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Stadion Feyenoord, Rotterdam 30th May  1987

Opening on the 30th May 1987, The Glass Spider World Tour visited fifteen countries and produced eighty-seven performances, as well as nine promotional press shows. The band consisted of: David Bowie (vocals, guitar, saxophone), Carlos Alomar (guitar), Peter Frampton (lead guitar), Carmine Rojas (bass), Alan Childs (drums), Erdal Kizilcay (keyboards, trumpet, congas, violin) and Richard Cottle (keyboards, saxophone).

The dancers were: Melissa Hurley, Constance Marie, Craig Allen Rothwell (aka Spazz Attack), Viktor Manoel and Steven Nicholas (aka Skeeter Rabbit). In March before the tour started, a number of Press Shows were given in various countries. The band for these performances consisted of: David Bowie (vocals), Carlos Alomar (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Alan Childs (drums), Carmine Rojas (bass) and Richard Cottle (keyboards).

17thDiamond ClubTorontoCanada - Press Show
18thThe Cat ClubNew York CityUnited States Of America - Press Show
20thPlayers' TheatreLondon WC2NEngland - Press Show
21stLa LocomotiveParisFrance - Press Show
24thHalquera PlateauxMadridSpain - Press Show
25thPiper ClubRomeItaly - Press Show
26thParkcafe LowenbrauMunichGermany - Press Show
28thRitzStockholmSweden - Press Show
30thParadisoAmsterdamHolland - Press Show

??New York CityUnited States Of America - 1st Rehearsals

18thAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
19thAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
20thAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
21stAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
22ndAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
23rdAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
24thAhoy HallRotterdamHolland - 2nd Rehearsals
27thStadion FeyenoordRotterdamHolland - 3rd Rehearsals
28thStadion FeyenoordRotterdamHolland - 3rd Rehearsals
30thStadion FeyenoordRotterdamHolland
31stStadion FeyenoordRotterdamHolland

2ndWerchter Festival TerreinWerchterBelgium
6thHansa TonstudiosBerlinGermany - Rehearsal
6thHansa TonstudiosBerlinGermany - Press Conference
6thPlatz der RepublikBerlinGermany - Festival
7thNürburgring - (Rock am Ring)KoblenzGermany - Festival
9thStadio ComunaleFlorenceItaly
10thStadio San SiroMilanItaly
13thFestwiese Am StadtparkHamburgGermany
15thStadio FlaminioRomeItaly
16thStadio FlaminioRomeItaly
17thWembley StadiumLondonEngland - Rehearsal
18thWembley StadiumLondonEngland - Rehearsal
18thNeckarstadionStuttgartGermany - Cancelled
19thWembley StadiumLondonEngland - Rehearsal
19thWembley StadiumLondonEngland
20thWembley StadiumLondonEngland
21stCardiff Arms ParkCardiffWales
23rdRoker Park StadiumSunderlandEngland
27thEriksberg Festival SiteGothenburgSweden*
28thStade Municipal de GerlandLyonFrance

* 27th June: The original venue on the ticket is Nya Ullevi, but the gig was transferred to a shutdown shipyard called Eriksberg.

1stWiener Prater StadionViennaAustria
3rdParc Départemental de la CourneuveParisFrance
4thLe StadiumToulouseFrance
6thEstadio Vicente CalderonMadridSpain
7thMiniestadio C.F.BarcelonaSpain
8thMiniestadio C.F.BarcelonaSpain
11thSlane CastleSlane, Co.MeathIreland
14thMaine Road StadiumManchesterEngland
15thMaine Road StadiumManchesterEngland
17thStade de l'OuestNiceFrance
18thStadio ComunaleTorinoItaly
27thSilvercup StudiosNew York CityUnited States Of America - Rehearsal
28thSilvercup StudiosNew York CityUnited States Of America - Rehearsal
30thVeterans StadiumPhiladelphiaUnited States Of America
31stVeterans StadiumPhiladelphiaUnited States Of America

2ndGiants StadiumEast RutherfordUnited States Of America
3rdGiants StadiumEast RutherfordUnited States Of America
7thSpartan StadiumSan JoseUnited States Of America
8thAnaheim StadiumLos AngelesUnited States Of America
9thAnaheim StadiumLos AngelesUnited States Of America
12thMile High StadiumDenverUnited States Of America
14thCivic StadiumPortlandUnited States Of America
15thBritish Columbia Place StadiumVancouverCanada
17thCommonwealth StadiumEdmontonCanada
19thWinnipeg StadiumWinnipegCanada
21stRosemont HorizonChicagoUnited States Of America
22ndRosemont HorizonChicagoUnited States Of America
24thCNE StadiumTorontoCanada
25thCNE StadiumTorontoCanada
28thLansdowne ParkOttawaCanada
30thOlympic StadiumMontrealCanada

1stMadison Square GardenNew York CityUnited States Of America
2ndMadison Square GardenNew York CityUnited States Of America
3rdSullivan StadiumFoxboroUnited States Of America
6thDean DomeChapel Hill, NCUnited States Of America
7thDean DomeChapel Hill, NCUnited States Of America
10thMarcus AmphitheaterMilwaukeeUnited States Of America
11thMarcus AmphitheaterMilwaukeeUnited States Of America
12thPontiac SilverdomeDetroitUnited States Of America
14thRupp ArenaLexingtonUnited States Of America
18thOrange Bowl StadiumMiamiUnited States Of America
19thTampa StadiumTampaUnited States Of America
21stOmni ArenaAtlantaUnited States Of America
22ndOmni ArenaAtlantaUnited States Of America
25thHartford Civic CenterHartfordUnited States Of America
26thSilver StadiumRochesterUnited States Of America - Cancelled
28thCapital CentreLandover, MarylandUnited States Of America
29thCapital CentreLandover, MarylandUnited States Of America

1stSt. Paul Civic CenterMinneapolisUnited States Of America
2ndSt. Paul Civic CenterMinneapolisUnited States Of America
4thKemper ArenaKansas CityUnited States Of America
6thSuperdomeNew OrleansUnited States Of America
7thThe SummitHoustonUnited States Of America
8thThe SummitHoustonUnited States Of America
10thReunion ArenaDallasUnited States Of America
11thReunion ArenaDallasUnited States Of America
13thLos Angeles Sports ArenaLos AngelesUnited States Of America
14thLos Angeles Sports ArenaLos AngelesUnited States Of America
27thTivoli ClubSydneyAustralia - Press Conference
29thBoondall Entertainment CentreBrisbaneAustralia
30thBoondall Entertainment CentreBrisbaneAustralia

3rdEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
4thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
6thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
7thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
9thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
10thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
13thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
14thEntertainment CentreSydneyAustralia
18thKooyong StadiumMelbourneAustralia
20thKooyong StadiumMelbourneAustralia
21stKooyong StadiumMelbourneAustralia
23rdKooyong StadiumMelbourneAustralia
28thWestern Springs StadiumAucklandNew Zealand

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