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29th June 2003

Looks like Scotland will be added to the UK leg of DAVID BOWIE'S forthcoming 'A Reality' Tour. David said on the BowieNet MB: "Looks like Scotland's on folks. Watch that space."...

Latest news/whispers concerning THE THREE TUNS public house in Beckenham, is unfortunately that the building is to be demolished for property development. Please let your feelings be known at The Three Tuns Campaign I'll make sure the new owners of the site actually read all your comments and suggestions. If you scroll down this page to 'The Three Tuns Saga Continues' (21st June) you can read the latest developments on this sad state of affairs...

Tomorrow (29th June) see's the release of the DAVID GUETTA Vs DAVID BOWIE remix 'Just For One Day' (Heroes) by Virgin...

As you know, all DAVID BOWIE European tickets for the A Reality dates are now on general sale. As far as I can tell, the following dates are now sold out: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Rotterdam, Manchester, Birmingham (19th), Dublin and London (25th). If you've got tickets wanted, to sell, exchange or give away ;) you can check out the Reality Ticket Classifieds - there must be around 40 or so classified ads up there now. Please let me know if you get sorted and need your advertisement removing. Big thanks and respect to all you db fans who are willing to sell their spare tickets at cost price and help out their fellow fans. Love on ya!...

Say hello to another two more WONDERWORLD columnists. JACKIEC who's currently scheduling her 'Existentialist World Tour' and is noting each step in her online diary. Also after months of begging, nudging and elbowing on my behalf, STEPHEN STROUD has finally decided to put pen to paper, well it's actually fingers to keyboard, but you know what I mean. You can check out our new columnists, as well as every other contributor here - or by using the drop-down menu at the top of this page, which is, by the way, now in the order of most recent column...

27th June 2003

JUSTIN DE VILLENEUVE discovered supermodel 'Twiggy' in the 60's. He went on to photograph Twiggy with DAVID BOWIE for the cover of 'Pin Ups' in 1973.

Solo Bowie 1 Now for the first time, limited edition prints are available for purchase, including portraits of David Bowie, Twiggy and Marsha Hunt.

The Bowie portrait was taken from a session in Paris at a photographic studio close to the recording studio that David Bowie was using to record his 'Pin Ups' album. I had gone to Paris specifically to photograph Twiggy and Bowie together for Vogue as the first picture of a man and woman featured on the cover.

David loved the picture so much, he asked if it could be used as his next album cover. I asked him how many albums did he think he'd sell? "At least a million" was the reply. Well, I knew that Vogue would shift at the most 80,000 copies, which would be on the stands for only a month. It was an easy decision to make: Vogue was furious, but I'd always retained copyright of my own pictures!

A month or so later I was driving along the 'Sunset Strip' in Los Angeles when to my amazement I spotted a 60ft hoarding displaying my photograph as the cover of 'Pin Ups' It was worth the fall out with Vogue.

A few people have wondered why I had a make-up artist paint masks on Bowie and Twig's faces. The reason was that Twiggy and myself had just returned from a tropical island and were as brown as berries. Bowie was his usual Thin White Duke pale as a sheet. The masks balanced the obvious skin colour clash whilst remaining enigmatically strange.

The print is available for purchase in an edition of 400. Each print is signed and numbered by Justin de Villeneuve. Each print is available in 3 different sizes. A generous paper margin is left around the print to allow for framing.

The digital artworks in this range are printed in London by the specialist fine art printers 'A Bigger Splash'. All works are printed on the finest acid free 330gsm Somerset paper with true archival qualities.

Your work of art is created, authorized, signed and numbered by Justin specifically in response to your order so please allow 21 days for delivery.

Please visit justindevilleneuve.com for full details and information.

26th June 2003

Here's a sneak preview of an article that is set to appear in the Courier-Mail newspaper in Brisbane, Australia. The special ZIGGY STARDUST tribute will be held this coming Saturday night (28th June) at The Zoo night club...

     In 1972 a young rock star with carrot-orange hair exploded onto the world stage amid a flurry of glitter, platform boots and lightening guitar riffs. He was weird. He was alien... he was Ziggy Stardust.

Ziggy had just touched down from the uncharted galaxies of the imagination of David Bowie. In Ziggy, Bowie had created the ultimate pop-star, as untouchable as a being from another planet - a softly-spoken egomaniac surrounded by the swirl of a world on the brink of apocalypse.

For one year he held the imagination of America and Europe's youth, touring amid a freak show of flamboyant characters and rock star excess, delivering jaw-dropping on-stage antics and daring "I'm gay" quotes. Then in 1973, Bowie decided to end it all. He shocked fans, and the band, by announcing: "Not only is it the last show of the tour, but it's the last show that we'll ever do."

But the fans refuse to let Ziggy die, and this Saturday at the Zoo, almost 30 years to the day of his death, the "leper messiah" will be resurrected by some of Brisbane's top talent.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars will be played live from beginning to end by Charles Foster Kane, fronted by singers including Katie and Tyrone Noonan from george, Screamfeeder's Tim Steward and Alison St. Ledger.

It's not a tribute show, though, the event's organiser, James Lees is quick to point out, and each performer will bring their own unique interpretation of the Ziggy experience.

"I picked all the singers, and everybody basically, to make it interesting on a number of levels," Lees says. "Like for the Bowie fan, 'Oh great, get to hear the album performed live,' but it's also the idea of being able to have a look at the line-up and go, 'Oh wow, Katie Noonan singing Starman,' I'd love to see that.'"

This is a celebration of artists meet art. According to Lees, "it's not about the boas, it's about those amazing songs on that record," so if that means a Bowie in jeans and T-shirt, so be it.

But where would a Ziggy night be without a little lipstick and feathers, and Tyrone Noonan, a self-confessed Bowie fan, says he isn't afraid to frock.

"I'm gonna frock up, I think, for the gig. I think I have to, do the whole make-up, the whole bit. You've gotta do it. I mean, shit, why not? I don't think the guys from George would ever deal with me doing the whole glam rock thing in George... [Now] I've got an excuse."

Bowie's theatrics paved the way for a whole generation of make-up wearing boys and girls. His influence on fashion, sexual politics and pop culture, not to mention music, has been so pervasive that today, as Chris Dixon from Charles Foster Kane says, it's barely even noticed. Dixon says the biggest influence Ziggy has had on the band is in reintroducing the "star" factor to the music experience.

"One of the first things that we discussed in Charles Foster Kane is that we wanted that... that that was missing in music these days. The whole sort of reality TV, Big Brother thing... there's no separation between the audience and the performers, and I love that about lots of music but especially about Ziggy Stardust."

Of course, the demise of Ziggy was the greatest "closing down sale" ever staged. Bowie might have been hanging up the Ziggy frock, but he already had a hundred other costumes in his wardrobe. By 1973, Aladdin Sane, Ziggy's twisted twin, had already been born. And there were years of Bowie reinventions still to come, including Plastic Soul Man, The Thin White Juke, and, erm, Jareth from Labyrinth. In fact, it's Bowie's very inventiveness which has kept him on the cutting edge of music.

