and-coming groups on the pop scene. All he had to do was advance the several hundred pounds it requires to outfit a pop group with the best equipment.

         Davie didn't get the money, but he did get a telegram next day from John Bloom giving the phone number of Artist's Manager Leslie Conn. Davie got in touch, he was rewarded with a booking at Bloom's Wedding Anniversary Party. "We were a dismal failure", recalls Davie. "It was a dinner dress affair and we turned up in jeans and sweat shirts and played our usual brand of rhythm and blues. It didn't go down too well. Still we'll know better next time.

         However, all's well that ends well. Leslie Conn liked the earthy type of music the group played, arranged an audition with Decca Records which resulted in a contract and the first release by David Jones with the King-Bees. "Liza Jane", released by Decca (Vocalian 9221) on June 5th.


         Davie Jones met up with his four member backing group the King-Bees when he visited his local barber shop in Bromley. In between clips he got chatting to the four lads, also there to be sheared, about their musical interests, and before you could say "Short back and sides", they decided to join forces.

         The group specialise in hard-driving, uncompromising R & B, a brand of music that has won for them a dedicated following in the London area, a following which should soon be spreading throughout the length and breadth of England on the strength of their first disc.

         "LIZA JANE", is a beaty, action packed disc which features the direct no-holds-barred Davie Jones vocal delivery. The King-Bees supply a hard core, R & B backing and the whole thing is crowned by a catchy chorus featuring the line "Little Liza Jane".

         Seventeen years old, fair haired Davie first got interested in pop music when he was ten. His father's secretary (Davie's father in P.R.O. for Dr. Barnardo's homes) who had previously worked for a disc company, sent Davie a 'Demo' copy of a new Little Richard disc. As the phrase goes, Davie was "knocked out", and when he had scraped together a few pounds of his pocket money, bought a plastic saxophone. Eventually he progressed on to the real thing. Lessons were the next step. "My idol on saxophone has always been Ronnie Ross", says Davie, "So I looked up his name up in the phone book and asked him if he would give me lessons." Ross agreed, but after Davie played him a few bars Ross's comment was: "Right now we can start working on you, that was bloody awful!" Davie gave up his music to take his G.C.E. at 15, then left school and joined an advertising agency as a commercial artist, where he still works.

         When he left school Davie was able to concentrated on his music again, this time mainly as a vocalist, playing dance halls and clubs in and around the Bromley area. Then came the hair-cut and the letter to John Bloom...

         Davie's favourite vocalists are Little Richard, Bob Dylan and John Lee Hooker. Apart from the saxophone he also plays the guitar. He dislikes Adams apples, and lists as his interests Baseball, American Football and collecting Boots. A handsome six footer with a warm and engaging personality, Davie Jones has all it takes to get to the show business heights, including... talent.


    14th August 1997


    InterAct - RCA/BMG


         The third single to be released off David Bowie's highly acclaimed 'Earthling' album 'SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET' was inspired by the book of the same name by the German mountaineer and Olympic ski champion Heinrich Harrer.

         Released on 18th August to celebrate David's recent guerrilla raid UK club dates, the single is only available as a limited edition CD and clear vinyl 7".

         Featuring the Mandarin Version of 'SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET' that is currently riding high at the top of the Hong Kong charts, the tracklisting is:

         1. Seven Years In Tibet (edit)
         2. Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin version)
         3. Pallas Athena (live)

         A. Seven Years In Tibet (edit)
         B. Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin version)

         PS - Keep watching the Tao Jones Index.


    14th January 1966


    Pye Records

         At the bottom of the sea. And instead we have DAVID BOWIE, a 19 year old singer discovered by Tony Hatch. Why David Bowie? "There are too many Davie Jones's" David explains. "David Jones is my real name and when I first turned professional two years ago and my pirate-like character was just right at that time, and the name fitted in with the image I wanted to give myself".

         Looking at DAVID BOWIE, it would be difficult to recognise under that smart exterior the somewhat controversial and angry young singer who styled himself after his famous namesake. Gone are the outlandish clothes, long hair and the "wild" appearance and instead we find a quiet, talented vocalist and song writer - DAVID BOWIE.

