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27th April 2014

Just watched Perspectives: Gary Kemp - Kick Out The Jams on ITV. The documentary investigates British Art and the YBAs. Plenty of DAVID BOWIE as well. Wonderful stuff. Just in case you missed it, make sure you catch it on ITV player - [More details]...

Congratulations to Rowan Jennings, Karl Mainzer and Adam Scourfield who have just won a British Academy Television Craft Award for the excellent DAVID BOWIE: Five Years documentary - [More details]...

On this day, thirty-five years ago, DAVID BOWIE released 'Boys Keep Swinging' (RCA BOW 2). Highest position 7 UK Singles Chart. The single entered the UK Single Charts at number 31, then 15-19-9-7-9-15-26 - [Watch video]...

On this day, forty-four years ago, DAVID BOWIE and The Hype performed at the Poco-A-Poco Club, in Heaton Chapel, Stockport. The concert was held on behalf of the Stockport Schools' Union Sixth Form, which was organised by Stockport Grammar School. Also on the bill were Barclay James Harvest, High Tide and The Purple Gang...

Two former DAVID BOWIE bandmates drummer PHIL LANCASTER who was a member of DAVIE JONES AND THE LOWER THIRD and BOB SOLLY organist of DAVIE JONES AND THE MANISH BOYS both have regular radio shows on CHANNEL RADIO - [View here]...

25th April 2014

Duffy Bowie Five Sessions A new project currently being worked on is a brand new DAVID BOWIE book entitled: Five Sessions.

This 204-page hardcover book by Chris Duffy and Kevin Cann, also has a foreword written by Sir Peter Blake.

The book is scheduled to be published by ACC Editions on 25th June to coincide with the upcoming David Bowie exhibition in Berlin.

Synoposis: Brian Duffy defined the image of the 1960s, and was as famous as the stars he photographed. Together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, he is recognised as one of the innovators of 'documentary' fashion photography, a style which revolutionised fashion imagery and furthermore the fashion industry.

Duffy's most famous photograph dates from the 1970s and is the iconic and revolutionary cover of David Bowie's album Aladdin Sane, a shot that became the defining look of Bowie's long career, and has been referred to as the Mona Lisa of pop. The photographer and the rock star collaborated on four other projects: Ziggy Stardust, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and Lodger. They worked together during the pivotal years of Bowie's career; when the king of glam was assuming and discarding extraordinary personas, Duffy was capturing them all.

Written by David Bowie's biographer Kevin Cann, this book includes anecdotes and stories from those attending the shoots - Tony Defries (Bowie's manager at the time of Ziggy Stardust); Celia Philo (designer) and Phillip Castle (airbrush artist) from the famous Aladdin Sane shoot; Francis Newman (Duffy's studio manager); Nick Roeg (film director); May Routh (costume designer) from The Man Who Fell To Earth; Geoff McCormack (musician and Bowie's childhood friend); Derek Boshier (art director of Lodger; Natasha Kornilof costume designer for Scary Monsters; and Duffy's son Chris who also worked on the Scary Monsters session.

Included are many unseen images and behind the scenes photographs. Illustrates Brian Duffy's five different photographic shoots with David Bowie, documenting Bowie's career and pioneering reinvention, as well as Duffy's special relationship with the artist over almost a decade. Includes some of the most famous Bowie images together with out takes and rare shots.

The book Duffy Bowie: Five Sessions is available to pre-order NOW.

25th April 2014

The Music Week Awards 2014 took place in London last night with Columbia US Chairman ROB STRINGER winning the prestigious Strat Award at the ceremony.

He was congratulated by artists and executives from across the industry, including DAVID BOWIE who sent the following message:

'When I first knocked on the door of his office at Sony, New York, you can imagine my surprise when a member of Daft Punk opened it. In silence he brought me in and indicated that I should take a seat on the comfy armchair to the right of the chairman's desk, around which he moved and took his place in the chairman's chair.

He removed the shiny helmet.

It was Rob.

'This,' he said 'is how far I will go for my artists.' I found out that during the course of that day Rob had not only guested as an executive third Daft Punk member at a lunchtime gig at a club in Manhattan, but had also led a Dylanology symposium at Barneys clothing store, sung falsetto on a new London Grammar track and choreographed a touching interpretive dance number to One Direction's 'They Don't Know About Us' for the cast of Glee.