"For me," says Dixon, "if there's one thing I can take from Bowie it's that I want to keep doing new stuff for as long as I'm going."

Noonan makes a similar point: "He's managed to do that thing, which many artists try and fail, which is bridging that very fine line between artistry and commercialism, and I think he's done that most of the time remarkably well."

Bowie's proteges are too many to mention. He inspired a whole genre of music in the 80s and today artists like Marilyn Manson, Placebo and the Dandy Warhols all readily put up their hands as Bowie fans.

The Bowie estate has been quick to cash in on 30 years of glory, re-releasing the Ziggy live album, complete with a replica ticket of the legendary Hammersmith Odeon gig, Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture DVD, and probably the 30th anniversary of every album until time immemorial. Ever the innovator, Bowie has a new album out this year, A Reality, and is just embarking on another world tour, which includes Australia. Now is as good a time as any to be a Bowie fan. And if you are one, the time and place is the Zoo, this Saturday night.

By Sally Browne.

Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars - $21.00 + BF / $25.00 | Doors: 8.30pm.

Performed by Charles Foster Kane. Vocals by Katie Noonan, Tyrone Noonan, Alister Bell, Rozi Pizzey, Daniel Hack, Dane O'Hara, Tim Steward, Guy Webster and Lucinda Shaw. For more information check out their website

26th June 2003

This year's poll compiled for GQ magazine from the views of 500 style experts, writers and celebrities realised the following results...

England football captain David Beckham is again the most stylish star, a position he held last year, with actor Jude Law retaining his position at number two in the best dressed list.

Music legend DAVID BOWIE is once again branded an important style guru, moving up from last year's 33 to this year's third position.

23rd June 2003

Tickets for DAVID BOWIE'S 2nd show at the NEC Birmingham went on sale today at 2:30pm. Visit ticketmaster.

BowieNet Members only can also now buy their advanced tickets at www.davidbowie.com. The fifteen shows NOW for BowieNet members available are:

     16 GERMANY, Hamburg - Colorline Arena
     18 GERMANY, Frankfurt - Festhalle
     20 FRANCE, Paris - Bercy
     26 GERMANY, Stuttgart - Schleyerhalle
     27 GERMANY, Munich - Olympiahalle
     31 GERMANY, Cologne - Arena

     01 GERMANY, Hanover - Arena
     03 GERMANY, Berlin - Max-Schmelling-Halle
     05 BELGIUM, Antwerp - Sportpalais
     07 FRANCE, Lille, Le Zenith
     08 FRANCE, Amneville - Galaxie
     10 FRANCE, Nice - Nikaia
     12 FRANCE, Toulouse - Le Zenith
     14 FRANCE, Marseille - Le Dome
     15 FRANCE, Lyon - Le Halle Tony Garnier

Visit www.davidbowie.com/members/tickets/

22nd June 2003

Let's try and beat the touts with 'A Reality' Tour Ticket Exchange. If you were unfortunate enough not to be able to buy the tickets you wanted for any of DAVID BOWIE forthcoming gigs you can now post your own classified ads yourself to trade/swop/sell tickets with other Bowie fans worldwide.

Feel free to add your own wanted/exchange/swop/for sale classified advertisements here...

Bowie Fans Ticket Exchange

Either email in and I'll post up on your behalf or even easier - do it yourself. Make sure you add a password if you want to alter you advertisement later. And if you "get sorted" please let me know so I can remove your advertisement.

Please note: Anyone deemed to be "ripping off" fans will get their advert deleted and blocked from posting again.

"May the db fan force be with you."

22nd June 2003

Speaking from personal experience over the past week or so, the process of obtaining your tickets through BowieNet has never been easier or less stressful. OK so you pay an extra $15 in handling charges, but it's definitely well worth it in the long run.

I'm dreading my next phone bill after spending ages on the telephone ringing box offices around Europe, continuously pressing re-dial only find out the show has been sold out in 5 minutes or so, or that the remaining seats are placed at the back of the venue. Plus with BowieNet advance tickets you are guaranteed getting a decent seat.

When the tickets go on sale for the rest of the world ie Australia, which is bound to be completely sold out everywhere. I honestly don't think there's been a better time than NOW to join up with BowieNet.

Join BowieNet - Get Presale Tickets!

Click here or on the banner to find out how easy it is to sign up with BowieNet - you know it makes sense.

22nd June 2003

On sale tomorrow (Monday 23rd June) at 2:00pm (UK time) are the BowieNet members only presale advance tickets for the European dates. BowieNet states for members that there is no need to panic as tickets are assigned randomly, so the time members place their order has no influence over the quality of their seat location. But, please be aware, the presales for some of the shows last just 24 hours, so do make sure you're around on Monday afternoon on BowieNet. BowieNet members click here for the BowieNet A Reality Tour Tickets Page...

Featured in today's SUNDAY TIMES Culture magazine supplement on page 30 is a full page colour advertisement for DAVID BOWIE'S 'A Reality' UK Tour dates for Birmingham, Manchester and London...

The 39 European dates posted up on dandywarhols.com have now been confirmed officially by BowieNet. See the 2003 concert listing page...

Two more brand new columns are now online from two of the BW columnists. Thanks to Nevada and Black Owl - see the dropdown list at the top of this page...

Over on TONY VISCONTI'S official website (www.tonyvisconti.com) he mentions on his news page that DAVID BOWIE'S Reality album is almost finished and two tracks have been made available for use in other contexts. Talking about 'Never Grow Old' (from the Vittel commercial), Tony states: "It was hard for me to cut this great song down to the required 20, 30 and 40 second versions, but it's a great preview of what's to come when the album is released in September." - You can read the full piece here...

22nd June 2003

BOWIEART.COM are delighted to present a new limited edition print by DAVID BOWIE. As the title suggests, Self Portrait (Mustique) is adapted from a stunning self-portrait by the artist produced whilst on the island of Mustique in 1988. Self Portrait (Mustique) is a beautiful lithograph printed on Fabriano paper in a limited edition of 175. And with popular prints such as Dhead V and Head of J.O. no longer available for purchase, this new print is sure to be universally welcomed.

Self Portrait (Mustique), 2002 (24 x19 cm) is available for purchase in the print section of David Bowie's layer on the site for the price of £200 ($334). All prints are signed by the artist.

From BowieArt.com

21st June 2003

The new owners of the THREE TUNS public house in Beckenham have taken over and here's the latest development in the saga...

1. Land at the back of the pub, plus its garden and car park have been sold for flats and houses. While this development is going on the pub is closed for refurbishment.

2. The former access road into the car-park has been widened by the demolition of the two toilet blocks built on the outside of the pub.

3. The facade on the front of the pub has been demolished and the David Bowie Plaque removed.

4. The pub's previous managers were given 10 days notice to quit by new owners.

5. Below is a message from the Beckenham Town Centre Manager (TCM) of June 3rd which gives the name of the new owners:

Dear Cliff
I have got the Bowie plaque in my garage as I was concerned what would happen to it during the development of the Three Tuns. I picked it up today. I am trying to find out what is going on as I have heard several rumours about the new owners intentions but as yet I haven't been able to speak to anyone. The new owners are Maple Leaf.
Cheryl Curr.

