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30th September 2003

Here are the latest worldwide highest chart placings for DAVID BOWIE's brand new album Reality. On the pan-European charts, Reality goes straight to No. 1 on the European Top 100 Albums tally. Also hits another number one spot in Czech Republic...

Reality cover      # 1 - Czech Republic
     # 1 - Denmark
     # 1 - Europe (Billboard European Top 100)
     # 2 - France
     # 2 - Greece
     # 2 - Norway
     # 3 - Austria
     # 3 - Germany
(3, 6)
     # 3 - United Kingdom (3, 17)
     # 4 - Belgium
     # 4 - Italy
     # 5 - Argentina
     # 5 - Sweden
     # 5 - Switzerland
     # 6 - Ireland
(6, 23)
     # 7 - Iceland
     # 7 - Poland
     # 9 - Finland
     #13 - Australia
(13, 38)
     #13 - Canada
     #15 - Netherlands
(60, 15, 14)
     #16 - New Zealand
     #23 - Estonia
     #25 - Spain
     #29 - USA

(Ed. Thanks to everyone who've sent in chart placings - please keep 'em coming).

29th September 2003

Today EMI have released three DAVID BOWIE SACDs Scary Monsters [SACD] (Cat No. 5433182), Let's Dance [SACD] (Cat No. 5433192) and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust [SACD] (Cat No. 5219002)...

Also today's the day for the European DVD single limited edition release of 'New Killer Star'...

On Dutch TV this coming Sunday, October 5th on RTL5 in Wintertijd, guests Blondie talk about meeting DAVID and Iggy, this is followed by Rock 'n' Roll Suicide from Hammersmith Odeon 1973 - (from Noepie)...

There's yet another repeat showing on Thursday BBC1 of the 'Airport' documentary at 7.00pm where resident reporter Steve Mellor leaps at the chance to interview Kate Winslet and DAVID BOWIE - (from Flecky)...

28th September 2003

Published this coming Wednesday (1st Oct) is the eagerly awaited DAVID BOWIE: LIVE IN NEW YORK by photographer extraordinaire MYRIAM SANTOS-KAYDA, with foreword by David Bowie and published by powerHouse Books.

David Bowie Live In New York In October, 2002, David Bowie performed the New York City Marathon Tour. Five different nights in five different venues in each of New York's five boroughs. It was a tribute to New York, and a tribute to his fans. For the first time in over fifteen years, he let a photographer follow him on tour, capturing a David Bowie we've never seen before.

Myriam Santos-Kayda, acclaimed portrait photographer for the music industry, has captured David Bowie in rehearsal, in the dressing room, onstage and backstage, alone and hanging out with his band. Bowie, one of rock's most influential and enduring figures, reveals his complexity, humour, grace, and rigor as an artist and performer.

About the Marathon tour, Bowie writes, 'The last time I came through the Northeast it was on the Area 2 Tour. We played in amphitheaters, which are usually a good distance from the major cities. Marathon courses are strategically planned to bring the runners to the streets. I would like to repay the fans that travelled so far to see me by bringing my show to them. But most importantly, I could get home from all the gigs on roller skates.'

David Bowie: Live in New York is an intimate portrait of one of rock and roll's most exciting events of the decade.

About the Author: Myriam Santos-Kayda (aka Mask) has been a portrait photographer for the music and entertainment industry for the past ten years. In addition to David Bowie, she has worked with Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Garbage, Ben Harper, David Grey, Lisa Kudrow, Billy Bob Thornton, Tricky, System of a Down, Incubus, and Rob Zombie, among others. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Detour, Spin, Uncut, Entertainment Weekly, Q, Alternative Press, and New York Magazine. He record label clients include Capitol Hollywood, Sony Music, Columbia, Geffen, and Interscope Records. She received her degree from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and lives in Los Angeles.

     David Bowie: Live in New York
     Photographs by Myriam Santos-Kayda
     Foreword by David Bowie
     Edition: Hardcover, 7.5 x 9.5 inches, 160 pages, 160 duotone photographs
     Publisher: powerHouse Books; (October 2003)
     ISBN: 1576871819

If you order David Bowie: Live In New York now in the USA you can receive a 30% discount.
List Price: $35.00. Price: $24.50. You Save: 30%.