         His debut disc has been written by himself and tells the story of a young man leaving home. Most of David's lyrics are taken from his own experiences of city life - a theme about which he is well qualified to write since he has attempted "to make his own way" since he was sixteen.

    c/w And I Say To Myself - Pye 7N 17020


    August 1989


    Rykodisc USA

         Over the next 30 months, the world will see the re-release on CD, LP and Cassette some of the most important and influential music of our time. The David Bowie catalogue, which has been unavailable for many years, will be made available in high-quality remastered versions by Rykodisc - kicking off on September 25 with the release of a deluxe, multi-album box set retrospective entitled SOUND+VISION.

         SOUND+VISION is a comprehensive overview of the many phases of Bowie's phenomenal career, including hit singles, essential album tracks, and never before-released material from 1969 through 1980. It will be available in all three configurations: as a boxed set of three Compact Discs, three Cassettes, or six LPs. Meticulously assembled by Rykodisc and David Bowie, SOUND+VISION will feature a permanent outer shell and state-of-the-art image design. The package also contains rare photographs from throughout Bowie's career and extensive liner notes by Kurt Loder, MTV News anchor and former Rolling Stone editor.

         The CD version of SOUND+VISION will feature, as an added bonus, a CDV disc featuring the extraordinary 1980 video clip for the song "Ashes to Ashes," as well as three previously unreleased audio tracks recorded on the legendary 1972 Ziggy Stardust tour. These audio tracks can be played on any CD player, regardless of video capability.

         Coming in 1990: Rykodisc begins its chronological re-release program of Bowie's original 16 album titles (from SPACE ODDITY to SCARY MONSTERS), long unavailable in any format. For more news and information please call the Rykodisc Hotline: (617) 492-RYKO.

    SOUND+VISION contains over three hours of music, including:


    SPACE ODDITY Previously unreleased original demo 1969
    WILD-EYED BOY FROM FREECLOUD Rare B-side version 1969
    THE PRETTIEST STAR Single version 1970
    LONDON BYE TA-TA Previously unreleased tracked recorded 1970
    BLACK COUNTRY ROCK From The Man Who Sold The World 1971
    THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD From The Man Who Sold The World 1971
    THE BEWLAY BROTHERS From Hunky Dory 1971
    CHANGES From Hunky Dory 1971
    ROUND AND ROUND B-side from Ziggy sessions 1971
    MOONAGE DAYDREAM From The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust 1971
    JOHN, I'M ONLY DANCING Aladdin Sane outtake 1973
    DRIVE-IN SATURDAY From Aladdin Sane 1973
    PANIC IN DETROIT From Aladdin Sane 1973
    WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT Live from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture 1973
    ZIGGY STARDUST Live from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture 1973
    ROCK 'N' ROLL SUICIDE Live from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture 1973


    SORROW From PinUps 1973
    DON'T BRING ME DOWN From PinUps 1973
    1984/DODO Previously unreleased track recorded 1973
    BIG BROTHER From Diamond Dogs 1974
    REBEL REBEL Rare single version 1974
    SUFFRAGETTE CITY From David Live 1974
    WATCH THAT MAN From David Live 1974
    CRACKED ACTOR From David Live 1974
    YOUNG AMERICANS From Young Americans 1975
    FASCINATION From Young Americans 1975
    AFTER TODAY Previously unreleased Young Americans outtake 1975
    IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY Previously unreleased track recorded 1975
    TVC15 From Station To Station 1976
    WILD IS THE WIND From Station To Station 1976


    SOUND+VISION From Low 1977
    BE MY WIFE From Low 1977
    SPEED OF LIFE From Low 1977
    HELDEN German version of "Heroes" (1989 remix) 1977
    JOE THE LION From "Heroes" 1977
    SONS OF THE SILENT AGE From "Heroes" 1977
    STATION TO STATION Live from Stage 1978
    WARSZAWA Live from Stage 1978
    BREAKING GLASS Live from Stage 1978
    RED SAILS From Lodger 1979
    LOOK BACK IN ANGER From Lodger 1979
    BOYS KEEP SWINGING From Lodger 1979
    UP THE HILL BACKWARDS From Scary Monsters 1980
    KINGDOM COME From Scary Monsters 1980
    ASHES TO ASHES From Scary Monsters 1980