6. In this week's News Shopper local newspaper, Cheryl in a TCM briefing, writes: "the new owners have not given any assurance that it will remain a public house. I am sure that a change of use will meet with fierce opposition from local residents."

7. If we assume that toilets have to be resited inside the building on the ground floor, and there is no garden (and no patio?), the space inside generally will be much smaller than before. But there are two upper floors.

From Cliff Watkins on behalf of Beckenham's CCARA (Copers Cope Area Residents' Association).

Beckenham Salutes Bowie with a plaque on 6th December 2001

Please sign The Three Tuns Petition which we will pass onto the new owners.

21st June 2003

Update: These are now "CONFIRMED DATES" by BowieNet. Another date (1st Nov) has been announced over on THE DANDY WARHOLS official website at www.dandywarhols.com they casually mention on their news page...

So, our old pal DAVID BOWIE comes to us and says, "Hey, I have this tour coming up this fall, I would love it if you guys would play with me." To which we say, "Sure." Mr. Bowie's "A Reality Tour" kicks off in Denmark on October 7th, and winds through The Continent before ending with two shows at London's Wembley Arena on November 26th. Find all the dates on our engagements page.

     07 DENMARK, Copenhagen - Forum - ON SALE Wed 25th June
     08 SWEDEN, Stockholm - Globe - ON SALE Wed 25th June
     10 FINLAND, Helsinki - Hartwall Arena - ON SALE Wed 25th June
     12 NORWAY, Oslo - Spectrum - ON SALE Wed 25th June
     15 HOLLAND, Rotterdam - Ahoy - ON SALE Sat 21st June
     16 GERMANY, Hamburg - Colorline Arena
     18 GERMANY, Frankfurt - Festhalle
     20 FRANCE, Paris - Bercy
     21 FRANCE, Paris - Bercy
     23 ITALY, Milan - Filaforum - ON SALE Mon 23rd June
     24 SWITZERLAND, Zurich - Hallenstadion
     26 GERMANY, Stuttgart - Schleyerhalle
     27 GERMANY, Munich - Olympiahalle
     29 AUSTRIA, Vienna - Stadthalle
     31 GERMANY, Cologne - Arena

     01 GERMANY, Hanover - Arena
     03 GERMANY, Berlin - Max-Schmelling-Halle
     05 BELGIUM, Antwerp - Sportpalais
     07 FRANCE, Lille, Le Zenith
     08 FRANCE, Amneville - Galaxie
     10 FRANCE, Nice - Nikaia
     12 FRANCE, Toulouse - Le Zenith
     14 FRANCE, Marseille - Le Dome
     15 FRANCE, Lyon - Le Halle Tony Garnier
     17 ENGLAND, Manchester - MEN Arena - ON SALE NOW
     19 ENGLAND, Birmingham - NEC Arena - ON SALE NOW
     20 ENGLAND, Birmingham - NEC Arena - ON SALE NOW
     22 IRELAND, Dublin - The Point - SOLD OUT
     25 ENGLAND, London - Wembley Arena - ON SALE NOW
     26 ENGLAND, London - Wembley Arena - ON SALE NOW

See the 2003 tour page for more details, information and links to each of the venues.

From DandyWarhols.com (thanks to numerous people for the pointer).

20th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE 'A Reality' tour tickets are now available for the second performance at Wembley Arena on the 26th November.

Manchester, MEN Arena - 17th November 2003.
Birmingham, NEC Arena - 19th November 2003.
London, Wembley Arena - 25th November 2003 - SOLD OUT
London, Wembley Arena - 26th November 2003.

All tickets are priced £36 and £46 and can be booked NOW online via ticketmaster

Get Bowie Tickets!

20th June 2003

Due to the enormous amount of traffic over the past few days, a lot of you won't be able to get into the news section here. All the important news and concert information I will also post up on the BW message board.

Please bookmark and keep checking the message board as well trying to get in here.

BowieWonderworld Message Board

20th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE UK tickets are NOW available online for the following concert dates:

Manchester, MEN Arena - 17th November 2003.
Birmingham, NEC Arena - 19th November 2003.
London, Wembley Arena - 25th November 2003 - SOLD OUT
London, Wembley Arena - 26th November 2003.

All tickets are priced £36 and £46 and can be booked online via ticketmaster

A Reality World Tour

See the 2003 tour page for more details and information.

20th June 2003

GAIL ANN DORSEY of Uptown Kingston, bass player for DAVID BOWIE and member of The Chanteuse Club, will perform new, original material at the Hudson River Theater in Hudson, New York tonight.

The show will likely include the debut of songs slated to appear on Dorsey's upcoming solo release. Tonight's concert comes during a busy year for Dorsey, who for years has played bass in Bowie's touring bands. Dorsey has done several shows this year with The Chanteuse Club, an ensemble that also includes Woodstock residents Kate Pierson of the B-52's and Maggie Moore, who starred off-Broadway in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch."

Dorsey is set to hit the road again with Bowie in October, when he kicks off a world tour that will bring him and his band to Europe and North America in support of his upcoming release, "Reality." For information about Dorsey's show tonight in Hudson, call (518) 822-8189.

From poughkeepsiejournal.com

18th June 2003

Pre-sale tickets are available NOW for BowieNet members only for the DAVID BOWIE concert in Copenhagen on 7th October.

The members advanced ticket allocation for Dublin and London are now sold out.

BowieNet members can purchase their advance tickets at the A Reality Tour Tickets Page which ends tomorrow Thursday June 19th at 3:00pm UK time.

From BowieNet.

18th June 2003

Thank goodness Queenstown Primary School teacher Shaun Vining (25) won the resort's annual StarryEyed competition with his imitation of DAVID BOWIE: Now he and his fiancee can have a honeymoon.

Mr. Vining's performance of 'Space Oddity' won the audience's vote on four of the five nights the show ran last week, plus the overall first-placing - securing him a trip for two on Real Journeys' Navigator boat in Doubtful Sound. He is getting married in September.

"Hopefully, my hair and eyebrows are back to normal by then," he said. Having his eyebrows waxed to give a faithful impression of David Bowie was "the most painful experience of my life", while his hair had been transformed into a "red mullet".

The result was a full theatrical performance that included two spacemen who ripped a long jacket off him, revealing a PVC-clad, platform shoe-wearing, primary school teacher. Read full article and view photo.

By Debbie Jamieson @ The Otago Daily Times (New Zealand).

17th June 2003

Yesterday's Independent newspaper in the UK published details of DAVID BOWIE'S forthcoming 'A Reality' world tour...

Bowie, contented family man, to embark on world tour at age of 56.

Thirty years after he retired his androgynous alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, at the Hammersmith Odeon, David Bowie is planning a new world tour for more than a million people in 17 countries.

With his young daughter Alexandria in tow, the star is planning to criss-cross the globe for the first time in nearly a decade, returning to countries he has not performed in since the late 1980s. Called "A Reality", the world tour will begin in Denmark in October to coincide with the release of Bowie's album of the same name, closing in Japan the following spring.