Alternatively, you can also order from the UK with a 10% discount.

27th September 2003

RACHEL STEVENS ex S CLUB 7 member and now solo artist was a guest on the Jonathan Ross TV show last night. She explained why her debut album is entitled 'Funky Dory' - "It's a Bowie reference, we sampled a guitar rift from Andy Warhol on to the album." - (from RogerB)...

The current issue of INTERVIEW magazine features a DAVID BOWIE interview. There blurb states: 'He's captivated audiences for four decades, but for music's great evolver, it's the way the world is changing that's got him riveted' by Ingrid Sischy. - (from Mandy)...

Check out the latest instalment of the LOVING THE ALIEN cartoon strip by Mike T which is now online - click here...

27th September 2003

Concert tickets for several of the upcoming DAVID BOWIE shows in the US go on general sale TODAY Saturday including:

Washington DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver and Seattle.

Tomorrow Sunday (28th Sept) tickets go on general sale for concerts in San Jose and Los Angeles.

See the Reality 2003/2004 Tour Page for more details, links and information.

27th September 2003

It couldn't have been easy for DAVID BOWIE to always adapt to the world of contemporary music. He helped define so many trends and sounds during his 1970s heyday that you have to wonder what he sees when he looks out at a transformed music landscape.

But somehow, even with his work this century, the singer has managed to make music that is as relevant as it is retrospective, as contemporary as it is a homage to his best work out decades ago.

Fans can watch Bowie throw down new material from the just-released 'Reality' when he plays the Fillmore Auditorium on January 19th. Although Bowie has been part of multiple festivals, including last summer's Area:2 show (which played the Universal Lending Pavilion), 'A Reality Tour' is his first full-fledged tour since 1995's 'Outside World' outing. Songstress Macy Gray opens the Fillmore date. Tickets, $66, go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday at Ticketmaster locations.

From DenverPost.com.

26th September 2003

Congratulations to the following winners of competition number 13 to win an UNDERWORLD movie 'special promotional prize pack' containing Underworld goodies. Each Underworld promotional prize pack includes: a t-shirt, large poster, smaller poster, stickers and an Underworld necklace.

Adrian T, Gary H, Jackie T and Jane S.

The questions and answers can be found on the competition page.

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition on behalf of BowieWonderworld and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

26th September 2003

DAVID BOWIE was interviewed on Chicago's WXRT 93.1 FM by Lin Brehmer this morning (25th Sept) at 7:00 am CST. It was a short interview plus two of David's songs were played, 'Looking For Water' and 'Fame'. Among the topics discussed, David witty commented on the Reality TV commercial containing his various personas from the past. He also said that he is looking forward to performing in Chicago January 13 and 14, 2004 and that he's very fond of the city.

There's no mention of the re-broadcast on their website but Lin Brehmer said that it would be played again this evening (Sept. 25) at 9:00 pm Chicago time during the New Noise at 9 'New Releases Thursday' show. Visit the WXRT website here and also at WXRT

From Annette.

26th September 2003

Recently DAVID BOWIE joined the KFOG Morning Show to chat about life, love and his new album Reality with the KFOG Morning Show's Irish Greg McQuaid and newsman Peter Finch. Click here to listen/download the KFOG interview in two parts - (from dj)...

DAVID BOWIE's fabulous new album Reality has entered the Canadian album charts at number 12...

The recent DAVID BOWIE appearance on the DAVID LETTERMAN show is to be broadcast on Swedish television on Monday 29th September and on Tuesday 30th on ZTV after På Riktigt - (from Toddas)...

This months issue of SOUND ON SOUND magazine features an interview with DAVID BOWIE and TONY VISCONTI - (from PsyKo)...

Some nice photographs in the next issue of HELLO! magazine here in the UK (30th Sept) both DAVID BOWIE and IMAN appear in the issue with ten pages in total between them...