Knowing him for the man he is, it came as no surprise that he had won tonight's most prestigious award, The Strat.

If you become the object of his enthusiasm an artist will find a genuine long-term support that is sadly missing in the recording industry.

When he asked me if I minded if he took a few Saturdays off from his duties as percussionist on my new album this year in order to catch the Luton Town football club fixtures, how could I refuse? It's the least I could offer to the man who with his own hands pulled my album to number one throughout the world.

Congrats for The Strat, Rob. You're a star.'

David Bowie 2014.

From davidbowie.com

24th April 2014

Well worth watching is a DAVID BOWIE: On Film a four-minute supercut created by DREW MORTON, a film professor from the University of Texas A&M-Texarkana.

Drew has recently decided to put together a short compilation of David's film work which showcases his range as an actor.

David Bowie: On Film from Drew Morton on Vimeo.

From IndieWire The Playlist.

24th April 2014

David and Iman Wishing a very Happy Wedding Anniversary to DAVID and IMAN, who married during a civil ceremony in Switzerland, at the Lausanne Registry Office this very day twenty-two years ago on 24th April 1992.

Later, they held their wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy on the 6th June 1992, which is the one they celebrate.

There is no traditional anniversary gift for twenty-two years, but the modern anniversary gift is copper.

Also today is the birthdate of producer TONY VISCONTI - wishing you a fabulous birthday, have a great day.

24th April 2014

Miley Cyrus does David Bowie Miley Cyrus does David Bowie Featured in the current May issue of ELLE magazine in the US is a MILEY CYRUS interview and photograph spread that looks rather familiar.

Photographer Michael Thompson has paid homage to the iconic DAVID BOWIE photograph by Terry O'Neill from the 1974 Diamond Dogs album cover shoot.

In another photograph, there's the Aladdin Sane period shot by the exit door that gives a huge nod to David. Miley is also wearing a fetching Aladdin Sane era outfit.

You can view the full set of photographs via letsrestycle.com

See which David Bowie and Madonna inspired photos you can spot.

24th April 2014

DAVID PRIEST's funeral will take place on Wednesday, 30th April at Norse Road Crematorium, 100-104 Norse Road, Bedford MK41 0RL at 10am.

His daughter Karis says: "Thank you all for your kind donations so far xx"

If you would like to help and make a donation, please vist the justgiving.com page.

His son Luke has created a 'Remembering David Venables (Priest)' page on Facebook. If anyone would like to add any comments or post photographs please visit here

24th April 2014

Diamond Dogs 40th Anniversary Picture Single davidbowie.com have announced full details of the next DAVID BOWIE 40th Anniversary limited edition single release in this on-going series...

Diamond Dogs is the tenth release in this continuing run of 40th anniversary 45s, except that this is the first in the series that isn't a 45 as it will actually play at 33 1/3 rpm.

Originally released in June 1974, Diamond Dogs was the second single to be taken from the album of the same name with Rebel Rebel being the first.

Featured on the A side of the picture disc is an image outtake from the famous session by photographer Terry O'Neill and the AA side features a previously unpublished image from the The Year of the Diamond Dogs 1974 US tour.

       A-Side: Diamond Dogs
       Arranged and produced by David Bowie. Mixed by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
       Recorded at Olympic and Island Studios, London.

       AA-Side: Diamond Dogs (David Live - 2005 mix).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti. Recorded live at Tower Theater, Philadelphia, July 1974.
       Catalogue Number DBDOGS 40

Diamond Dogs is released on Parlophone 16th June, with the usual regional variations.

You can pre-order NOW or if you prefer, see if you can pick up a bargain via eBay listings.

From davidbowie.com

22nd April 2014

Future Nostalgia Performing David Bowie Here's one for your diaries... due for publication next year is FUTURE NOSTALGIA: PERFORMING DAVID BOWIE by Shelton Waldrep via Bloomsbury/CPC.

This 192-page hardback book is scheduled for an April 2015 release. What a fabulous front cover.