While the star vowed to scale back tours after the "huge and unwieldy" commitments of the 1980s, recent more intimate one-off performances appear to have stoked his fire for playing live. "Last year's shows were such a tremendous high and the audiences so responsive," Bowie said. "My band is playing at the top of its form right now and it would be foolish not to play a tour this year while we're in such good spirits about the live show aspects of our work."

A self-avowed "contented family man" at the age of 56, Bowie's energetic performance at London's Carling Apollo in October earned him the accolade of the Dorian Gray of rock in one review.

The new tour, his first big excursion since the hugely successful "Outside World" tour of 1995, will include old favourites as well as tracks from Reality - due to be released on Iso, his imprint label, which is within Columbia Records.

His spokesman, Paul Carey, said: "It comes on the back of the success of his last album Heathen. Everything is going well and he has much more freedom with this new record contract, releasing an album when he has a good collection together. I have only heard a couple of tracks but it is certainly quintessentially Bowie." Heathen, released in June last year, proved to be Bowie's most successful studio album for many years, boosting his estimated £120m fortune in a career that began in 1969.

This time, his guitarists Gerry Leonard and Earl Slick, drummer Sterling Campbell, bassist-backing vocalist Gail Ann Dorsey, keyboardist Mike Garson, and keyboardist-backing vocalist Catherine Russell make up the touring band. The tour starts in Europe and moves to North America before reaching Australia and the Far East next year. Three shows are planned for the UK and one for Dublin. The UK debut is in Manchester on 17 November. Tickets go on sale on Friday. Read more

By Terri Judd @ The Independent

17th June 2003

The excellent new DAVID BOWIE song 'Never Get Old' which appears in the quite brilliant Vittel commercial is one of the songs featured on David's forthcoming 'Reality' album due for release in September. All the songs for the new album have now been recorded and they are in the final mix stage. At present the Vittel TV ad is showing in France, but it will eventually be shown in various European countries including the UK...

DAVID BOWIE appears on the cover of this week's issue of BILLBOARD magazine over in the US with the headline 'Bowie's Back!' Rather than showing a concert photo of his erm... back, they've plumed for an upskirt shot, except he's not wearing a skirt ;) oh get the magazine you'll see what I mean - (from Billboard.com)...

The Sun newspaper are reporting on the new Vittel advert featuring DAVID BOWIE - Click here for video still and more. Link below to full commercial is now back working...

17th June 2003

CDWOW are reporting on their website a tentative tracklisting for the forthcoming DAVID BOWIE special 2CD limited edition release of 'Black Tie White Noise'. Release Date: Monday 4th Aug 2003.

CD 1:
01. The Wedding
02. You've Been Around
03. I Feel Free
04. Black Tie White Noise
05. Jump They Say
06. Nite Flights
07. Pallas Athena
08. Miracle Goodnight
09. Don't Bring Me Down & Down
10. Looking For Lester
11. I Know It's Going To Happen Someday
12. The Wedding Song

CD 2:
01. Real Cool World - Previously only available on the soundtrack album 'Songs From The Cool World'.
02. Lucy Can't Dance - B-side previously available as a bonus track on the CD version of the original album release.
03. Jump They Say (Rock Mix) - Previously available as a bonus track on the CD version of the original album release and on the European CD single release of Jump They Say.
04. Black Tie White Noise (US Radio Mix) - Previously only available on a US promo CD.
05. Miracle Goodnight (Make Believe Mix) - Previously unavailable on CD.
06. Don't Let Me Down And Down (Jangan Susahkan Hatiku) (Indonesian Vocal Version) - Previously only available on the cassette version of the album in Singapore.
07. You've Been Around (Dangers 12" Remix) - A previously unreleased full version of a Jack Dangers mix. The edit appearing on one of the European CD singles of Black Tie White Noise.
08. Jump They Say (Brothers In Rhythm 12" Remix) - Previously released on the Jump They Say US CD single.
09. Black Tie White Noise (Here Come Da Jazz) - Only previously available on an Arista UK 12" promo.
10. Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Mix No. 2).
11. Nite Flights (Moodswings Back To Basics Remix) - Previously only released on an Arista 12" promo.
12. Jump They Say (Dub Oddity) - A Leftfield mix previously only available on the European 12" single of 'Jump They Say'.

Bonus DVD:
01. Bowie talks: Lester Bowie
02. Bowie talks: Reeves Gabrels
03. You've Been Around iV Los Angeles, 5/8/93
04. Bowie talks: Expanding and Experimenting
05. Nite Flights iV Los Angeles, 5/8/93
06. Bowie talks: Otherness
07. Miracle Goodnight - Los Angeles, 5/8/93
08. Bowie talks: On Marriage
09. Black Tie White Noise - Los Angeles, 5/8/93
10. Bowie talks: Mick Ronson
11. I Feel Free - Los Angeles, 5/8/93
12. Bowie talks: Nile Rodgers
13. I Know It's Going To Happen - Los Angeles, 5/8/93
14. Miracle Goodnight - video
15. Jump They Say - video
16. Black Tie White Noise iV video

Release Date: Monday 4th August.

Thanks to Jon-Senior for the pointer.

17th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE'S 'A Reality' concert tickets for his performance in MANCHESTER at the MEN Arena on 17th November 2003 are available in the following ways:

To personal callers from the M.E.N. Arena Box Office, 10am-6pm Mon to Sat. No Booking Fee.

By post by sending a self addressed envelope and cheque made payable to: 'SMG UK Ltd' - send to M.E.N. Arena Box Office, Victoria Station, Manchester, M3 1AR.

By calling the 24 Hour Ticketmaster Hotline 0870 190 8000 - tickets are subject to booking fee.

Booking Online via ticketmaster - Tickets prices are £36.00 and £46.00.

Click here for a Virtual View of the Manchester Evening News Arena.

17th June 2003

For the multitude of peeps who've emailed in and enquired about other countries to be visited by DAVID BOWIE on his 'A Reality' World Tour 2003... The first batch of concerts so far are only the ones confirmed and arranged, there are still plenty more gigs to be arranged and added to the tour.

Tickets for all UK shows go on sale from 9:00am on Friday 20th June. The David Bowie National Credit Card Hotline is 08705 321 321.

Purchases online can be made through ticketmaster and the relevant arena box offices.

BowieNet has just added an extra allocation of advanced tickets for BowieNet members only for the Wembley Arena confirmed date (25th November). Members who couldn't purchase Wembley Arena tickets this morning on BowieNet can try again now.

The UNCONFIRMED gigs I've heard mentioned recently include the following: 7 dates in France (including Toulouse and two shows in Paris at the Bercy), 7 dates in Germany (including Hamburg at the Color Line Arena). Other countries to be visited will also so far include: USA, Canada, Mexico, South East Asia, Japan, Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane) and New Zealand.

Bookmark and keep checking BowieNet at www.davidbowie.com/tickets for the next batch of CONFIRMED shows and ticket details as and when they are officially confirmed.

Other links, contact details and other information to each of the confirmed venues can also be viewed at 2003 Concerts

16th June 2003

BowieNet Newsletter: Today's announcement includes only the first batch of shows. Stay tuned to davidbowie.com - and watch your email in-box - for more information, including the availability of a limited number of VIP and travel packages available throughout the European leg of the tour.