The 'New Killer Star' DVD-single by DAVID BOWIE was released today (24th September) in Sweden. Also in Sweden there's a 'Sony Music Nice Price# reprint of 1.Outside and Earthling (possibly 'hours...' too) was released on 22nd September by ISO/Columbia. This was really needed since getting hold of a copy of Earthling or Outside has previously been really hard over here. The only change I have spotted so far is that in addition to the original copyright information a 2003 ISO has been added - (from Toddas...

26th September 2003

Recording Magazine cover DAVID BOWIE appears on the front cover of the French magazine RECORDING MAGAZINE. The cover photograph was shot in Milan at the Alcatraz on 4th December 1999 by Philippe Auliac.

Inside there is a ten-page db feature including lots of photos again by Philippe. Amongst the articles there is a piece about the Riverside Studio show and the French TV programme Trafic. There are also interviews with musicians and the making of 'Outside'.

Info from Philippe Auliac.

26th September 2003

Here are some of the worldwide chart placings for DAVID BOWIE's brand new album Reality...

Reality cover      #1 - Denmark
     #2 - France
     #2 - Norway
     #3 - Germany
     #3 - United Kingdom
     #3 - Austria
     #4 - Belgium
     #4 - Italy
     #5 - Switzerland
     #6 - Ireland
     #7 - Iceland
     #9 - Finland
     #12 - Canada
     #13 - Australia
     #15 - Holland
     #16 - New Zealand
     #25 - Spain
     #29 - USA

(Ed. Big thanks to everyone who sent in the chart placings - please keep 'em coming).

25th September 2003

DAVID BOWIE'S first single to be taken from his Reality album NEW KILLER STAR is released in the UK next Monday on 29th September. Released by ISO/Columbia as a DVD only release (catalogue number: Columbia 6742759). The full packagae includes the NKS promotional video directed by Brumby Boylston, along with the electronic press release for Reality.

The bonus track 'Love Missile F1-11' written by Martin Degville/Tony James/Neal Whitmore aka Sigue Sigue Sputnik was first released in 1986 and appears on their debut album 'Flaunt It'.

New Killer Star cover The full tracklisting is as follows:

     1. New Killer Star video.
     2. Reality EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Video.
     3. Love Missile F1-11 (audio only).

You can pre-order the DVD single now for £4.99.

Other formats of the release include the Italian release which is a normal CD only release. There was also the UK promotional one track audio CD (catalogue number SAMPCS 13277 1 0132771000).

MRIB Review: With the exception of '97's Little Wonder, Bowie singles haven't been what they once were. Long gone seem those halcyon days when you'd rush down the local record shop just to grab a glimpse of the sleeve, let alone what creative leap David had attempted next. But hang on a minute, what's this! Only a bloody great Bowie single, there may be life in a Changesbowie 4 yet! New Killer Star is what fans have been after for a very long time: Fripp-ian guitars, chugging rhythms and Bowie's baritone murmur erupting into a full-on goose-pimple enducing holler. On top of all that it comes backed by a Sigue Sigue Sputnik cover, Love Missile F-111. Now you can't ask for more than that!

25th September 2003

The fabulous UNDERWORLD movie which debuted at #1 this past weekend, has the forthcoming score album of instrumental music released by composer Paul Haslinger, and features the song "Red Tape" by Agent Provocateur.

There is more information about this release on the Lakeshore Records website in the 'New Releases' section.

BTW I'll be announcing the winners of the recent Underworld/Wonderworld 'special prize pack' competition in the next day or so. There are hundreds of entries to sort through, but I should find some time to do this before the coming weekend.

24th September 2003

Check out a DAVID BOWIE interview over on ROLLINGSTONE.COM entitled 'Bowie's Heroes' where he touches on subjects such as Beck, Lennon and music that makes him cry - read here...

DAVID BOWIE's Reality album has entered the USA Billboard album charts at number 29...

According to the Sky TV listings The David Letterman Show featuring DAVID BOWIE that was broadcast in the States last night is on ITV2 in a couple hours at 3.00 am (repeated at 5:10am). David performed 'New Killer Star' and there was no interview - (from Chris)...

Some interesting US television viewing figures for last night's 'Late Show With David Letterman' show with music guest DAVID BOWIE. The Late Show beat 'The Tonight Show' on Premiere Monday for the first time since 1993. Last night's show was the second highest season premiere for The Late Show. Also it finished only -0.3 rating points behind Conan O'Brien. This was the smallest rating margin between the shows on season premiere Monday since the Late Late Show began against Conan O'Brien in 1999...