Synopsis: Although David Bowie has famously characterised himself as a "leper messiah", a more appropriate moniker might be "rock god" someone whose influence has crossed numerous sub-genres of popular and classical music and can at times seem ubiquitous. By looking at key moments in his career (1972, 1977-79, 1980-83, and 1995-97) through several lenses - theories of sub-culture, gender/sexuality studies, theories of sound, post-colonial theory, and performance studies Waldrep will examine Bowie's work in terms not only of his auditory output but his many reinterpretations of it via music videos, concert tours, television appearances, and occasional movie roles. Future Nostalgia will look at all aspects of Bowie's career - musical recordings, live concerts, music videos, film performances, and television appearance - in an attempt to trace Bowie's contribution to the performative paradigms that constitute contemporary rock music.

About the Author: Shelton Waldrep is Professor of English at the University of Southern Maine, USA, and is the author of 'The Aesthetics of Self-Invention: Oscar Wilde to David Bowie' (2004).

Pre-order Future Nostalgia: Performing David Bowie NOW and receive a 9% discount.

22nd April 2014

David Bowie Is in Berlin The V&A DAVID BOWIE IS exhibition has now ended its run in Brazil and now moves on to Berlin...

The exhibition curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum will be held at Martin-Gropius-Bau on 20th May until 10th August 2014.

Venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchnerstraße 7, 10963 Berlin.
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 20.00 daily. No closing day. Cash desk closes at 19.15.

More details, information and ticket purchasing available at davidbowie-berlin.de/en

After Berlin, the exhibition carries on to Chicago, Paris and Netherlands.

22nd April 2014

Heroes David Bowie and Berlin In the pipeline is another new book entitled: HEROES: DAVID BOWIE AND BERLIN by journalist Tobias Rüther, all set to be published by Reverb on 15th October.

Synopsis: Heroes is the fascinating story of David Bowie's years in Berlin, where he worked in the late '70s on his 'Berlin Triptych' - the albums Low, "Heroes" and Lodger - which are among the most critically acclaimed and innovative albums of the late twentieth century.

Devastated by drug addiction and tortured by delusions, persecution mania and visions of the Nazis, Berlin, the capital of Bowie's childhood dreams, was where he slowly repaired his body and mind. Tobias Rüther describes Bowie's friendships and collaborations with Iggy Pop, Brian Eno and Tony Visconti, and paints a vivid picture of his life in the city's Schoneberg area. Here Bowie started to paint again, and would cycle to the Die Brücke museum as well as explore the nightlife of the city - its wild side and gay scene. He also met Romy Haag and came to know the Hansa Studios. A stone's throw from the Berlin Wall, Bowie recorded the two most groundbreaking albums of his life: Low and "Heroes". He even landed the part of a Prussian aristocrat in Just A Gigolo, starring alongside Marlene Dietrich, while remaining in the vanguard of Punk.

Rüther also offers us a portrait of a divided city at a turning point: as Bowie explored the cultural and historical undercurrents of the past, West Berlin began to redefine itself as a cultural metropolis, establishing its new role in Germany and the world. Neutralised politically due to the Cold War, Berlin turned to the arts to start its history anew. Heroes is the story of an artist and a city - the story of the music of the future arising from the spirit of the past.

You can pre-order Heroes: David Bowie and Berlin (Reverb) NOW.

22nd April 2014

For those of you still attempting to get hold of any DAVID BOWIE RSD 2014 releases online...

The DERBY TELEGRAPH have published an article about the upcoming DAVID BOWIE 2014 UK Convention taking place in Derby next month - only a handful of tickets remain - [Read here]...

If you're in Manchester, check out the 'Remake/Remodel David Bowie Special Night' taking place on Saturday 3rd May at The Ruby Lounge at 11pm-3am - [More details]...

Photographer SHERI LYNN BEHR has one of her DAVID BOWIE 1978 live photographs up for grabs as part of the Art Auction for Housing Works' 10th Annual Design on a Dime Event. Two bids so far at $450 USD. Auction ends 1st May - [More details]...

Watch the 'making of' footage for the ANTHONY VALADEZ remix of DAVID BOWIE v KCRW Golden Years single from 2011 - [View here]...

Apologies for the missing BW news updates on here... an upgrade and desktop computer fix took way longer than anticipated. All sorted now. In case you aren't aware, BW is updated continually on Facebook and Twitter @bowieww using my fat fingers and an iPhone!...