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16th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE is launching his most extensive world tour in more than a decade, Clear Channel Entertainment announced today. On stage, Bowie will reportedly walk through a house, with each room representing a different era from his career, including his half-man half-beast persona from his 1974 hit Diamond Dogs. It will be Bowie's first major tour since the hugely successful Outside World tour of 1995. He is scheduled to play North America in December and January - (from Hollywood.com)...

Rock legend David Bowie has included Australia in his first major world tour in almost a decade, the singer announced yesterday. But local promoters are still looking at whether Bowie's Reality Tour will also include New Zealand next year. The singer hopes to play to more than 1 million people in 17 countries in seven months and will return to places where he hasn't performed since the late 1980s. The beginning of the tour in early October will coincide with the release of the star's new album, Reality, to be released by Iso/Columbia Records - (from The New Zealand Herald)...

Rock star David Bowie has announced he is to play Manchester as part of a UK tour this autumn. Bowie will play the M.E.N. Arena on November 17 as part of his 'A Reality Tour'. The singer will play to more than a million people in 17 countries during a seven-month series of concerts around the world. The tour - named after his forthcoming album - will start in Europe in October before moving on to North America, Australia and the Far East. It will be his first major tour since the Outside World tour of 1995. The star last performed in the city at the Move Festival in 2002. Tickets do not go on sale until Friday, June 20 at 9am, but fan club members can buy their tickets on davidbowie.com the official website - (from Manchester Online)...

David Bowie has announced that he will play a show in Dublin as part of his 'A Reality Tour' this autumn. When he plays the Point Depot on Saturday 22 November it will be his first live date in Ireland in almost ten years. 'A Reality Tour' is Bowie's first major world tour since 1995. He will visit seventeen countries in seven months and play to over one million people. For the show, Bowie will be delving into his extensive back catalogue as well as debuting tracks from his upcoming album, 'Reality'. Members of BowieNet, Bowie's online community, can buy tickets before the general public at www.davidbowie.com. Tickets for the Dublin show are priced at €56.50 and go on sale from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide at 9am on Friday 20 June - (from RTE Interactive)...

16th June 2003

Some tickets for various European shows are now available for BOWIENET members only to purchase online. Confirmed dates and pre-sale tickets for DAVID BOWIE'S A Reality World Tour 2003-2004 so far include:

     07-10-03 Copenhagen Denmark FORUM - Coming Soon
     08-10-03 Stockholm Sweden THE GLOBE
     10-10-03 Helsinki Finland HARTWALL ARENA
     12-10-03 Oslo Norway THE SPECTRUM
     15-10-03 Rotterdam Holland AHOY ARENA
     23-10-03 Milan Italy FILAFORUM - Coming Soon

     17-11-03 Manchester UK MEN ARENA
     19-11-03 Birmingham UK NEC ARENA
     22-11-03 Dublin Ireland THE POINT
     25-11-03 London UK WEMBLEY ARENA

Please see BowieNet @ www.davidbowie.com for full details and information. Please note: The special presale for BowieNet members will end on Thursday, June 19th at 10:00 AM EDT.

15th June 2003

Just letting you know over the last little while I've put several NEW DAVID BOWIE logos up on my site (Mike's StartUp Logos) and a NEW David Bowie wallpaper based on the collage in Best of Bowie CD. The NEW StartUp logos are a few of the Best Of Bowie covers, Earthling In The City and Everyone Says Hi. Check them out and download here.

From Mike.

15th June 2003

As you know VITTEL a French mineral water company asked DAVID BOWIE to perform in a short advertisement. The film was filmed in Julian Schnabel's New York flat. I have just seen it this morning on French television:

Scenario: David Bowie is in a big house and he goes down the stairs (go down like stairs on Heathen cover? Instrospection). He arrives at the first floor where he sees 'Diamond Dog' who barks close to the door and The Man Who Fell To Earth. David wears a kind of white tee-shirt and jeans. At the first floor... David Bowie arrives in a kitchen where 3 personnages are sitting (a pierrot, the man who sold the world and The Thin White Duke), he opens the fridge to take a bottle of 'Vittel'. The clown mimics with his hands and shakes his head. David Bowie wears a black coat/jacket now and decides to leave the house. He opens the door and he goes to walk in the streets alone.

The Song: You can hear only a loop of the song "Never Get Old, Never Get Old" nothing else, but the music sounds like 'rhythm and blues'. I don't think it's a cover. Hard to recognise. He says nothing except "shhhhhh" when he leaves the house. He puts his finger on his lips like the China Girl video clip and the French voice says something about the secret formula of Vittel and "a new life every day" .

Comments: David looks really really really "serene" and he is amused by others personnages. This video is less commercial about Vittel and looks like a video clip to launch a new album. It is a very lovely shot I find. Is it necessary to say that David Bowie is great in it?

From TheKlown in France.

(Ed. The commercial sounds great. I can't wait to see it. I noticed last week that a new David Bowie song entitled 'Never Get Old' has been registered/published by Nipple Music).

Update: The lyrics go a little something like this...

     And I'm running down the street of life
     And I'm never gonna let you die
     I'm never ever gonna get old
     And I'm never ever gonna get...
     Never ever gonna get...
     Never gonna get old

Here you go - click here fantastic stuff! Be quick it won't be here long.

15th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE held a live trans-Atlantic interview this afternoon on VIRGIN RADIO with The Sun's assistant editor Dominic Mohan.

David talked about Fathers Day, seeing live bands, recording the new record, his fear of flying and his happy feelings about touring... and being able to put out records when he likes via ISO/Columbia.

He also mentioned that he wants to get back to recording a record per year like the old days! And he talked about Australia and New Zealand as part of his forthcoming world tour. All good stuff!

From Dave

14th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE'S new studio album entitled 'Reality' is scheduled for release on September 15th by ISO/Columbia Records.

Recorded in New York City at the Looking Glass Studios, in Studio B, the musicians on the album include: David Bowie, Gerry Leonard, Gail Ann Dorsey, Mike Garson, Sterling Campbell, Mark Plati and Tony Visconti.

There are also several cameo appearances from guest artists including: Tony Visconti, David Torn on guitars, Matt Chamberlain drums/percussion on two tracks. The assistant engineer Mario McNulty also plays percussion on one track.

The album is produced by Tony Visconti and David Bowie, with assistant engineer Mario J. McNulty.

Talking in Blender magazine about the album David said: "This album is a bit thrusty. I'm not sure if being thrusty is a great thing at age 56, but I suppose it's better than being dead... or limp."

"The irrational feelings that you get on a day-to-day basis living here since 9/11, have left a decided mark on this record."

"John Lennon's idea of rock and roll was 'Say what you mean, make it rhyme and then put a backbeat to it,' That's precisely what this album is all about."

Ambient guitarist David Torn went into the studio with David and Tony on 9th February. At the time David Torn said: "Tomorrow, I'm excited to begin another recording with David Bowie; we've got 4-5 preliminary days in a nice studio, and I'd guess that David will decide how all he's gonna proceed, based on that. (As far as I know - !Which isn't much! - these opening days will be just David, Tony Visconti, and myself)."