DAVID BOWIE's brand new album Reality has entered the Italian album charts at number 4 and entered the official chart in Norway at number 2 -(from Steinar)...

Australian actor RUSSELL CROWE has reportedly turned down a chance to sing at the Rugyb World Cup tournament. The Sydney Morning Herald said Crowe had been asked to sing a version of DAVID BOWIE's "Heroes" at the opening ceremonies October 10th but declined, saying his schedule did not permit it. A spokesman for the actor said Crowe, who has his own band named 30 Odd Foot of Grunt, would have liked to accept the offer...

24th September 2003

David Bowie Sound and Vision DVD Scheduled for release on 27th October is a brand new DAVID BOWIE DVD entitled David Bowie 'Sound & Vision. Made last year by 20th Century/Fox TV, this DVD gives a complete profile of Bowie never before seen.

From his humble beginnings to international stardom and the present day, Bowie's story is presented in interviews with his wife, family and industry figures, videos, TV appearances, photos and behind-the-scenes footage.

Incorporating his musical success and often painful personal life, 'David Bowie Sound & Vision' will give you the most comprehensive and exciting look at the greatest musical icon of our time.

DVD details and release information:
     - DVD Release Date: 27 October, 2003
     - Studio: Stax Entertainment Ltd
     - Running Time: 90 mins
     - Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East and Japan only)
     - PAL
     - Catalogue Number: STX2074
     - Certificate: E

You can pre-order the David Bowie: Sound And Vision DVD NOW and save a massive 25%

23rd September 2003

A denim and Supro Dual-Tone clad DAVID BOWIE appears on the front cover of the 29th September The Music Issue) of NEW YORK magazine. Inside there's a interview entitled 'Bowie Rules NYC'. A snippet of the interview reads as follows:

New York Magazine "I first came here in 1971. The earliest graphic image I have is of Louis Hardin, better known as Moondog, the legendary boho and musical outsider. One of the guys who worked at Mercury Records, with whom I was under contract at the time, took me over to 54th Street, and there, dressed as a sort of Viking, Moondog stood. Usually he would be playing his strange compositions accompanied on a keyboard or some kind of homemade drums, but not this day. I went for sandwiches and coffee, which we consumed as we sat on the sidewalk. He told me something about his life, and it came home to me only after a while that he was completely blind.

"One of my most exciting trips happened about a year or so later. Having performed a gig outside London on a Thursday in June 1972, I shot home to sleep, then caught an early-morning flight - getting me to Madison Square Garden about ten minutes after Elvis hit the stage. I had the humiliating experience of walking down the center aisle to my very good RCA-provided seat while Elvis performed "Proud Mary." As I was in full Ziggy regalia by this time - brilliant red hair and Kabuki platform shoes - I'm sure many of the audience presumed Mary had just arrived."

You can read the full interview online at www.newyorkmetro.com

22nd September 2003

DAVID BOWIE makes an appearance on Irish TV on next Saturday's edition of THE LAST BROADCAST with Dave Fanning (27th September). There will be an interview and access to the recording of Reality. Broadcast on Network 2.11.15. (RTE Irish TV pointer) - (from Noel).

Reminder: Don't forget that DAVID BOWIE makes an appearance on tonight's The Late Show With David Letterman. David is performing his next single 'New Killer Star'. Other guests include Dr. Phil and Top Ten with Miss America. Tune into CBS, USA at 11:35pm ET.

Don't forget you can pick up the show in the UK on ITV2 every night except Sunday and Monday at the ungodly time of 3:00am and 5:10am. Not sure how far behind the programming is though.

22nd September 2003

Two radio show appearances by DAVID BOWIE are to be broadcast shortly. First up is a live interview and fan call-in show on ROCKLINERADIO in the USA on Wednesday 24th September at 11:30pm till 1:00am EST.

