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30th August 2007

THE SUN newspaper reported that DAVID BOWIE is set to appear in the sci-fi TV series DOCTOR WHO with a two-part special planned for 2008.

According to the report in the newspaper - Ziggy Tardis for Doctor Who - Bowie had agreed to play an alien abductor who kidnaps crime author Agatha Christie - who actually disappeared mysteriously in 1926.

Don't believe the hype... David has stated on BowieNet that the whole story is "absolute tish and tosh."

29th August 2007

Manchester's annual 'In The City' music conference co-founded by the late TONY WILSON is to go ahead as planned this year despite the recent death of the former Factory Records boss.

Taking place in October 20th to 22nd in Manchester, the organisers describe it as a "fitting tribute" and this years ITC will not be a mournful occasion because Tony would "have hated that".

Before Tony's passing, he and his partner and ITC co-founder Yvette Livesey both decided the event should carry on.

This year's conference will be running under the theme 'It's A Brand New Dance, But We Don't Know Its Name,' - which is a line inspired from the DAVID BOWIE hit single 'Fashion' - as a tribute to Wilson.

The ITC keynote speakers, panelists and artists will be announced in the next few weeks.

The deadline for three-track demos from bands wishing to appear is 31st August and there are still opportunities for showcases and label events. Full details and information is available at the ITC Web site at inthecity.co.uk

29th August 2007

Next month sees the eagerly awaited DVD release of DAVID GILMOUR's Remember That Night: Live At The Royal Albert Hall concert that saw DAVID BOWIE performing vocals on two tracks.

As you know Bowie sang 'Arnold Layne' and 'Comfortably Numb' which both appear on the DVD release, as well as exclusive backstage footage of the two David's.

Meanwhile Gilmour will be premiering a cinematic version of the DVD from the Odeon Leicester Square in London, which will be transmitted simultaneously to other theatres in Europe on Thursday 6th September 2007.

You can book tickets for the Odeon Leicester Square here or by phone on 0871 22 44 007.

Other venues include: UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and USA. More details on venues and purchasing tickets can be found at davidgilmour.com website. For a complete listing of participating cinemas click here

Broadcast in High Definition to participating cinemas, the 85-minute programme will be introduced by Radio 2's Stuart Maconie. During the evening, David will answer a selection of fan questions - which will be broadcast on Radio 2 - and perform one number live on electric guitar.

During a second event - on Saturday 15th September 2007 at 3.00pm Eastern/12.00PM Pacific - Gilmour will premiere the 85-minute theatrical version in High Definition from the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton, London, to select North American movie theatres.

The event will be screened in 166 locations in North America - 112 in the U.S. and 54 in Canada - and include a one-song live performance by David Gilmour, who will also answer a selection of fans' questions.

29th August 2007

Remember That Night DVD One critic described David Gilmour's 'On An Island' Royal Albert Hall concert, as "a near-perfect gig, where the magic kept coming, as did the surprises." Now music fans, who may have missed Gilmour's 2006 tour, get a chance to share in that magic with the release of Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall a double DVD commemorating Gilmour's highly acclaimed SRO tour will hit stores on Monday 17th September in Europe and Tuesday 18th September in North America.

Lasting more than 5 hours, Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall includes Gilmour's rave-reviewed London concert - featuring special guest appearances from DAVID BOWIE, Robert Wyatt, David Crosby and Graham Nash - as well as 2 hours and 40+ minutes of extras, notably a revelatory fly-on-the-wall documentary following Gilmour and his band on tour. A 20-page booklet accompanies the DVD.

Gilmour's two-and-a-half-hour concert features band members Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, new band member Steve DiStanislao on drums, plus Pink Floyd regulars Dick Parry, Guy Pratt and Jon Carin.

Disc 1 includes Gilmour's critically-acclaimed concert featuring songs from his #1 UK chart-topping album 'On An Island' as well as Pink Floyd classics such as 'High Hopes', 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond', 'Comfortably Numb' and the first filmed performance (since Pink Floyd's 'Live at Pompeii') of the epic 20 minute tour de force, 'Echoes.'