Although David describes his new album as "thrusty", Tony Visconti said: "My word for it is 'fantastic.' The new songs are terrific."

Check out Tony Visconti's website for more insider information about Reality.

13th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE to Begin World Tour in October...

In his most extensive trek in more than a decade, Bowie's A Reality world tour will begin October 7th at the Forum in Copenhagen and hit Europe, the U.S., Australia, and Japan before wrapping in March 2004, Billboard has learned.

The tour is expected to be announced on Monday (16th June).

Bowie will play North America in December and January. Clear Channel Entertainment (CCE) will produce the tour worldwide.

The A Reality tour will support a new Columbia release set for September, which is also the month U.S. tickets will first go on sale. European on-sales begin the weekend of June 20th, with the Dandy Warhols as support.

Bowie will play 30 arenas in Europe; North American dates are tentatively set to begin December 4th and run through January. In the U.S., he will play a combination of full arenas, large theaters, and theater configurations in arenas, depending on Bowie's history in a given market, according to Arthur Fogel, president of touring for CCE's music division.

"This is really his first major, worldwide tour in over a decade," Fogel says. "He did a handful of markets on Area:2 last year, and he has done select shows here and there, but he hasn't done a world tour in more than 10 years."

Recent live performances appear to have stoked Bowie's fire for performing live.

"Last year's shows were such a tremendous high and the audiences so responsive," he told Billboard. "My band is playing at the top of its form right now, and it would be foolish not to play a tour this year while we're in such good spirits about the live-show aspects of our work."

Bowie's touring band is guitarists Gerry Leonard and Earl Slick, drummer Sterling Campbell, bassist/backing vocalist Gail Ann Dorsey, keyboardist Mike Garson, and keyboardist/backing vocalist Catherine Russell.

This time out, because Bowie is performing in an intimate venue, he should be able to command a heftier price. Fogel says ticket prices are still being determined, "but David Bowie has never gone nuts with ticket prices. We're probably looking to average about $50 in most markets."

Bowie, 56, had stated a desire to scale back his touring, at least in terms of magnitude.

"I got pretty sick with touring in the 1980s - the Serious Moonlight and Glass Spider tours were major, major undertakings," Bowie told Billboard last year. "They are so huge and unwieldy - I stopped doing those type tours altogether."

From Billboard and BowieNet.

13th June 2003

The long-awaited release of the KRISTEEN YOUNG album 'Breasticles', produced by Tony Visconti, that features DAVID BOWIE on the track 'Saviour' has finally been released by N_Records in Lisbon, Portugal.

For those of you lucky enough to have managed to pick up a copy of the promo release will be delighted to learn that 'Saviour' was re-recorded for the final release, therefore you have in your possession a unique unreleased version on your promo copy.

The album will be made available to purchase online shortly, whilst you're waiting here's the tracklisting and the lyrics to the Young/Bowie track.

Tracklisting for 'Breasticles':

Kristeen Young and David Bowie      01. We Want More!?
     02. Touch Tongues
     03. Bite Down
     04. We Are The World (Why Ky)
     05. Wake The Dead
     06. 21st Century Ride
     07. Rock Radio
     08. Valuable
     09. Automatic Love
     10. Breasticles
     11. Incubator
     12. Savior (featuring David Bowie)
     13. Flash
     14. Buddy Boy

Those of you desperate for a copy NOW can email Numero magazine and they will give you details.

13th June 2003

That rather cute American teen pop star AARON CARTER will pay homage to singers from the 1950s through the '80s during his 'Aaron's Jukebox Tour 2003,' which kicks off on July 26th in Phoenix, AZ.

AC: "I am very excited about singing some of my favorite songs from artists who have inspired me, like Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis, the Turtles, Beatles, the Monkees, KC & the Sunshine Band, Bee Gees, Earth, Wind & Fire, Rolling Stones, DAVID BOWIE, Billy Idol and Michael Jackson," Carter said in a statement. "It is going to be so cool to dress in the styles of each decade and to add my own flair to my favorite songs."

12th June 2003

Articles of Faith: Uniting seamlessly in a book from Express New Service - New Delhi.

RENUKA NARAYANAN'S book 'Faith: Filling the God-sized Hole' was released today at a well-attended function at IHC.

The volume is a collection of her writings in The Indian Express weekly column Faithline that first appeared in April 2000. The writings are comments and observations on religion, spirituality and Narayanan's tryst with looking at ways to fill the empty "God-sized" hole in one's consciousness.

Narayanan, charming and effervescent, read three extracts from her book - "complex, textured examples of our tradition," and had the well-heeled gathering tittering with instances of everyday hypocrisy. She brings together the Sufis and Thiruvalluvar, the Granth Sahib and the teachings of Zarathustra, the Vedas and The Bible, Begum Akhtar and DAVID BOWIE. She muses on what it means to be human and Indian.

Beginning the evening with her favourite Ayat al Khursi, sung by disciples of her "good friend Maulana Dehlavi" from Jama Masjid, Narayanan explained the meaning of this Islamic ritual. "The Ayat al Khursi or the Throne Verse is something that every Muslim household keeps for prosperity and good fortune. I didn't begin with these verses because I wanted to be politically correct but because we just don't get to hear recitations from the Quran," she said.

Reading one of her favourite pieces, she narrates a friend's experience in the remote ghats of the Sahyadris. "My friend was lost in the Ghats and it had started to rain. Looking for shelter to spend the night, he saw a small hut and found a man with a goat and a few chicks. He spent the night there and in the morning, before leaving wanted to pay the kind man. My friend was told it wasn't money he sought. The man only wanted a paper and pen. When he was given that, he wrote on it: Maruti Smaran - his name - taught long time back by another wanderer, whose name was Mahatma Gandhi.'"

"I know it is the done thing among us to make fun of Bapu, but we are living his legacy," she remarked. Treading the "thorny, rocky, slippery path," Narayanan knows that several shades of truth exist side-by-side. Her observations are the angst of a secularist ("For the RSS, I'm Our Lady of the Secular Church") and important for such times as Indian society is facing now.

A book that her publishers, Penguin, insist "needed to come out," Narayanan talks about everything that touches her, makes a difference and even draws hate mail from orthodox sections. The book is an appeal for tolerance, for a pluralistic approach that gives the reader codes to live by.

You can purchase Faith: Filling the God Size Hole here for £9.99.

From Express India Delhi Newsline.

12th June 2003

Reported in this morning's 'Hamburger Morgenpost' newspaper in Hamburg, Germany was the follows news piece...

During the DANDY WARHOLS gig in Hamburg, singer Courtney Taylor informs the audience, that he just received a mail from DAVID BOWIE, where he told the Dandy's that they will support him on his forthcoming German Tour in October/November.

He also writes, they can invite as many guests as they want. So the Dandy's let everybody in the audience sign in the guest list for the gig!

Let's hope there weren't too many at the show, so that some tickets will left for us German DB fans, who weren't at the Dandys gig ;)

From Olaf Dose (in Hamburg).