David will be interviewed by Bob Coburn. Fans can ring through on 1-800-344 ROCK to put their own questions to David. For more information and the listening in page go to rocklineradio.com

It's the ultimate reality check with David Bowie on the next ROCKLINE. David's spectacular new CD 'Reality' just became available and if you haven't heard it we'll feature several songs and give you the chance to speak directly with David. The CD was co-produced by David and Tony Visconti, the combination responsible for last year's Platinum Plus 'Heathen' CD, as well as so many of David's classic albums. 'Reality' is an ultimate collection of Bowie songs sporting nine originals and two covers, 'Pablo Picasso' by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers and George Harrison's 'Try Some Buy Some'.

We think if you try some, you may buy some too. 'Reality' is such a strong, focused album that it comes across like a Greatest Hits CD. Described by David as "built to play live", beginning in October he'll do exactly that as he tours 17 countries in 7 months. The U.S and Canadian portions will begin in December and carry on into 2004. 'Heathen' was conceived and recorded in the tranquil beauty of upstate New York. 'Reality' was born in lower Manhattan and contains references to Battery Park, the Hudson River and the joy and tumult of the city. "I struggled hard not to make it be about New York. But, I did try to make it a kind of a snapshot of me living in New York and my reactions to being here", David revealed.

The "Reality" is this is one of the best Bowie albums ever. Don't miss your chance to discuss it and more with David himself, exclusively on the next ROCKLINE!

Check out rocklineradio.com

21st September 2003

Reality cover Ready, set, go... DAVID BOWIE's fabulous brand new album Reality has entered the official British album charts straight in at NUMBER THREE.

Elsewhere on 'unofficial charts' Virgin have also the album placed at number 3 in their own chart. The Sunday Mirror and Asda placed it at number 2. Midweek chart placings from mrib had Reality at number 3 on Monday and Tuesday.

(Ed. Congratulations David! Well done my son!)

21st September 2003

Today's OBSERVER newspaper in the UK features a question and answer feature with DAVID BOWIE and comedian RICKY GERVAIS asking the questions.

Ricky, creator of The Office and stand-up comedian, interviews pop icon David Bowie, covering what it means to be a fan, the difference between Iggy Pop and Will Young ('about seven inches'), the nature of reality and the prospect of 'buggering off to Tibet'.

You can read the whole piece online at the Observer website.

21st September 2003

Reminder: Today's the final day in the UNDERWORLD / WONDERWORLD competition to win one of four 'special prize packs' containing promotional Underworld movie goodies.

Each Underworld promotional prize pack includes: a t-shirt, large poster, small poster, stickers and a very cool necklace. Answer all four questions and enter the competition now.

     1. Name the producer of the Underworld soundtrack album?
     2. What is the name of Kate Beckinsale's character in the movie?
     3. Who is the costume designer for the movie?
     4. Which actor plays the character Viktor?

To help you all, the answers to the questions can be found on the following websites:

[Lakeshore Records.com] [Sony Pictures.com] [Underworld Soundtrack]

Send in your answers to all 4 questions. To enter the competition, read the full rules and conditions visit the competition page

Update: Competition now ends today Sunday 21st September at midnight.

20th September 2003

There's a bagful of DAVID BOWIE appearances on television and radio over this weekend.

First up today is a DAVID BOWIE bio on the Biography channel in the USA also featuring Moby and Trent Reznor showing at 2:00pm ET.

David is one of the guests featured on the Tenth Anniversay Special on Late Night With CONAN O'BRIEN at 6:30pm ET, which is repeated later at 2:30am

Next day SUNDAY 21st an exclusive David Bowie interview can be heard on VIRGIN RADIO Superstars at 6pm until 7pm GMT. You can listen online here at www.virginradio.co.uk

David is also featured on PARKINSON STARBURST on BBC America at 6:30am ET.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on Comedy Central features a repeat showing of David from a past programme, broadcast at 3:30pm ET

In the UK LABYRINTH is showing 4 times on Nickelodeon at 13:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT and then repeated on Nickelodeon Replay at 14:00 and 20:00 GMT

Check out more happenings in the September Monthly Planner.

19th September 2003

Reminder: Come on - get your emails sent in... MOJO magazine are currently producing a special edition to be published in November entirely devoted to DAVID BOWIE.