The concert's state-of-the-art production comes courtesy of lighting genius Marc Brickman. The show was filmed by David Mallet, one of the world's leading music directors. For the 23-camera shoot, David Mallet used the latest in high definition digital technology to create a film that is nothing less than stunning. A groundbreaking must-have DVD, in Standard DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats.

Disc 2 is packed with rarities and previously unreleased material including 'Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine', a 46-minute road movie filmed during the 2006 tour. Allowing fans a unique "seat on the tour bus," 'Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine' gives viewers a rare glimpse of David Gilmour, the man and musician, his band and crew enjoying and enduring the highs and the lows of life on tour: from flashfloods, a collapsing stage, a Russian wine-glass player, and problems with German trains!

Other DVD extras include bonus tracks from the Royal Albert Hall, Gilmour's first-ever performance of the Syd Barrett classic 'Dark Globe', 'Astronomy Domine' Live From Abbey Road, and the AOL sessions recorded while on tour in LA. Five songs from the BBC Mermaid Theatre concert are also on Disc 2, along with a five-minute documentary shot on tour in LA. The DVD also includes a photo gallery featuring the tour crew, shot by tour photographer Polly Samson.

The DVD comes with a 20-page booklet featuring more than 80 photos selected from studio recording, touring, and time off.

You can pre-order Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall on DVD NOW and receive a 25% discount!

28th August 2007

Sona Mohapatra Following her collaboration with the international band INXS on their track 'Afterglow', singer SONA MOHAPATRA has jammed with DAVID BOWIE on his hit track 'Let's Dance'.

"David Bowie's management and the producer of his hit track 'Let's Dance', the legendary Nile Rodgers, have been personally involved in the reworking of Bowie's song. We had a ball of a time giving the '80s classic a brand new twist!" says an excited Sona.

While Bowie's music spans across decades and has taken a cue from popular culture as well as literature and art, his dance track 'Let's Dance' will see a unique desi spin which Sona weaves in. "Bowie's voice is completely mesmerising. It also features the awesome guitar player Robert Fripp. They obviously wanted us to 'Indianise' things, but they were hoping to avoid the usual UK bhangra sound. We've given it a real special 'desi' spin," she explains.

The track will be out on Bowie's compilation of dance tracks. "It might also feature in a Hindi film. The negotiations are on at the moment," she reveals.

Sona says several UK and US based artistes are getting in touch with her for collaborations. "Some of these artistes are currently working on interesting versions of my original songs from the album 'Sona'. Amongst the first to come out will be a hip-hop version of 'Aja Ve'. I'm also starting work on my next album and exploring other avenues to express myself as an artiste," she sums up.

You can read the whole interview dnaindia.com website.

Update: More on this story from indiatimes.com website...

Indian singer Sona Mohapatra has worked with none other than David Bowie on his hit track Let's Dance.

Following her collaboration with the international band INXS on their track Afterglow, singer Sona Mohapatra has jammed with David Bowie on his hit track Let's Dance. She says, "This offer came to me through his management. The management heard our reworking of Afterglow and decided to get in touch. They're always looking out for interesting ways to interpret David Bowie's music," says Sona.

And predictable is out when Bowie is involved. "There was just one brief given to us - 'Surprise us'. David Bowie is known for his musical unpredictability and vision. They wanted something that was in sync with Bowie's spirit of musical adventure," she says. And this new version will have Hindi lyrics too. "I'm an Indian singer and I'm most comfortable singing in is Hindi. The track has a '40s Hindi film feel to it without being downright derivative," she says.

27th August 2007

DAVID BOWIE's number one hit in the USA 'Fame' appears in the new advertising campaign from Celebrity Cruises called 'Starring You'.

Celebrity Cruises says, with style and sophistication, it strives to make every one of its guests feel famous for the duration of their cruise. This is a goal that is central to the line's new TV, print and online advertising campaign.