11th June 2003

Several people emailed in with a query concerning DAVID BOWIE singing backing vocals for JIMI HENDRIX on the Beatles cover song 'Day Tripper', which appears on the Radio One album.

After totally dismissing this rumour, to my surprise, someone sent me a copy of the album and according to the actual liner notes on the Rykodisc release it does state:

Jimi Hendrix Experience, Radio One. (Rykodisc #20078).
Day Tripper (Top Gear - session #2 recorded 12/15/67 - broadcast 12/24/67).

...'When 'Day Tripper' was recorded, Family, Traffic and David Bowie were also in the studio. In some circles it is generally agreed that it is David Bowie doing background vocals.'

Hmm was this recording something David was 'keeping back for a rainy day'? Did he give someone at Rykodisc a subtle hint? Nah surely, this information would of been well known. Well obviously I had to ask him. In response db commented: David: "Rubbish, wish it were true though."

So please save your money and don't buy this album on the basis that DB actually appears on it.

Thanks to David.

9th June 2003

Two vintage 1980s David Bowie tracks, "Let's Dance" and "China Girl," have been given artist-approved "Asian" remixes for release in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

"Let's Dance," a Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper in March 1983, was the title track of Bowie's hit EMI America album that year. It has been given a "Bollywood" treatment, with an exotic sonic backdrop featuring tabla drums, Hindi vocals, and sitars.

From the same album, another international hit, "China Girl" - originally recorded in 1977 by Iggy Pop, Bowie's co-writer on the track - has been given a distinctly Far Eastern flavor. Added to the mix are traditional Chinese instruments, such as the plaintive erhu, a two-stringed bowed instrument.

"Asian culture has had a fairly high profile within my work from the early '70s," Bowie tells Billboard. "It was not a difficult decision to give the green light to these remixes. I think they're pretty cool."

The project was the brainchild of Hans Ebert, EMI Recorded Music Southeast Asia executive director. As co-executive producer, he oversaw the remixing of the tracks with Morton Wilson, president of Schtung Music, a music production company with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Wilson, who shares the executive producer credit with Ebert, had the actual mixing and additional recording carried out by Schtung staff engineers and local musicians.

"Being given permission by Bowie's management to remix two of my favorite tracks by one of my all-time favorite musicians was the only inspiration and dedication I needed," Ebert says. "This was truly a labor of love for me and Morton. Having the tracks approved and the work appreciated was the icing on the cake."

Ebert has previously overseen "Asian" remixes of tracks by such Western acts as Nelly Furtado, Laura Fygi, Enrique Iglesias, and Blue.

The "Let's Dance" and "China Girl" remixes will be included as bonus tracks on EMI's upcoming Asian release of a Bowie greatest-hits package; the release date has yet to be confirmed. Ebert says they will also be released in Europe on other compilations. MTV Asia, meanwhile, has created a special music video for the "Let's Dance" remix.

By Steve McClure @ Reuters/Billboard.

9th June 2003

The Channel 4 documentary screened in the UK a few hours ago 'The Importance of Being Morrissey' broadcast some never-before-seen footage of the 'Cosmic Dancer' duet that MORRISSEY and DAVID BOWIE performed together during Morrissey's world tour in 1991 at the Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, USA on 26th May.

As for Morrissey's comments about David... I'll leave that for the message board.

8th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE has compiled a "Space-is-the-Place mix tape" for the June/July 2003 issue of www.nylonmag.com - his chosen tracklisting was:

Legendary Stardust Cowboy: 'I Took A Trip (on the Space Shuttle)', (Live in Chicago).
Pink Floyd: 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' (from Ummagumma).
Grandaddy: 'He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot (from Sophtware Slump).
Elton John: 'Rocket Man' (from Honky Chateau).
Lou Reed: 'Satellite Of Love' (from Transformer).
Hawkwind: 'Time We Left This World Today' (from Space Ritual).
Can: 'Moonshake' (from Anthology 1968-93).
Captain Beefheart: 'Space Age Couple' (from Lick My Decals Off Baby).
Bonzo Dog Band: I'm The Urban Spaceman' (from New Tricks).
David Bowie: 'Space Oddity' (from Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture Soundtrack).

From Nylon.

7th June 2003

DAVID BOWIE has given his blessing to a dance bootleg featuring his hit "Heroes". DJ David Guetta got the OK and Virgin will be releasing David Guetta Vs David Bowie 'Just For One Day (Heroes)' (cat. no. 5472822) goes on sale June 23rd and June 17th in France.

I also spotted a comment in the 'What's On The NME Stereo?' section in the NME: Bowie's "Heroes is looped to infinity over a pulversing house beat - at 5am, stuffed to the gills on some illegal substance, this would sound like the voice of God. We imagine.

The track also received 'single of the month' in the May issue of Dazed & Confused magazine. Click here to watch a video clip in of the promo directed by Joe Guest.

You can pre-order Just For One Day now for a mere £3.99.

7th June 2003

Australian rock promoter Harvey Lister of the Ogden Group is about to confirm the news that DAVID BOWIE will play a series of shows in Australia in NOVEMBER of this year.

Cities included will be Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

His new album is due for release in September and has been described as being "thrusty".

From Dave N in Oz.

(Ed. As always please wait for OFFICIAL tour date confirmation via BowieNet before booking time off work and all that stuff. You know what these tour promoters are like.)

7th June 2003

truecrime by Jake Arnott All ready for publication by Sceptre on 18th August is the next novel from JAKE ARNOTT entitled 'truecrime'. The usual gang of villains and old lags crowd Arnott's third novel, which boasts a blurb from none other than DAVID BOWIE.

DB: "Whenever he's got a new book out I drop everything, knowing that the next couple of hours are going to be pure gangland bliss.' Gawd bless 'im."

Synopsis: It's 30 years since Harry Starks and his gang kept the underworld of Soho under control, but the consequences of their brutal reign are still being felt. Moving his focus to the greedy 80s and the 90s rave scene, Arnott delivers another hard-edged novel.

Biography: Novelist Jake Arnott was born in 1961. He left school at 16, working variously as a labourer, a mortuary technician, assistant to a theatrical agent, an artist's life model and an actor. In 1989 he worked for Red Ladder theatre company in Leeds, and began writing while working part-time for Leeds Social Services. He now lives in north London.

His first novel, The Long Firm (1999), a story of 1960s gangland violence, has been filmed for BBC Television. His second novel, He Kills Coppers (2001), centered on the brutal murder of three policemen, is set in 1966. Jake Arnott's latest novel, truecrime, a tale of drugs, thugs and revenge, set in the 1990s, is forthcoming in August 2003.

Title: truecrime.
Author: Jake Arnott
Paperback 288 pages (18 August, 2003). Publisher: Sceptre; ISBN: 0340818565
Category(ies): Fiction
List Price: £10.99, Our Price: £8.79, You Save: £2.20 (20% discount).
You can pre-order truecrime here.

Thanks to Steph for the pointer.

7th June 2003

Over on the BBC RADIO 2 website, they're trying to find out what the people think is DAVID BOWIE'S greatest hit. Unfortunately they've had to select ten of his most popular for you to choose from, so apologies if your lesser known favourite isn't there.