The magazine will contain rare and unseen photographs, newly commissioned features and new interviews. Plus The Top 20 Bowie songs of all time, as voted by fans, writers and musicians.

Here's were you fans come in... if you'd like to nominate YOUR own Top 5 or Top 10 Bowie songs to be included, you can e-mail your choices to the following address: special.projects@emap.com

Alternatively, you can email your top 10 songs to Wonderworld and I will pass them on for you.

To make it easier for you or just to jog your memories you can see a full list of Bowie song titles here.

Check out the mojo4music.com website.

18th September 2003

In this weeks NME newspaper the FREE cover mounted CD entitled 'Hanging With The Strokes@ featuring the following DAVID BOWIE related tracks:

Firstly, there's the original version of 'Pablo Picasso' by The Modern Lovers (Jonathan Richmond) which David has covered on his brand new album Reality which was released on Monday. Secondly, there's the original 'I'm Waiting For The Man' by The Velvet Underground.

Check out nme.com website.

18th September 2003

You can watch online DAVID BOWIEs promotional video for his next single release 'New Killer Star' by clicking here - the DVD only single (except in Italy) is released on 29th September...

DAVID BOWIE, who released a new album titled 'Reality' this week, will perform at Madison Square Garden in New York on December 15th, with Macy Gray opening the show. Tickets, priced at $51-$130.50, go on sale Monday at 9:00 a.m. through Ticketmaster (212-307-7171.) Visit www.cc.com for info on the pre-sale, which starts today - (from cc.com)...

You can listen online at sonymusiceurope.com to a 30 second snippet of DAVID BOWIE'S version of Sigue Sigue Sputnik's 'Love Missile F1-11' - (from TheLodger)...

THE ADVERTISER features a 4-star 'Reality' review by PATRICK McDONALD - 'DAVID BOWIE continues the retro-yet-edgy creative renaissance that began with 1999's Hours. Where that echoed Hunky Dory, and last year's post-apocalyptic Heathen recalled many 1970s elements, this time there's an early '80s feel, from the electronic whirr of Scary Monsters to commercial hits like Modern Love and Blue Jean on this album's She'll Drive The Big Car. He's more upbeat in his questioning of reality and human frailty, with frantic rock guitars and drums driving the title track and New Killer Star, while pop sensibilities rule the ironic Never Get Old and folky Days. Best are moments of melancholy in his sparse, pondering The Loneliest Guy and the brooding, haunting Bring Me the Disco King.' You can read the full review here via theadvertiser.news.com...

DAVID BOWIE's four-CD box set, Sound + Vision, will be reissued on December 2nd in the USA...

18th September 2003

DAVID BOWIE recorded his set for the LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY NBC television show last night. Three songs were performed: 'New Killer Star', 'Never Get Old' and 'Hang On To Yourself'. The show is scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday 25th September at 1:35am.

Then this morning a denim clad DAVID BOWIE performed the 'Toyota Concert Series' for the TODAY SHOW at the Rockefeller Centre in New York City. Besides the interview with Matt Lauer, he and band performed three songs: 'New Killer Star', 'Modern Love' and 'Never Get Old'.

You can now watch online via msnbc.com and over at wireimage.com there's lots of photographs from the performance.

16th September 2003

The SACD version of REALITY is released on 7th October...

If you nip into your local BORDERS bookstore in the UK you can pick up a FREE DAVID BOWIE Reality promotional bookmark...

DAVID BOWIE'S fantastic new album 'Reality' is released today in the USA - scroll down the page for album details...

DAVID BOWIE and Radio EINS DJ Holger Luckas will go through the whole Reality album track by track on RadioEINS tonight (Tuesday) at 11:00pm (livestream www.radioeins.de, in Berlin/Potsdam 95,8 MHz) - (from NGO)...

Reality got a decent review in this morning's free METRO newspaper, along with a small recent photo of DAVID on the front page...

See my life in a comic... the latest instalment 'Loving The Alien' cartoon strip is now online... it's a couple of days late but what the hell, DAVID'S got a brilliant new album out and I'm finding it really hard to concentrate on anything else at the moment...