The TV ads - featuring 'Fame' - air on cable TV beginning today, and on ABC programming beginning 24th September.

Celebrity sails in Alaska, California, the Caribbean, Europe, Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal and South America, and will begin sailing in Australia and New Zealand in November.

For more information visit celebritycruises.com website.

27th August 2007

Place your vote in the current BW poll...

The question being asked is: 'If you could choose one DAVID BOWIE film from the archives to be officially released on DVD which would you like to see released?'

So far the top three choices are as follows, 'Live concert from 1974 Diamond Dogs Tour' way out in front with 35.54%, followed by a 'live concert from 1976 World Tour' with 15.38% and thirdly the 'Hype Concert at the Roundhouse' with 7.69% of the vote.


26th August 2007

Actor BEN FOSTER namedrops DAVID BOWIE in an New York Post interview for the upcoming movie '3:10 To Yuma' which is released on 7th September in the USA.

The movie stars Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, and is directed by James Mangold.

Foster's character, Charlie Prince, is right-hand man to Crowe's Ben Wade, the charismatic outlaw who always manages to evade capture. As Charlie, Foster's scary as hell. There's the crazy-eyes thing, the cold-blooded murder thing, the nearly-sympathetic-in-spite-of-being-almost-pure-evil thing. But, he says, he was really going more for "glam."

Foster: "When I was going over all the archival photos of outlaws, it struck me that they were the rock stars of their time," he says. "Our brilliant costume designer, who did 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch,' and I decided there was an inherent danger and sexuality to Charlie that we wanted to explore. I watched a lot of David Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust.'"

You can read the complete interview at the nypost.com website.

21st August 2007

DAVID BOWIE tribute act JEAN GENIE aka John Mainwaring is performing at Robin 2 in Bilston, Wolverhampton, England on Friday 31st August.

Also in a few months time, they are performing at the Rosehill Theatre in Whitehaven, Cumbria, England on Saturday 10th November.

David himself performed three dates at this venue back in January 1968 with the Lindsay Kemp's production 'Pierrot In Turquoise'.

The Rosehill Theatre was the creation of Sir Nicholas Sekers, who emigrated from Hungary in 1937 and founded the West Cumberland Silk Mills at Hensingham, Whitehaven (later Sekers Fabrics Ltd).

He quickly became prominent in the fashion world and his interest in the arts led him into friendship with many of the great names in music and drama. Seekers also donated the fabrics for 'Pierrot In Turquoise' play.

You can find out more history information about this venue at the rosehilltheatre.co.uk website.

21st August 2007

Hi Tack Let's Dance Dutch based HI_TACK are all over the international club charts with their new single 'Let's Dance' which is a cut-up of DAVID BOWIE's 1983 global smash hit.

The package of 'Let's Dance' includes besides the original mix remixes from the likes of Peter Gelderblom, Quentin Rodriguez and Dennis Christopher. After DJ promo mailout it entered two of the most important hype charts in the UK. #3 in the Buzz Chart and #4 in the Cool Cuts!

Various versions that I heard recently whilst holidaying in Majorca included a club mix, Dennis Christopher dub and remix, a Peter Gelderbloom remix, a radio edit mix and a second dub mix.

The track is scheduled for release this month, with the promo video already playing a lot on various UK TV music stations. Check out myspace.com/hitacknl

21st August 2007

The September 27th edition of RECORD COLLECTOR magazine will contain a DAVID BOWIE article featuring the top 50 Bowie collectibles. The article has been written by Maarten Kwant, John Larkin and Ruud Altenburg...

BBC RADIO 1 is celebrating its 40-year anniversary with a compilation of current bands covering songs from each of the past 40 years. Two David Bowie related tracks are included: Franz Ferdinand tackling 'Sound And Vision' and Keane doing the Bowie/Queen collaboration 'Under Pressure'. The album is set for release on 1st October through Universal, titled 'Radio 1 Established 1967'. You can check the full tracklisting at bbc.co.uk website...