22nd April 2014

DAVID PRIEST's children Karis and Luke are hoping to raise some money for their Dad's funeral.

Karis writes: 'Sadly following a difficult few years of illness both physical and mental, my father David made the decision to end his life on Thursday 17th April 2014. This has left his children, family and friends shocked and devastated.

Due to David's poor health he has been unable to work for many years leaving him in a very challenging financial situation. We hope that together his family and friends can raise enough money to provide him with the send off he deserves'.

If you would like to help and make a donation, please vist the justgiving.com page.

Thank you x

His son Luke has created 'Remembering David Venables (Priest)' page on Facebook. If anyone would like to add any comments or post photographs please visit here

Update: David's funeral will take place on Wednesday, 30th April at Norse Road Crematorium, 100-104 Norse Road, Bedford MK41 0RL at 10am.

20th April 2014

Taking place in Madrid next weekend is a DAVID BOWIE tribute art show. On Sunday 27th April at 7 pm at the Lunch Box and Tiki Room, C/ Barco 8, Madrid, Spain.

Everyone is invited! Check out the flyer which lists all the artists included.

If it's not posible for you to visit, you will be able to view online from May 5th at Susanita's Little Gallery website.

19th April 2014

RSD 2014 David Bowie 7 inch releases Today's the day for RECORD STORE DAY 2014 to attempt to grab hold of two DAVID BOWIE picture disc 7 inch singles.

1984 - 40th Anniversary 7 Inch Picture Disc.
       Record Store Day Exclusive North America Only.
       A-Side: 1984.
       AA-Side: 1984 (Live On The Dick Cavett Show).
       Catalogue No DB401984.

ROCK 'N' ROLL SUICIDE - 40th Anniversary 7 Inch Picture Disc.
       Record Store Day Exclusive World Excluding North America.
       A-Side: Rock 'n' Roll Suicide.
       AA-Side: Rock 'n' Roll Suicide incl. 'Farwell Speech' (Live Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture version).
       Catalogue No DBROCK40.

Also available will be this unearthed beauty...

DEVO Live At Max's Kansas City 'DEVO Live At Max's Kansas City November 15, 1977' vinyl LP from Jackpot Records.

November 15th, 1977: Max's Kansas City - David Bowie is backstage with the 5 self proclaimed 'spudboys' from Akron waiting for his cue to introduce the band who, in his words were, "The band of the future!". As time went on it became clear that the future is still waiting to catch up with DEVO.

Working closely with the band and those who were there that night, Jackpot Records brings you this audio time capsule that catapulted DEVO from strange, musical hillbillies to innovative pioneers overnight.

Now the truth can be told! Available for the first time on vinyl the entire performance, complete with rare, unearthed audio of David Bowie.

With liner notes written by DEVO Co-founder Gerald V. Casale specifically for this release (which also includes a reproduced early DEVO press bio sheet from 1976), this record will be the perfect compliment for hardcore DEVO collectors, music fans and those who are new to the game. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide - Available only at record stores on 19th April 2014!

If you prefer, try here to grab your David Bowie RSD 2014 releases online.

19th April 2014

Bowie Heard Them Here First CD Set for release this month on 28th April is Bowie Heard Them Here First a twenty-four track CD release from Ace Records (Cat. No. CDCHD 1387).

This latest release in their 'Heard Them Here First' series traces the career of DAVID BOWIE via songs he recorded by other writers. Presented in the (approximate) sequence he recorded his interpretations, the collection kicks off with Paul Revere and The Raiders' original version of 'Louie - Go Home', as covered by the 17 year-old Bowie as leader of Davie Jones and The King Bees in 1964, and concludes with 'I Took A Trip (On A Gemini Spaceship)' by maverick Texan 'outsider' musician The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, a song Bowie included on his 2002 album 'Heathen'.

The CD booklet features notes by Ian Johnston, who also wrote the notes for the recent 'The New York Dolls Heard Them Here First' and 'The Ramones Heard Them Here First' collections.