'Life On Mars?' and "Heroes" are currently storming ahead, but you could make a difference, place your votes now at www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/ross/

From Kris Shaw @ Radio 2 Interactive.

6th June 2003

BowieNet members have the opportunity to chat with MIKE GARSON next week on Friday 13th June at 2:30pm EST, (that's 7:30pm GMT) in the BowieNet chat room.

Questions and conversation will emphasis on the man's brilliant work on the Aladdin Sane album. Mike first started with David on the Aladdin Sane album - EMI has just re-issued the remastered original along with a second bonus disc with previously unreleased tracks.

From BowieNet.

5th June 2003

Tickets are now available for Stardust: A Tribute to DAVID BOWIE, 10:00 pm on July 26, at Gunther Murphy's in Chicago, USA; $10, advance; $12, at the door. More info and ticket purchases at gunthermurphys.com...

Veteran independent rock quartet SUPERCHUNK will unveil a two-CD rarities compilation, 'Cup Of Sand' on August 19th through its own Merge Records label. The set boasts four previously unreleased tracks, plus a cover of DAVID BOWIE'S 'Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)'...

KRISTEEN YOUNG appears at The Underworld, in Camden, London this coming Monday (9th June) at 7:30pm...

4th June 2003

Virgin Entertainment Group, North America is pleased to announce its line-up for its annual Virgin Megastore Best of British campaign, a month-long promotion that celebrates the influence of the best of U.K. music, film and literature, at all 23 North American Virgin Megastores. Each year, Virgin uses the campaign as an opportunity to highlight popular British music, as well as give exposure to British artists that might not currently be reaching the American audience. The campaign will include a gift with purchase CD sampler featuring the Best of British music, specially priced merchandise and in-store appearances by British artists.

During the promotion, Virgin customers can sample essential songs from UK-based musicians, as well as discover classic British hits from the 60's and 70's, with their free gift-with-purchase Best of British compilation CD. With every purchase, customers will receive the Virgin 13-track CD featuring artists DAVID BOWIE, Jesus Jones, Duran Duran and Dirty Vegas, among others.

To find out more about the Virgin Megastore Best of British 2003 promotion, the Scan-and-Win contest, or special in-store performances check out VirginMegaMagazine.com

2nd June 2003

A live version of DAVID BOWIE'S 'All The Madmen' appears on The Mayor of the Sunset Strip soundtrack, the documentary movie about Los Angeles DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. The documentary features interviews with David Bowie, Cher, Courtney Love, Alice Cooper, Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani, Coldplay, Nancy Sinatra and Joey Ramone, will debut on June 17th at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Here's the soundtrack tracklisting:

     Brian Wilson: 'Rodney On The ROQ'.
     X: 'Los Angeles' (Live).
     They Might Be Giants: 'Bangs'.
     The Byrds: 'My Back Pages'.
     Herman's Hermits: 'I'm Into Something Good'.
     Leon Russell: 'Welcome To Hollywood'.
     David Bowie: 'All The Madmen' (Live).
     T-Rex: 'Bang A Gong (Get It On)'.
     Alice Cooper: 'School's Out'.
     Led Zeppelin: 'Sick Again'.
     Sex Pistols: 'Holiday's In The Sun' (Live).
     The Ramones: 'I Wanna Be Sedated'.
     Blondie: 'Dreaming'.
     The Smiths: 'London'.
     Dramarama: 'Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)'.
     Ronald Vaughan: 'Jennifer Love Hewitt'.
     No Doubt: 'I'm Just A Girl'.
     Blur: 'Parklife'.
     Hole: 'Malibu'.
     Starsailor: 'Good Souls'.
     Coldplay: 'Yellow' (Live).
     Marazene: 'Mayor Of The Sunset Strip'.
     Rodney Bingenheimer: 'Let's Make The Scene'.

1st June 2003

All set for publication in October by powerHouse Books is DAVID BOWIE: LIVE IN NEW YORK by photographer extraordinare MYRIAM SANTOS-KAYDA with foreword by David Bowie.

David Bowie Live In New York In October, 2002, David Bowie performed the New York City Marathon Tour. Five different nights in five different venues in each of New York's five boroughs. It was a tribute to New York, and a tribute to his fans. For the first time in over fifteen years, he let a photographer follow him on tour, capturing a David Bowie we've never seen before.

Myriam Santos-Kayda, acclaimed portrait photographer for the music industry, has captured David Bowie in rehearsal, in the dressing room, onstage and backstage, alone and hanging out with his band. Bowie, one of rock's most influential and enduring figures, reveals his complexity, humour, grace, and rigor as an artist and performer.

About the Marathon tour, Bowie writes, 'The last time I came through the Northeast it was on the Area 2 Tour. We played in amphitheaters, which are usually a good distance from the major cities. Marathon courses are strategically planned to bring the runners to the streets. I would like to repay the fans that travelled so far to see me by bringing my show to them. But most importantly, I could get home from all the gigs on roller skates.'

David Bowie: Live in New York is an intimate portrait of one of rock and roll's most exciting events of the decade.

About the Author: Myriam Santos-Kayda (aka Mask) has been a portrait photographer for the music and entertainment industry for the past ten years. In addition to David Bowie, she has worked with Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Garbage, Ben Harper, David Grey, Lisa Kudrow, Billy Bob Thornton, Tricky, System of a Down, Incubus, and Rob Zombie, among others. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Detour, Spin, Uncut, Entertainment Weekly, Q, Alternative Press, and New York Magazine. He record label clients include Capitol Hollywood, Sony Music, Columbia, Geffen, and Interscope Records. She received her degree from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and lives in Los Angeles.

     David Bowie: Live in New York
     Photographs by Myriam Santos-Kayda
     Foreword by David Bowie
     Edition: Hardcover, 7.5 x 9.5 inches, 160 pages, 160 duotone photographs
     Publisher: powerHouse Books; (October 2003)
     ISBN: 1576871819

If you pre-order David Bowie: Live In New York now in the USA you can receive a 30% discount.
List Price: $35.00. Price: $24.50. You Save: $10.50 (30%).

Alternatively, you can also pre-order from the UK.

1st June 2003

Out now is the special release of DAVID BOWIE'S 'Aladdin Sane' 30th Anniversary Special Edition 2CD.

Released by EMI (cat. no. 5830122), the tracklisting for the 10-track bonus disc is as follows:

Aladdin Sane 30th Anniversary      01. John, I'm Only Dancing (Aladdin Sane session version)
     02. The Jean Genie (Original UK single mix)
     03. Time (single edit)
     04. All The Young Dudes
     05. Changes (Recorded live at the Music Hall, Boston 1/10/72)
     06. The Supermen (Recorded live at the Music Hall, Boston 1/10/72)
     07. Life On Mars? (Recorded live at the Music Hall, Boston 1/10/72)
     08. John, I'm Only Dancing (Recorded live at the Music Hall, Boston 1/10/72)
     09. The Jean Genie (Recorded live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica 20/10/72)
     10. Drive-In Saturday (Recorded live at the Public Hall, Cleveland on 25/11/72)

You can purchase your copy here. The USA release is scheduled for June 24th.

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