DAVID BRIGHTON's tribute band SPACE ODDITY are performing next month on 29th September at the The Cannery Casino Hotel, 2121 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. For more information please visit cannerycasinos.com and davidbowietribute.com websites...

Tribute band THE SPIDERS ON MARS - Scotland's number 1 DAVID BOWIE experience return to the live arena with dates in and around Glasgow this month. Date change at the BAR BLISS, Cowgate, Kirkintilloch now on Monday 27th August, get there early as it's expected to be standing room only. BAR BIA in West Regent Street, Glasgow on Saturday 1st September. Previously this has been a total sell out so please either book or arrive early. If you're smart, you'll reserve a table!! Want a taste of what it's all about and why they're attracting so much attention? Well you can see and hear them in action by visiting myspace.com/spidersonmars...

The new Farrelly Brothers' comedy movie THE HEARTBREAK KID starring Ben Stiller, will boast six old DAVID BOWIE songs and two new Flaming Lips songs on its soundtrack...

X-WORLD/5 which features King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque, Magnus Rosén (Hammerfall) on bass, Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) on vocals, Big Swede on drums and REEVES GABRELS (formerly Tin Machine and David Bowie) on guitar is expected to release its debut album in February...

MATCHBOX TWENTY will release their version of Bowie's 'Modern Love' along with a Black Crowes cover 'Remedy' which will appear as b-sides for their new single 'How Far We've Come'...

THE SECTION QUARTET is a classical string quartet that plays rock 'n' roll. Their brand new album 'Fuzzbox' features DAVID BOWIE's 'The Man Who Sold The World'...

15th August 2007

Happy 7th Birthday Alexandria!
Have a wonderfully happy day!

Best wishes and lots of love from
Paul, Dawn, Michael and Jade xxxx
and everyone on Wonderworld

9th August 2007

Check out gavinevans.com and look for the DAVID BOWIE shots in the Archive and Print Sales section. There you'll find images for sale, as well as for pleasure. Type in Bowie in the search box top right hand corner - [from Gavin]...

Ready for publication in the US is a new book 'The Great Music Never Sold' by author DAN LEROY and published by Backbeat/Hal Leonard. Featured is a chapter about DAVID BOWIE's unreleased album 'Toy', which features new interviews with some of DB's collaborators (including Mike Garson and Lisa Germano) and tries to tell the story of the album as completely as possible. All of it won't be new news to serious Bowie fans - the quotes from Mark Plati you will probably have seen before - but hopefully it sheds a bit more light on the proceedings - [from Dan LeRoy]...

DAVID BOWIE features in the brand new 2007 issue of FASHION ROCKS Magazine - 150+ pages. Jennifer Lopez is on the cover and the extensive Bowie feature covers his fashion trendsetting and music...

This months Q MAGAZINE has a one page spread on TIN MACHINE and what they are doing now - [from tktsm]...

A current Canadian exhibit devoted to music videos at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal concentrates on recent output but uses the DAVID BOWIE 'Ashes To Ashes' promo video as the starting point. The exhibition runs from until September 30th, 2007. More details and information can be found at the macm.org website - [from Roman]...

9th August 2007

RCA Promo 1976 Jacket RCA Promo 1976 Jacket Possibly coming up for grabs on eBay very shortly is a red DAVID BOWIE RCA promotional 1976 world tour jacket still in its plastic bag.

The seller, who's late father worked at RCA in the Seventies, has owned this item since his teens and has been debating whether or not to sell it because of the sentimental value.

There is also a red promotional Iggy Pop 'The Idiot' t-shirt from 1977 that might also be up for grabs.

Check out the latest David Bowie items on eBAY

8th August 2007




Los Angeles, August 8, 2007 - TONY DEFRIES, the legendary rock manager who launched DAVID BOWIE and whose groundbreaking innovations form the bedrock of modern media presentation, is breaking a career-long silence to publish his long-awaited autobiography, GODS AND GANGSTERS.