The full tracklisting runs as follows:

       01. 'Louie - Go Home' - Paul Revere and The Raiders.
       02. 'I Pity The Fool' - Bobby Bland.
       03. 'Fill Your Heart' - Biff Rose.
       04. 'It Ain't Easy' - Ron Davies.
       05. 'White Light-White Heat' - The Velvet Underground.
       06. 'Everything's Alright' - The Mojos.
       07. 'Friday On My Mind' - The Easybeats.
       08. 'Rosalyn' - The Pretty Things.
       09. 'Sorrow' - The Merseys.
       10. 'Where Have All The Good Times Gone' - The Kinks.
       11. 'Around And Around' - Chuck Berry.
       12. 'Knock On Wood' - Eddie Floyd.
       13. 'Amsterdam' - Jacques Brel.
       14. 'Wild Is The Wind' - Johnny Mathis.
       15. 'Alabama Song' - Lotte Lenya and The Three Admirals.
       16. 'Kingdom Come' - Tom Verlaine.
       17. 'Criminal World' - Metro.
       18. 'Don't Look Down' - Iggy Pop.
       19. 'Dancing In The Street' - Martha and The Vandellas.
       20. 'If There Is Something' - Roxy Music.
       21. 'Nite Flights' - The Walker Brothers.
       22. 'Cactus' - Pixies.
       23. 'Pablo Picasso' - The Modern Lovers.
       24. 'I Took A Trip (On A Gemini Spaceship)' - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy.

You can pre-order NOW and receive a price guarantee.

17th April 2014

It is incredibly sad to report the passing away of DAVID PRIEST today.

I am completely and utterly stunned. Sending sincere condolences to all his family and friends.

For those of you who didn't know or realised what Dave achieved, please read this article published in the bedfordshire-news.co.uk last year.

Rest in Peace Dave xxx

17th April 2014

Tickets are now on sale for this year's BECKENHAM ARTS FESTIVAL event to commemorate 45 years since DAVID BOWIE's original Free Festival.

The event takes place on Saturday, 16th August 13:00 to 19:00 (BST) at the Croydon Road Recreation Ground.

The Beckenham Arts Festival - known last year as Memory of a Free Festival - is set to return this August, announced the newly reformed Beckenham Arts Lab today.

The Beckenham Arts Festival will once again host an eclectic array of performers and artists in a daylong event that will celebrate local music, showcase new and existing talent, and bring a delightful holiday atmosphere to Beckenham that the whole family can enjoy.

Last year's Memory of a Free Festival was held to raise funds to save an historic bandstand at which David Bowie, among others, played during the original Free Festival in 1969. It was a resounding success, prompting the reformation of the Beckenham Arts Lab, which had hosted the original 1969 festival, as well as the planning of a 2014 festival.

This year's festival is slated to be bigger and better than ever before, with six acts expected to play the event. Inbetween sets, attendees can continue the festival fun with food, drink and shopping at over 30 stalls, as well as a raffle for signed David Bowie merchandise.

Local performers and artists who are interested in taking part are urged to contact the Beckenham Arts Lab. Organisers are now working on a detailed event plan and schedule and are also seeking sponsorship.

You can purchase tickets here

For more details and information check out their Facebook page.

17th April 2014

Q Magazine RSD UK Track Of The Day is an exclusive preview of Australian band THE TEMPER TRAP cover version of DAVID BOWIE's 'Five Years' - [Listen here]...

GLAMDAMMIT are pleased to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of DAVID BOWIE's landmark album 'Diamond Dogs' with a live performance by MICHAEL T and The Vanities along with a cavalcade of stars. The event takes place on Saturday, 3rd May at 11pm at The Grand Victory, 245 Grand and Roebling St, Brooklyn, New York, USA - [More details]...

Creature Feature season... LABYRINTH starring DAVID BOWIE is to appear on the BIGGEST screen in the Midlands on Sunday 11th May at Millennium Point, Birmingham, England at 19.00 - [More details]...

LABYRINTH starring DAVID BOWIE is to appear at Stratford Picturehouse, Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday 31st May at 21.00 - [More details]...

'What Ziggy Says' is the title of a brand new song by MATT SORUM that appears on his new solo album 'Stratosphere'...

Check out these DAVID BOWIE prints with song titles as Penguin paperback books - [View here]...

7th April 2014

Very sad news to report the passing away of LEEE BLACK CHILDERS in Los Angeles.

Leee, aged sixty-eight, captured a generation of New York underground culture with his iconic photographs.

In 1971, he focused on his stage-management of Andy Warhol's London stage production of 'Pork' at The Roundhouse in Camden.

