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31st March 2009

Thank You For The Days by Mark Radcliffe RADIO 2 DJ MARK RADCLIFFE has dedicated a full chapter to DAVID BOWIE in his soon-to-be published autobiography 'Thank You For The Days: A Boy's Own Adventurers In Radio and Beyond'.

Mark managed to get David to pen a piece for the book which published by Simon and Schuster on 6th April.

Product Description: Approaching 50, Mark Radcliffe decided to write about his life, most importantly, his time in music. But crucially, he only wanted to write about the most interesting days and not the dull ones in between. With predictable good taste, Mark takes his title from the Kinks' song and has written an entertaining, funny book worthy of such a pedigree. Mark's family life is covered by 'The Day My Mother Hit Me With a Golf Club' , his school life by 'The Day I Ruined a Perfectly Good Suit' and 'The Day I Got My First Guitar'; through his epiphany of the power of music in 'The Day I Met the Band Who Changed My Life' and his star struck meeting with childhood hero, David Bowie. Many other stars are covered too, for example in 'The Day I Went to Kate Bush's House for Cheese Flan', and 'The Day Mick Jagger Was Taller Than Me'. He's very funny when recounting his days working at the BBC in '80s and '90s (how, when bored, he and colleagues invented a fictional department), winning Stars in Their Eyes as Shane MacGowan and so on. Yet, among the laughter are more sober days, such as the one when he learned John Peel had died.A cracking read and a potted history of both one man's life and his love affair with music, 'Thank You For The Days' is a uniquely entertaining memoir that will appeal not just to music fans but to connoisseurs of British popular culture.

About The Author: Mark Radcliffe was born in Bolton and attended Manchester University. He has been employed by the BBC to talk in between records for over twenty years, many of these with Lard (aka Marc Riley) and currently with Stuart Maconie on Radio 2. He has won 6 Gold Sony Awards and has recorded five albums with two bands. He has three daughters and lives in Cheshire.

Last weekend The Daily Mail published an hefty extract read here at dailymail.co.uk

You can pre-order Thank You For The Days: A Boy's Own Adventures In Radio and Beyond NOW for only £7.79 saving a massive 40%.

29th March 2009

Legendary producer TONY VISCONTI has been interviewed on WNYC for Soundcheck where he talks about working with DAVID BOWIE and T. Rex, his life in music, as detailed in his recent excellent memoir 'Bowie, Bolan and the Brooklyn Boy'.

Best of all you can hear a snippet of the original first recording of Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) - thank God David changed the lyrics of the chorus!

You can listen to the whole
show here via the wnyc.org website.

23rd March 2009

David Bowie on VH1 Storytellers EMI are scheduled to release DAVID BOWIE - VH1 STORYTELLERS in three formats CD, DVD and Digital version on Monday 6th July.

Some of you may remember this fabulous recording took place at Sony Studios in New York on 23rd August 1999.

You can read the original news story from 10 years ago here courtesy of two lucky people who were in attendance.

David Bowie - VH1 Storytellers CD/DVD and Digital Version - released: 6th July 2009 - EMI

VH1 Storytellers began in 1996 with intimate TV performances by Ray Davies and Elvis Costello.

Over the next few years many singer/songwriters appeared on the show, performing in front of a live audience while telling stories of their music and memories. From Garth Brooks to Smashing Pumpkins, many of the most memorable episodes featured British rock acts, and David Bowie appeared on the show on August 23rd 1999.

Bill Flanagan, Executive Producer of the show explains, "We were used to dealing with legendary musicians. Still, landing David Bowie was more than a big booking. There's no way to say this without being corny: it was an honour. Bowie has a unique place in rock and roll. He is not only one of the most influential musicians of the era, he does nothing unless he is fully committed. He never phones it in."