A key figure behind some of the most crucial events and developments in contemporary music history, Defries was present at the birth of Madonna, the reincarnation of Stevie Wonder, the death of the Beatles and the ignition of Iggy. But he has never been interviewed, never made public declarations, never opened up and revealed his innermost truths.

Told now for the very first time, Gods And Gangsters is the story behind a career spent managing, marketing, and branding superstars - from the fashion idols of the Pop Art 60s to the rock gods of the 70s and 80s. Written with renowned music historian Dave Thompson, the book is projected for publication in 2008.

Operating on the frontlines of Britain's Swinging Sixties, Defries was instrumental in establishing the iconic glamour of photographers, models and designers who continue to influence modern tastes and techniques. On the music scene, he worked with such legends as Mickie Most and Allen Klein, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones before turning his attention to David Bowie, a Space Oddity whose best days already seemed in the past. That was in 1970. Eighteen months later, the pair was preparing to unveil some of the most audacious imagery and influence that the entertainment industry had ever witnessed. Or, as Mojo magazine put it, Defries was "the manager, the mentor and the visionary who went to the theatre with an unfocussed dilettante, and raised the curtain on a superstar."

Defries masterminded Bowie's career through the most astonishing PR campaign in rock history, a worldwide blitz that elevated the singer to global stardom. He established MainMan, a unique management structure that combined the best ingredients of the old-time motion picture studio with the futuristic zeitgeist of independent producer/record label/music publisher and, between 1972 and 1977, was responsible for launching the careers of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mott The Hoople, Luther Vandross, John Mellencamp and many others. His innovations in lighting, special effects, costume and staging reinvented media presentation, to become the model for all future music and media events. All this was conducted from within a firestorm of creativity and excitement that remains synonymous with glamour and success.

That firestorm still blazes today, as Defries brings his experience, intellect and enterprising spirit to bear on creating new technology for the Solar Age, with a process that transforms light and matter into unlimited, affordable, clean, green, solar power. "I have always been fascinated by the properties of light," he says. "Once, I used it to focus attention on artists. Today I plan to harness it for Energy."

Packed with candid revelations, private insights and hitherto unrevealed facts and figures. Gods And Gangsters is one of the most avidly anticipated autobiographies of the 21st century.

Dave Thompson has written over 100 books on music, film and pop culture. His latest book, the first ever history of vintage erotic movies, Black and White and Blue - Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR will be published by ECW Press in September.The book is a dramatic survey of American (and western) society as it inched its way out of the darkness of prudish censorship, as seen through the eyes of the men and women who actually made these startling films, and those who watched them.

# # #

Literary Agent / Press Contact: Veronique Cordier - V Entertainment Network.

6th August 2007

Time Out Free Bank Benefit Show I've managed to unearth another two previously undocumented DAVID BOWIE performances from the Sixties that were both advertised in the International Times underground newspaper.

David performed at the Time Out / Free Bank Benefit Show at the Country Club in Kentish Town, London on Sunday 20th October 1968.

Also on the bill were: Third Ear Band, Doris Henderson, George Smith and Mike Vernon, Pegasus Blues, Mimi and Mouse, Simon Stable and Pete Drummond on Plastic Dream Machine plus top underground group and others.

Country Club gig advert The Country Club is now known as the Forum.

Also discovered in the Marquee Club programme for January 1969 Feathers performed on Thursday 30th January along with Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, Chris Wood and Wynder F. Frogg.

And last but not least there's an update to a performance on Sunday 17th November 1968 at the Country Club in Haverstock Hill, London, the gig also featured John Hiseman's Colosseum. The gig is billed for Turquoise (David Bowie etc) and not Feathers as previously presumed.

4th August 2007

RAMMSTEIN frontman Till Lindemann, Corey Taylor of SLIPKNOT and THREE DAYS GRACE's Adam Gontier are among the newly revealed guest singers who are featured on the upcoming album from Finnish cello rockers APOCALYPTICA, entitled 'Worlds Collide'.