Shortly after, he became a MainMan employee, and helped promote DAVID BOWIE to a worldwide audience. His photographs taken of David on and off stage captured iconic and precious moments during the early to mid Seventies.

The above is just a mere snapshot of his life.

In 2012 he released the book: 'Drag Queens, Rent Boys, Pick Pockets, Junkies, Rockstars and Punks'. What a fabulous read. Buy it or lend it, but definitely read it.

Visit Leee's Facebook page.

6th April 2014

The current issue of MAN OF THE WORLD magazine have published a letter written by DAVID BOWIE sent to actor DENNIS HOPPER.

The letter, taken from the Dennis Hopper estate archives was written in December 1981.

Issue seven of the magazine is all about Hollywood, and it's the first time ever they've created a pair of limited-edition collector's covers. They celebrate the careers of two artists who changed the way we see the world: Dennis Hopper, whose estate graciously allowed us exclusive access to his extensive personal archives, and legendary photographer Bruce Weber, whose four feature-length films are explored in-depth for the first time ever.

PageSix report that the letter complains that David was looking for a movie, but that there were no good scripts around. He also mentioned his diet at the time: aspirin, coffee and booze.

'Happy Christmas', David wrote on December 22, 1981. 'My Sunday lunch in Berlin consisted of four aspirins and that stuff that you drink that makes you stand up again, after the other stuff you drink the night before makes you fall down.'

He added: 'There's some really crappy scripts about.' and ends with: 'I will find you, for the shadow knows,' and, 'It would be such a great thing if we could... work on something.'

Eventually, they did get to work together on Julian Schnabel's 'Basquiat' in 1996.

Check out manoftheworld.com for more details.

2nd April 2014

A date for your calendar... The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago today announced that individual tickets for its upcoming exhibit, DAVID BOWIE IS will go on sale 31st July, via the museum website, at the box office (220 E. Chicago), or via the Bowie Hotline (312) 397-4068...

You can get an advance listen of EMM GRYNER's brand new album 'Torrential' via CBC Music until 8th April - [Listen here]...

BOWIE NIGHT: JEREMY DELLER - English Magic Exhibition on Thursday 19th June, 7pm to 10pm. £10/£7 conc. Over 18s only. Celebrate David Bowie's music and the links to Jeremy Deller's work with an evening of performances by The (Greatness Of The Magnificence) Fantasy Orchestra, plus talks, art and more. To book, call the Museum Shop on 0117 922 3650 - [More details]...

2nd April 2014

JANELLE MONÁE has recorded her version of the DAVID BOWIE / BRIAN ENO 1977 classic "Heroes", which is being used in a PEPSI advertising campaign for Global Futbol.

Check out the Pepsi advert below...

Further reading:
Official Press Release: 'Pepsi Hails Heroes On And Off The Pitch' - [Read here].
Billboard: 'Janelle Monáe Covers 'Heroes' In Pepsi's Global Futbol Campaign, Talks Her Love For David Bowie' - [Read here].

2nd April 2014

Bowie by Simon Critchley A new DAVID BOWIE book is to be published in June by OR Books... 'Bowie' by Simon Critchley.

Simon Critchley melds together personal narratives of how David Bowie lit up a dull teenage life in England's suburbs with philosophical forays into the way authenticity and identity are turned inside out in the artist's work.

Simon Critchley first encountered David Bowie in the early seventies, when the singer appeared on Britain's most-watched music show, Top of the Pops. His performance of 'Starman' mesmerized Critchley: it was "so sexual, so knowing, so strange." Two days later Critchley's mum bought a copy of the single; she liked both the song and the performer's bright orange hair (she had previously been a hairdresser). The seed of a lifelong love affair was thus planted in the mind of her son, aged 12.

In this concise and engaging excursion through the songs of one of the world's greatest pop stars, Critchley, whose writings on philosophy have garnered widespread praise, melds together personal narratives of how Bowie lit up his dull life in southern England's suburbs with philosophical forays into the way concepts of authenticity and identity are turned inside out in Bowie's work. The result is nearly as provocative and mind-expanding as the artist it portrays.

100-pages. Paperback: $13/£8 GBP. Paperback ISBN 978-1-939293-54-1. E-book ISBN 978-1-939293-55-8.