         SOUND+VISION PLUS (CD version only)

    Bonus CDV contains:






    30th June 1983

    A Charity Performance for the Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

    By Mr. Courtney Laws (Director)

         "We are deeply grateful to David Bowie for his wonderful gesture in agreeing to perform in this charity concert for the benefit of the Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association. David Bowie has always been highly regarded for his outstanding musical talents but in showing his genuine concern for the plight of the underprivileged in Brixton he has now demonstrated that he has a high sense of social responsibility.

         Accordingly, the Association welcome David Bowie's humane and compassionate interest in our work and his enlightened and practical support. The Association works tirelessly with limited resources to improve the quality of life of one of the more depressed and deprived areas of Britain. The specific objectives of the Association are to foster and improve community relations, to encourage the community to identify, mobilise and use its own resources and to break down any feelings of isolation of the community and its members through mediation and consultation with the wider community and its institutions. To achieve these ends, the Association provides free advice and counselling services (both on legal and social matters), operates a social action centre, a youth centre and a senior citizens group. The Association also encourages and participates in a number of training and further education courses and programmes.

         With the assistance of the monies derived from this benefit concert, we believe that much progress can be made in fulfiling the goals and objectives of the Association for the ultimate long-term benefit of the community and its inhabitants."

    Mr. Courtney Laws
    Director - The Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association

    Special thanks to:
    The Serious Moonlight Tour '83 Production Crew and Staff
    Harvey Goldsmith Entertainments Staff
    Hammersmith Odeon

         "The Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association, a charitable organisation established in 1972, aims to advance and encourage the education and training of the inhabitants of Lambeth and to provide recreation and leisure facilities for the community without distinction of race, sex, age, politics or religious opinions. The Association is funded by central and local government as well as by voluntary donations. There are fourteen full-time members of staff but there are also a large number of volunteer workers. The Association works closely within the community, visiting old people, the disabled and the housebound and also establishes close links with local employers and encourages and participates in youth training programmes to alleviate the problems of unemployment.

         The Association runs a legal advice centre and also provides a counselling service so that the local inhabitants can seek advice on such matters as poor housing and other social and welfare problems. There are, presently, plans to establish a housing trust which it is hoped would help to alleviate the housing problems in the borough of Lambeth. A day community centre was recently opened by H.M. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, and the Association also provides recreational and educational facilities for young people and has, on occasion, made arrangements for exchange visits with children from Brixton Hill in Jamaica."

         Mr. Courtney Laws has been the director of the Association since the charity was founded and has lived in Lambeth for twenty-five years. Of David Bowie's decision to play a benefit concert specifically for the Association, Mr. Laws commented: "I was a firm David Bowie fan before the news came through. Now I am an even bigger fan. We are very, very pleased that he has offered to do the concert for us... it is a wonderful gesture. It will boost the morale of the whole community round here. The money raised will be spent on projects for the young and old. For everyone in the area".

         David Bowie who was born in Stansfield Road, Brixton, recently said "I left Brixton when I was still quite young, but that was enough to be very affected by it. It left strong images in my mind. The idea of this charity show was to contribute something concrete to the Brixton community which has had its unfair share of heartbreak over the past few years."


    July 1997


    U.S. Tour News

         Inspired by the vibe and intimacy of playing ballrooms last fall on the East Coast while recording his critically acclaimed "Earthling" CD (Virgin) in New York City, David Bowie is set to launch a six-week North American tour September 6th that will bring him to clubs, ballrooms and theatres through October 18th.

         This news comes on the heels of the cutting-edge rocker's triumphant in-progress U.K. and European tour this summer where he's been headlining festivals and special club gigs alike, including two sweaty and electrifying nights at London's Hanover Grand, both of which sold out in minutes.