16th September 2003

A brand new UK TV celeb programme on the LIVING channel is Celebrity Extra which covers the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Fit-bit Tania Bryer gets an exclusive look at the new Sharon Stone film, Dizzee Rascal lands a surprise win at the Mercury Music Awards, and... DAVID BOWIE answers questions from the public on his new album Reality.

This short 5 minute programme featuring David is broadcast on the following dates:

16th September: Celebrity Extra, featuring David Bowie, Living, UK, 4:55 GMT
18th September: Celebrity Extra, featuring David Bowie, Living, UK, 00:55, 3:55 and 4:55 GMT
19th September: Celebrity Extra, featuring David Bowie, Living, UK, 19:25 and 20:25 GMT

Visit www.livingtv.co.uk

16th September 2003

Here's the FINAL question in the UNDERWORLD / WONDERWORLD competition to win one of four 'special prize packs' containing promotional Underworld movie goodies.

Each Underworld promotional prize pack includes: a t-shirt, large poster, small poster, stickers and a very cool necklace. Answer all four questions and enter the competition now.

     1. Name the producer of the Underworld soundtrack album?
     2. What is the name of Kate Beckinsale's character in the movie?
     3. Who is the costume designer for the movie?
     4. Which actor plays the character Viktor?

To help you all, the answers to the questions can be found on the following websites:

[Lakeshore Records.com] [Sony Pictures.com] [Underworld Soundtrack]

You can now send in your answers to all 4 questions. To enter the competition, read the full rules and conditions visit the competition page

Update: Competition now ends Sunday 21st September at midnight. All the prize packs have been delivered to me from the promoters in LA. Unfortunately the "special packs" did not contain the CD soundtracks because of a shortage.

15th September 2003


09.15.2003: DAVID BOWIE: "A Reality Tour" 2003/2004;


worldwide "A REALITY TOUR" will touch down in North America December 6 after he completes his already sold-out U.K. and European leg, which runs October 7 through November 28. The U.S. and Canadian dates will encompass 20-plus cities, it was announced by Clear Channel Entertainment. The tour is in connection with BOWIE's new album REALITY, due September 16 (ISO/Columbia Records), which follows last year's critically acclaimed, million-selling Heathen album. Macy Gray is the special guest on the North American leg.

Tickets for "A REALITY TOUR" will go on sale this weekend in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York, with the other on-sale dates varying from market to market. Members of BowieNet, BOWIE's pioneering online community, can buy tickets before the general public at www.davidbowie.com.

"A REALITY TOUR" marks BOWIE's first full-fledged world tour since 1995's highly successful "Outside World" tour and will also visit Australia and the Far East. BOWIE and his band, who have rehearsed over 50 songs from every era of his career, will change set lists from night to night on the tour.

BOWIE will be backed by the same stellar musicians he worked with on the REALITY album and performed with him on the acclaimed Heathen mini-tour: Sterling Campbell (drums), Gail Ann Dorsey (bass/backing vocals), Mike Garson (keyboards), Gerry Leonard (guitar), Earl Slick (guitar) and Catherine Russell (backing keyboards/backing vocals).

In recent years, BOWIE has concentrated on more intimate, one-off special live events, which have led to some legendary shows such as 2000's two sold-out shows at New York's Roseland Ballroom, last year's Carling Hammersmith Apollo show in London and his return to Berlin at the Max Schmelling Hall. Intermixed with these intimate events have been handpicked, sold-out festival dates including appearances at last year's Area2 shows in the U.S. as well as the spectacular 1999 closing night performance at Glastonbury. This year's tour promises a mixture of BOWIE's extensive back catalogue of hits as well as songs from the REALITY album.

"A REALITY TOUR" is scheduled to play to over one million people in 17 countries over a seven-month period. "Last year's shows were such a tremendous high and the audiences so responsive," says BOWIE. "My band is playing at the top of its form right now and it would be foolish not to play a tour this year while we're in such good spirits about the live show aspects of our work."

Membership to BowieNet is included with every ticket sold for this tour. Ticket holders will be able to type in a special code that will appear on each ticket and receive a free 3-month membership. BowieNet has been expanding the limits of artist/fan interaction and collaboration since 1998. Members have co-written a song with BOWIE, helped choose album art and packaging, participated in a variety of chats, webcasts and online events and even attended members-only concerts.