The full tracklistings are as follows:

David Bowie Storytellers      CD:
       01. Life On Mars?
       02. Rebel Rebel (truncated)
       03. Thursday's Child
       04. Can't Help Thinking About Me
       05. China Girl
       06. Seven
       07. Drive-In Saturday
       08. Word On A Wing

       01. Life On Mars?
       02. Rebel Rebel (truncated)
       03. Thursday's Child
       04. Can't Help Thinking About Me
       05. China Girl
       06. Seven
       07. Drive-In Saturday
       08. Word On A Wing

     DVD bonus performances:
       09. Survive
       10. I Can't Read
       11. Always Crashing In The Same Car
       12. If I'm Dreaming My Life

     Digital audio version:
       01. Life On Mars?
       02. Rebel Rebel (truncated)
       03. Thursday's Child
       04. Can't Help Thinking About Me
       05. China Girl
       06. Seven
       07. Drive-In Saturday
       08. Word On A Wing

     Digital audio bonus performances:
       09. Survive
       10. I Can't Read
       11. Always Crashing In The Same Car
       12. If I'm Dreaming My Life

He continues, "Bowie's STORYTELLERS was a unique theatrical event, a sort of off-Broadway 'Evening with the Artist' in which a great songwriter used bits and pieces from his life and career to show us all the roads leading up to a single moment, a complement to his current album but also a performance strong enough to stand on its own: a compelling introduction to David Bowie for the uninitiated and a fresh experience for the long time fan.

"It was a highlight of the series and a good lesson to those of us behind the camera who sometimes think the artist needs our help. When dealing with an artist of the stature of David Bowie, we can help best by getting out of his way."

You can pre-order David Bowie VH1 Storytellers CD and DVD NOW!

From BowieNet.

15th March 2009

Sci-Fi movie 'Moon' directed by DUNCAN JONES is showing at the Cleveland International Film Festival 2009 on 29th March.

Full details and ticket information can be found on the clevelandfilm.org website.

Elsewhere, Moon continues to receive rave reviews... SXSW 09: Moon Review by Jim Vejvoda states:

'Just know that Rockwell, Jones and Parker have crafted a fine piece of thinking man's sci-fi with Moon. It's one of the best sci-fi films in ages, and also one of the most thought-provoking movies of the new year.'

One of THE most noted and visited websites online (and one that the film industry itself does take seriously) Aint-It-Cool has just reviewed 'Moon' by it's website's founder and owner, one Harry Knowles... and he's given it a huge thumbs up.

'...Everyone at this early screening loved the film. Rockwell carries this film on his shoulders - and Duncan Jones does a superb job of balancing this updating of the 70s Science Fiction aesthetic for a modern age.'

You can read the whole review here @ aint-it-cool.com

Thanks to BrianBrain for the Aint-It-Cool pointer.

4th March 2009

Stardust: A David Bowie Experience Tribute act STARDUST: A DAVID BOWIE EXPERIENCE are to perform an historically accurate reproduction of the 1973 Ziggy Stardust Tour.

The event will take place at the Sellersville Theatre 1894, Main and Temple Streets, Sellersville, Pennsylvania 18960. Telephone: 215-257 5808.

Show time is Friday 13th March and the show kicks off at 8:30pm and tickets are on sale now priced at $21.50.

For more details and information check out stardusttribute.com

3rd March 2009

DAVID BOWIE appears in the Malaysian edition of MARIE CLAIRE magazine (March issue) which contains a two-page article entitled 'Fashion Legend'. Angelia Jolie graces the front cover...

For the people who emailed in asking for the catalogue number of the recently released War Child single TV ON THE RADIO / DAVID BOWIE "Heroes" UK Split 7" UK released March 2009 it's on the Parlophone label (Cat No LC0299). Please be aware that very few were pressed up...

The BROMLEY TIMES feature 'My treasured memories with a true star man' with an interview with GEOFF MacCORMACK - [Read here]...

3rd March 2009

The charity album WAR CHILD PRESENTS: HEROES get its release in Canada today.