         Bowie and his band - guitarist Reeves Gabrels, bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, keyboardist Mike Garson and drummer Zachary Alford - will kick things off September 6th in Vancouver, with dates to follow in Los Angeles at the Universal Amphitheatre on September 13th, San Francisco's Warfield on September 15th and 16th and at the Edge in Miami on October 7th, to cite a few.


    13th December 1997

    David Bowie to celebrate his 50th Birthday


         As DAVID BOWIE prepares to release his new album Earthling February 11th on Virgin, he will celebrate his 50th birthday January 9th with a very special benefit concert at Madison Square Garden with profits going to Save The Children. Special guests who will be joining Bowie for this auspicious event (held one day after his actual birthdate on January 8th) include Frank Black, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Robert Smith of The Cure and Sonic Youth, plus opening guests Placebo. These artists will all be joining Bowie onstage performing songs from throughout his acclaimed career.

         Tickets go on sale Monday, December 16th and are priced at $35.00 and $50.00.

         Save The Children is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political international development and relief organisation founded in 1932. They are dedicated to making lasting, positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children throughout the United States and in 40 developing nations. For more than 60 years, Save The Children has been a leader in early childhood education, economic opportunity, preventive health care and emergency response. Today, their programs reach 1.5 million children and their families throughout the world.


    January 1997

    David Bowie Launches New Album 'Earthling'


         DAVID BOWIE started his 50th year with a bang-up birthday concert January 9th at Madison Square Garden and he'll continue to make his presence felt with the release of Earthling February 11th on Virgin Records. The first single "Little Wonder" is now hitting airwaves across the U.S., while the video, directed by Floria Sigismondi, has already been added to both MTV and VH-1.

         BOWIE will support the release of his new album with performances on Saturday Night Live (Feb. 8th) and the Tonight Show (Feb. 11th). Also look for a special radio broadcast syndicated nationally via Album Network Feb. 6th-9th (with an exclusive interview, in-studio acoustic performance and a live-track from the birthday concert at Madison Square Garden), as well as a March 8th Pay-Per-View television event billed as "DAVID BOWIE and FRIENDS - A Very Special Birthday Concert." In addition, BOWIE will be honoured in Los Angeles Feb. 12th when he is presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

         As for the Pay-Per-View "BOWIE and Friends - A Very Special Birthday Concert," all profits will benefit Save The Children (a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political international development and relief organisation). This critically acclaimed sold-out show features BOWIE performing songs from throughout his career, as well as seven new songs from Earthling. Joining BOWIE and his band on stage throughout different periods of the evening were Frank Black, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Robert Smith (The Cure) and Sonic Youth. According to Dave Ford in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Bowie's two-hour-plus, 24 song show... was a volatile musical cocktail: shrieking sonic maelstroms, poignant ancient ballads, deep jungle grooves, startling duets. It was enough to please even the most hardened sceptic in an audience spanning a quarter century in age and fashion spread from dyed-hair and pierced-whatevers to his-and-hers Banana Republic."

         Earthling has already been garnering rave reviews including one from Mark Kemp in Rolling Stone, which states: "On Earthling, Bowie lets the songs tell the story... the tracks on Earthling are linked only by the power of the turbocharged guitars, the energy and intensity of the skittering drum-and-bass rhythms, the spiritual technological tug of war in the lyrics and Bowie's signature baritone croon... it certainly captures the mood of contemporary popular culture - from the anguish of American industrial rock to the ecstasy of British dance music."

         In other BOWIE related news, Earthling rated high on MTV On Line's "Sonic Stew" in the record of the month section, whereby "Little Wonder" is among the featured tracks. According to this week's scores, Björk was 1.3, Pigeonhead was 1.2, Aphex Twin 1.3 and BOWIE was 4.9 (out of a possible 5).

         BOWIE's forthcoming itinerary is as follows:

    Saturday, February 8: Performance on Saturday Night Live (NBC)
    Tuesday, February 11: Performance on the Tonight Show (NBC)
    Wednesday, February 12: BOWIE will receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with a ceremony commencing at 11:30am in front of the Hollywood Galaxy Theatre/Hollywood Entertainment Museum, 7021 Hollywood Boulevard.
    Wednesday, March 8: "BOWIE and Friends - A Very Special Birthday Concert" will premiere on Pay-Per-View at 9pm (ET)/6pm (PT)

         Stay tuned for further developments...