Lindemann reportedly appears on the song "Helden", which is the German-language cover version of the DAVID BOWIE 1977 classic "Heroes".

'Worlds Collide' is scheduled for worldwide release on 17th September via G.U.N. Records.

The unconfirmed tracklisting runs as follows:

     01. Worlds Collide
     02. Grace (featuring Tomoyasu Hotei)
     03. I'm Not Jesus (featuring Corey Taylor)
     04. Ion
     05. "Helden" (featuring Till Lindemann)
     06. Stroke
     07. Last Hope (featuring Dave Lombardo)
     08. I Don't Care (featuring Adam Gontier)
     09. Burn
     10. S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (featuring Cristina Scabbia)
     11. Peace

4th August 2007

Peace Thru Art Bowie Plate Reminder: The WHATEVER IT TAKES charity has the new DAVID BOWIE 'Peace Thru Art' designed plate available to purchase.

The David Bowie Churchill China 8 inch plate is priced at a mere £9.99, with all proceeds going to '21st Century Leaders' and 'Save The Children' charities as chosen by David himself.

Peace Thru Art Bowie Plate Each plate measures 8" x 20.5cm in diameter and comes complete in a special presentation gift box.

Also available in the Bowie 'Peace Thru Art' design series are:

     Mug Price: £9.99 Available Now
     Blue Wristband Price: £2.99 Available Now
     Green Wristband Price: £2.99 Sold Out (some still available via Virgin Megastores)

Please visit whateverittakes.org for more details and information.

(Ed. My plates arrived the other week - they are really fantastic, well worth the money, which is also going to a charitable and worthy cause).

3rd August 2007

Glasgow based DAVID BOWIE tribute band TIGERS ON VASELINE perform at McChuills, High Street, Glasgow, Scotland on 11th August at 9.00pm. Admission is free.

Also on 31st August they perform at The Twisted Wheel, Queen Street, Glasgow, Scotland at 9.00pm. Admission free. More details and information can be found at myspace.com/tigers0nvaseline.

DAVID BOWIE tribute band THE DIAMOND DOGS will be playing next month on 11th October at the Theatre Hector-Charland, in L'Assumption, Quebec, Canada at 8:00pm. Check out their website at diamonddogsband.com for more information and details.

UK DAVID BOWIE tribute band THE THIN WHITE DUKE have four gigs lined up for this month in the UK...

     4th August: - Portland Rock Bar, Hove
     11th August: - The Berrylands Hotel, Surbiton
     17th August: - Plastic Red, Sidcup
     18th August: - Ship Inn, East Grinstead.

Head on over to thinwhiteduke.biz for more details and info.

1st August 2007

Place your vote in the current BW poll...

The question being asked is: 'If you could choose one DAVID BOWIE film from the archives to be officially released on DVD which would you like to see released?'

So far the top three choices are as follows, 'Live concert from 1974 Diamond Dogs Tour' way out in front with 33.85%, followed by a 'live concert from 1976 World Tour' with 18.08% and thirdly the '50th Birthday Benefit Show, MSG, NYC' with 8.46% of the vote.


1st August 2007

The Words and Music of David Bowie Out now is THE WORDS AND MUSIC OF DAVID BOWIE by author James E. Perone.

In this comprehensive analysis of David Bowie's career, author James Perone examines the many identities and styles Bowie has developed over the years, and in so doing provides a stunning chronicle of creativity at work.

After a biographical introduction, chronologically arranged chapters discuss the singer's fascinating - and iconoclastic - body of work. A discography and annotated bibliography conclude the book.

About the Author: James E. Perone is the series editor for 'The Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection'. He is Professor of Music at Mount Union College, where he teaches American music, music theory, and clarinet.

The hardcover published by Praeger is available now to pre-order in the United Kingdom and US/World priced around $44 / £25.


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