Check out the orbooks.com website for more details.

1st April 2014

David Bowie UK Convention 2014 Update: #8 Only a handful of tickets remaining...The DAVID BOWIE UK Convention 2014 is to be held this year on 10th May in Derby, England.

The venue is: The Victoria Inn 12 Midland Place, Derby DE1 2RR.

The convention will be taking over the whole pub, which has a capacity of 180 to 200. The venue is located right next to the train station and hotels are nearby (4 mins from Derby city centre).

A day to celebrate the music and genius of David Bowie starts at 1.00pm through till midnight.

The full line-up of performers are:

- AladdinSane - the top Bowie tribute band around.
- BowieD - A newly formed 4-piece Bowie tribute band who are opening the convention and will blow you away!
- Funmi Abiola and Chris Chesney - A talented duo with a very exciting setlist.
- Luxury Stranger - a great local band, unique... Bowie/Eno influences.
- Ritchie Blount - local talent, acoustic, plays with passion and fire.
- The Bowie Room (unplugged) - Acoustic duo Nick Fielding and Chris Smith - they will rock your world!
- The Featherz - Charisma, style, attitude and full on rock and roll.
- Baz Dedhevan and 'The Heroes' DJs - Compare extraordinaire and tune spinners.

For more information check out the Facebook events page and Twitter #bowieukconv14

Tickets are priced at £22 GBP... be quick - There are only 180 tickets available to Bowie fans. I guarantee this will sell out for sure.

For those of you travelling up earlier, there is an event now happening on the Friday evening in conjunction with the Convention. Check out the FB event page for full details.

1st April 2014

DAVID BOWIE's 2003 Reality album has been issued on vinyl for the first time via Music On Vinyl last month on 17th March.

Released in a time when vinyl popularity was at an all-time low, Reality never saw its proper official vinyl release. Until now. To celebrate this unique occasion, MOV are pressing TWO different coloured issues of 2,500 copies each, all individually numbered. One run will be issued on transparent green vinyl, the other on orange vinyl. Of course, the album will also be readily available in regular black vinyl. Each unit contains a 12-page booklet with lyrics and artwork.

Reality release on vinyl - 180 gram audiophile vinyl.
- Includes a 12-page booklet.
- Available on vinyl for the first time!
- First pressing available in 2 colours:
- 2,500 numbered copies on transparent green vinyl.
- 2,500 numbered copies on orange vinyl.
- Also available on black vinyl.

Side A:
       1. New Killer Star
       2. Pablo Picasso
       3. Never Get Old
       4. The Loneliest Guy
       5. Looking For Water
       6. She'll Drive The Big Car

Side B:
       1. Days
       2. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
       3. Try Some, Buy Some
       4. Reality
       5. Bring Me The Disco King

You can now purchase Reality (Black Vinyl 180gm Booklet) NOW.

If you're having problems locating the coloured vinyl editions, check out the eBay listings and see if you can pick up a bargain.

1st April 2014

David Bowie Is in Berlin The DAVID BOWIE IS exhibition is heading for Berlin in Germany from May through to August.

The exhibition curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum will be held at Martin-Gropius-Bau on 20th May until 10th August 2014.

Venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchnerstraße 7, 10963 Berlin.
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 20.00 daily. No closing day. Cash desk closes at 19.15.

More details, information and ticket purchasing available NOW at davidbowie-berlin.de/en

After Berlin, the exhibition carries on to Chicago, Paris and Netherlands.

1st April 2014

Only twenty more days... The V&A DAVID BOWIE Is exhibition currently on a world tour is currently in São Paulo, Brazil at the Museum of Image and Sound.

The exhibitions runs from 31st January until 20th April 2014.

Venue: Avenida Europa, 158 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 01449-000, Brazil.

Opening times: Closed Mondays. 12 to 21 hr Tuesday to Friday. 11 to 21 hr Saturdays. 11 to 20 hr Sundays and Public Holidays.

Check out TV news coverage via globotv.globo.com website. The report includes interviews with director André Sturm and coordinator Daniel Slater, along with footage from inside the exhibition.

For full details pop on over to the MIS website.

Tickets are available online via the ingressorapido.com.br website.

1st April 2014

The moment you know... you know, you know...

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