    January 1997



         Show will be seen March 8 as a pay-per-view TV special

         "I have no idea where I'm going from here, but I promise I won't bore you," said David Bowie onstage at his 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden in New York (Thursday, January 9th). With such special guests as Frank Black, Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Robert Smith of The Cure and Sonic Youth joining him for different songs throughout the 24-song performance, the sold-out show (a benefit for Save The Children) will be seen as a pay-per-view special March 8th - just a few weeks after the February 11th release of Bowie's new Earthling album on Virgin.

         Writing in the New York Daily News, Jim Farber said the show "kept one eye firmly on the future. Instead of serving up dewey-eyed rehashes of sounds from eras dead and gone, Bowie - aided by an ornery mix of musical friends - shook classic numbers to their core. He also devoted roughly one-third of the show to recent and brand new material."

         Also toasting Bowie at the show and a post-concert dinner hosted by his wife Iman at the downtown space of Julian Schnabel - who directed Bowie as Andy Warhol in the film Basquiat - were a wide variety of names: Beck, Moby, Courtney Love, the former Prince, Charlie Sexton, and Fred Schneider; actors Matt Dillon, Matthew Modine, Jeffrey Wright, Christopher Walken, and Michael Wincott; and fashion's Donna Karan and Naomi Campbell.

         At the show, Bowie opened up with Earthling's forthcoming single "Little Wonder," whose "arrangement had the feel and sound of many of his classics," wrote the New York Post's Dan Aquilante. From there, Bowie was joined by former Pixies founder/vocalist Frank Black for "Scary Monsters" and "Fashion." Foo Fighters came onstage for Outside's "Hallo Spaceboy" (which featured three drummers including the Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl) and Earthling's "Seven Years in Tibet." Next: Robert Smith joined Earthling's "The Last Thing You Should Do" and the Hunky Dory chestnut "Quicksand," performed acoustically with both Bowie and Smith on vocals and guitars. Later, feedback heroes Sonic Youth charged into Earthling's "I'm Afraid of Americans." Bowie brought Lou Reed onstage, introducing him as "the King of New York," launching into Hunky Dory's "Queen Bitch," the Velvet Underground's "Waiting For The Man" and "White Light White Heat" and Reed's "Dirty Boulevard." Billy Corgan came on for the Bowie classic "All The Young Dudes" and "Jean Genie," playing guitar and singing. Bowie closed the show intimately, singing "Space Oddity" alone, as 14,500 fans cheered him on.

         After the show, Billy Corgan told Lisa Robinson of the New York Post: "When I was 10 years old, growing up in the Midwest, I bought David's Ziggy Stardust album. I really believed he was an alien. I always have been a fan, and still am a fan."

         Uninterested in resting on his previous achievements, David Bowie keeps moving forward. "More than most performers his age, Mr. Bowie has repeatedly staked his career on the new," noted Jon Pareles in his New York Times review of the show. "In the new songs Mr. Bowie sang, he uses jungle as an overlay of double-time energy and implacable noise, revitalising what might have been stately arena anthems. With Reeves Gabrels on guitars, who filled spaces with screeches and siren notes, and Mike Garson on keyboards, sprinkling shards of Romantic piano grandeur, the band revamped some old songs - notably "The Man Who Sold The World," now a haggard dub-reggae confession - and subtly updated others."

         The Boston Globe's Jim Sullivan observed: "The startling triumph of this set was that Bowie's new material is his strongest in years. He's got hyper-fast "Jungle" rhythms snaking in and out of these resplendent melodies, making the music both edgy and immediately accessible."

         Summing up the evening was Dave Ford of the San Francisco Chronicle, calling the show "a volatile musical cocktail: shrieking sonic maelstroms, poignant ancient ballads, deep Jungle grooves, startling duets."