The Edmonton Sun website have published an article by Jane Stevenson where she interviews Kyp Malone guitarist/vocalist of TV ON THE RADIO who as you know recorded their version of "Heroes" at DAVID BOWIE's request.

Interview highlights include:

TVotR's guitarist-vocalist Kyp Malone said it was a privilege to become involved in the War Child CD, particularly since their relationship with Bowie began before their third record, 2006's Return to Cookie Mountain, on which the Thin White Duke ended up singing backup vocals.

"It feels really good that (Bowie) asked us to do it," Malone said.

Malone, whose band has six Canadian tour dates in May and June, said the responsibility of doing Bowie's classic song justice only dawned after the fact.

"I didn't feel any pressure until we were actually doing it. Then I tried to just think about making music and not think about trying to honour someone's work I've respected for a long time," Malone said. "I was listening to Bowie in a coffee shop, thinking about how distinct his voice is, and how much it is just his own thing, and it made me feel more comfortable about the job that we did, ultimately."

You can read the whole article here at edmontonsun.com website.

1st March 2009

The Scottish edition of THE NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper today features the exclusive 'What A Star, Man' article written by Tim Barr. GEOFF MacCORMACK talks about his life with DAVID BOWIE - you can read the complete article here at The News Of The World website. The newspaper supplement 'A-Listed' (Issue 23) features David on the cover and inside is a two-page feature on his visit to Scotland in 1973...

Brit actor CLIVE OWEN for some strange reason admits he is "very intimidated" by DAVID BOWIE and Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard. He says: "I can meet any actor but not those two." - [Read here]...

You can check out the photographs taken from the recent LUV-A-FAIR: BOWIE-GLAM-VALENTINES BALL in Vancouver, Canada - Set #1 and Set #2...

The forthcoming 160-page DAVID BOWIE publication Collaboration: The Bowie Sessions which features photographs from Frank Ockenfels III was due for publication last month has now been rescheduled for a launch date of 7th July via Welcome Books (ISBN-10: 1933784784) and (ISBN-13: 978-1933784786)...

1st March 2009

BOWIEWONDERWORLD has teamed up with BELLACOR to bring you some rather nice DAVID BOWIE photographs all exclusively shot by some of the world's best photographers including Rich Zimmerman, John Rockwood, Charlie Auringer, Keith Koegler and Mike G. Bush.

The eras covered include 1971, 1974 and 1983. Here are a small selection of what's available...

David Bowie 1983 David Bowie 1971 David Bowie 1974 David Bowie 1974

Charlie Auringer - 1971 photos - We were in an interview for Creem with Dave Marsh in an apartment on Grand Boulevard on a press tour for The Man Who Sold The World. I was impressed by the virtually unknown artist at the time. Bowie had not performed in the USA yet, but was amazingly articulate and expressive.

John Rockwood - 1974 photos from Cobo Hall (Detroit, Michigan) and the Toledo Sports Arena (Toledo, Ohio).

Keith Koegler and Rich Zimmerman - 1974 photos from Milwaukee Arena (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

Mike G. Bush - 1983 photos - Serious Moonlight tour.

All orders are FREE shipping and at present there is a 13% discount.

Check out the Bellacor website now - be quick! (Type Bowie in the search box - top right hand corner).

1st March 2009

Pianist extraordinaire MIKE GARSON is a special guest on a brand new album by LOLA DUTRONIC entitled 'Lola Dutronic In Berlin'.

Recorded in Berlin and mixed in Toronto, it features the French disco single, 'My Radio' and well as the chilled downtempo ballad 'Au Revoir' (featuring Mike Garson) and many more.

The album has been getting good reviews all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Holland, China, and Sweden, and has been playlisted by KROQ's legendary DJ, RODNEY BINGENHEIMER.

For more details and information surf on over to LolaDutronic webspace on MySpace where you can listen to their new music.

From Lola and Richard.


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