    21st July 1998


    BowieNet - UltraStar

    DAVID BOWIE confirmed rumors of the last several weeks that, beginning September 1, he will launch BowieNet. Located at www.davidbowie.com, BowieNet will be the first artist-created Internet Service Provider. The official announcement of the launch was to coincide with the release of EMI Records compilation "The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979" on August 23. However, the CD, which contains details of the on-line service, was prematurely released by EMI-Canada two weeks ago. This led Canadian fans to search for the service. In response, a "pre-launch" site was posted on the www.davidbowie.com home page.

         BowieNet will offer high-speed Internet service across North America and, by year end, throughout the world. In addition to full uncensored access to the Internet as well as traditional content (news, sports, finance etc.), davidbowie.com will provide a community of music lovers the best access to music and entertainment content on the Web as well as exclusive content available only through this service.

         BowieNet will offer users a fully customizable home page, davidbowie.com e-mail address (your.name@davidbowie.com), news groups, chat rooms, online shareware, multi-player gaming, and much much more with local access from over 2,000 cities in north America. For Bowie and music fans in general, there will be previously unreleased audio tracks, videos and photos. Thousands of album reviews, concert reviews and music articles along with a wide assortment of content updated daily. BowieNet promises numerous cybercasts (both live and archived) from Bowie as well as other artists.

         Each user will be given 5 MB of space and encouraged to create their own web pages. BowieNet will host these pages at no additional charge and ensure their placement on the World Wide Web, giving access to all users of the Internet. The BowieNet will support both Microsoft and Netscape browsers. All users will be given the latest version of Internet Explorer, customized specifically for davidbowie.com.

         Users wishing to utilize davidbowie.com as their Internet service provider will pay a fee of $19.95/month. For a limited time the first month's fee will be waived. For those users wishing to remain with their current provider, access to davidbowie.com can be obtained for a monthly fee of $5.95.

         Music fans choosing full internet service will receive a CD-Rom containing the customized browser along with two classic live Bowie audio and video tracks never before released to the public. As a special bonus, there will be an exclusive encrypted newly recorded audio track which will unlock via the Internet.

         "I wanted to create an environment where not just my fans but all music lovers could be a part of the same community," Bowie stated, "a single place where the vast archives of music information could be accessed, views stated and ideas exchanged." Bowie continued, "Our biggest challenge was to assemble unique proprietary content along with first-rate content suppliers and unparalleled Internet service from tech support to billing. After nine months of work, I believe we have achieved just that."

         To that end, UltraStar Internet Services was created. (UltraStar details below.) Due to the early announcement of BowieNet, UltraStar has set up a hotline number 800-587-STAR (7827) for fans to sign up for Internet service and reserve e-mail addresses. No accounts will be charged until members have received their CD-Roms and the network is officially launched 12:01 A.M. Tuesday September 1st.

         David Bowie is no newcomer to the Internet. As early as 1983, Bowie tours carried portable computers and handled all communications by e-mail. Bowie was one of the first artists to cybercast a live show over the Web. He has hosted a number of online chats and was the first major artist to post a new song freely downloadable to the public. That song "Telling Lies" had 375,000 downloads in the first two months. Bowie also created and designed bowieart.com, an Internet commerce site featuring prints of artwork by Bowie and others for direct sale the public.

         BowieNet will be powered by Concentric Network Corporation. As the leader in high performance secure virtual private network services, Concentric will handle all billing and offers 24 hour-7 days a week customer support. Concentric will supply all dial-up locations in North America and provide availability in 47 countries by the end of 1998. They will also provide web hosting and connections up to T1 speeds. Concentric services some of the world's largest networks including WebTV and Intuit's Quicken Financial Network.

         General content will be the most extensive on the Internet. Content will range from the most often requested - news, financial, sports and weather to the most personal including horoscopes, lottery numbers and local TV and movie listings. BowieNet will also provide users with the ability to customize their own home page so each user can quickly get just the information they want.

         Design will be overseen by Bowie personally in conjunction with Nettmedia. Nettmedia is a new-media development company that specializes in web and enhanced CD design and production for the entertainment industry. Founded in 1995, Nettmedia has grown steadily and has an impressive list of clients including Sarah McLachlan, BMG Entertainment, Lilith Fair, the Wu Tang Clan, EMI Music Canada, The Backstreet Boys, Nettwerk Records, the Barenaked Ladies, and many Exclusive and non-exclusive music content will be supplied from a number of the best sources available. Among these is the Rolling Stone Network. Their vast database along with recently acquired tunes.com as well video-on-demand and their extensive Internet radio network will bring BowieNet users the latest music technology on the Internet.

         Long-time Bowie web host N2K's Music Boulevard Network will supply large amounts of music and entertainment content as well as transactional capabilities. N2K Inc. is a leading online music entertainment company and one of the Internet's complete resources for music content, community and commerce. The Music Boulevard Network, the company's online division combines Music Boulevard, the online music superstore and the award-winning music channels: Rocktropolis.com, JazzCentralStation.com and ClassicalInsites.com.

         UltraStar is a management technology partnership that specializes in the arena of Internet services, bringing major entertainment, sports and fashion clients to the world in a community-based forum delivered over the Web. UltraStar's philosophy is to allow users a personal experience with their favorite personalities via the Internet. Never before has there been a gateway where the private and public worlds of famous figures has been opened with the continued support, input and materials of each star.

    UltraStar Principals:

    WILLIAM ZYSBLAT is co-founder of RZO, a company involved in business management and tour production in music and the performing arts. RZO is one of the preeminent firms in its field, representing artists such as the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, David Byrne, Soul Asylum, the Gershwin estates, etc. RZO also promotes tours for groups such as U2. RZO is also a leader in the area of entertainment financing, having been responsible for the recent so-called "Bowie Bonds" involving $55 million in debt financing securitized by the future flow of royalty income from Bowie songs and masters, a first in the entertainment field.

    ROBERT GOODALE is an executive producer in music and interactivity, including interactive events and Internet sites for the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and The Cure. Firsts associated with these artists and their Web sites have included the debut sale by a major artist of audio material only over the Internet (5,000 numbered CDs with The Cure); the first artist to make available a single solely over the Internet (David Bowie with over 375,000 downloads in Dec. 96/Jan. 97); the world's first live rock n roll concert on the Internet (the Rolling Stones November 1994); executive produced four of rock's top five most trafficked Webcasts in Internet history. Executive produced David Bowie's CD-ROM ("JUMP"). Executive vice president of Bowie's management company for six years. Executive producer of various films.

    RON ROY has 15 years of computer/multimedia/Internet experience. Ron has worked with a variety of computer technologies throughout his career including help produce and market some of the industry's first truly interactive CD-ROM's - using full-motion video and stereo quality audio - in areas that included sports (Big East Basketball, Reebok International) and training (one of the first interactive CD-ROM's for Windows 95, which eventually was redesigned to work over the Internet). In the area of Internet/music, Roy is currently the Project Manager for The Cure's official Web site (www.thecure.com), which holds the distinction of both being a rock Web site where all site design features are produced by the band itself and holds three of the top five all-time listened to Webcasts. Roy was also instrumental in bringing the first Internet-only CD release, Five Swing Live by The Cure, to market.


    4th July 1997

    Amnesty Int. UK at The Phoenix Festival 1997

    Quotes From David Bowie

         "Amnesty International's Refugee Campaign is a reminder to us as international artists, that we are part of a global community. Music is a way of connecting people all over the world from all walks of life and so it is our responsibility to send out a message that human rights abuses must not be tolerated. Music is international and the Phoenix's Festival's range of musicians illustrates this perfectly. Amnesty International's work is instrumental in highlighting the inter-connection of peoples and culture around the world." - DAVID BOWIE

         "The lives of more than 15 million refugees can be improved with your help. Support Amnesty International. I support their 'Respect Refugees' campaign and want to encourage all those that go to the Phoenix Festival this year to check out Amnesty's work while they're there." - DAVID BOWIE

         "Refugee's around the world need support and protection, and we are totally behind Amnesty's effort to highlight the fact that in 1997 the world has over 15 million refugees. Governments worldwide have a responsibility to protect these people within their own borders, and to offer them asylum according to international law. Show some respect for refugees and respect Amnesty International." - DAVID BOWIE


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