"A Reality Tour" is presented by Clear Channel Entertainment and produced by RZO Theatricals, Inc.

DAVID BOWIE will perform in the following North American cities:

DATE      CITY           VENUE          ON-SALE

Sat 12/6 Atlantic City, NJ The Borgata TBA
Sun 12/7 Washington, DC Patriot Center Sat 9/27
Tue 12/9 Boston, MA FleetCenter Fri 9/19
Wed 12/10 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center Sat 9/20
Fri 12/12 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre Mon 9/29
Sat 12/13 Montreal, PQ Bell Centre Mon 9/29
Mon 12/15 New York, NY Madison Square Garden Mon 9/22
Tue 12/16 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun TBA

Wed 1/7 Cleveland, OH CSU-Convocation Center Sat 9/27
Fri 1/9 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills Sat 9/27
Sun 1/11 Minneapolis, MN The Target Center Sat 9/27
Tue 1/13 Chicago, IL Rosemont Theatre Sat 9/20
Mon 1/19 Denver, CO The Fillmore Sat 9/27
Wed 1/21 Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome Mon 9/29
Sat 1/24 Vancouver, BC General Motors Place Mon 9/29
Sun 1/25 Seattle, WA The Paramount Theatre Sat 9/27
Tue 1/27 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose Sun 9/28
Fri 1/30 Las Vegas, NV The Joint TBA
Sat 1/31 Los Angeles, CA Shrine Auditorium Sun 9/28
Thu 2/5 Phoenix, AZ The Dodge Theatre Sat 10/04

Additional cities and show dates to be announced. Itinerary is subject to change. Following the North American Tour, DAVID BOWIE will continue on to perform dates in Australia and SE Asia.

About Clear Channel Entertainment
Clear Channel Entertainment, a leading producer and marketer of live entertainment events is a subsidiary of Clear Channel Worldwide (NYSE: CCU), a global leader in the away-from-home advertising industry. Clear Channel Entertainment currently owns, operates and/or exclusively books approximately 130 live entertainment venues, including more than 100 in North America and 30 in Europe. In 2002, more than 65 million people attended approximately 29,000 events promoted and/or produced by the company, including: Live music events; Broadway, West End and touring theatrical shows; family entertainment shows; and specialized sports and motor sports events. The company, which operates throughout North America, Europe, South America and Australia, also owns independently operated athlete representation businesses, which provide management, marketing and financial consulting services to many of the world's top professional athletes. More information may be found by visiting www.cc.com and www.clearchannel.com.

15th September 2003

Today sees the highly anticipated release of DAVID BOWIE'S fabulous 26th studio album REALITY in the UK, Europe and Australia. Released on his own ISO (Columbia) label, the album is produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.

Having already received many fantastic reviews from here, there and everywhere, personally the stand out tracks for me are: New Killer Star, The Loneliest Guy, Looking For Water, She'll Drive The Big Car, Fall Dog Bombs The Moon, Bring Me The Disco King and the title track Reality.

To steal the summing up line from The New York Times review yesterday '...with 'Reality,' he has achieved a rare and valuable thing: a great rock record for tragic adults as well as for tragic youth.' - how wonderfully spot on. Terrific album David congratulations!

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Reality cover      New Killer Star
     Pablo Picasso
     Never Get Old
     The Loneliest Guy
     Looking For Water
     She'll Drive The Big Car
     Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
     Try Some, Buy Some
     Bring Me The Disco King

Also released today is the beautifully packaged limited edition 2CD digipack version which contains a bonus disc featuring three David Bowie written tracks:

     Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)
     Rebel Rebel (2003 version)

The limited edition 2CD is available at a mere £10.99 via CD-Wow which includes FREE delivery worldwide!

The album is released in the USA tomorrow (16th September).

Album Details:
Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
Recorded at Looking Glass Studios, New York.
The band: David Bowie (vocals, guitar, keyboards, stylophone, baritone sax, percussion, synths, backing vocals). Sterling Campbell (drums). Gerry Leonard (guitar). Earl Slick (guitar). Mark Plati (bass and guitar). Mike Garson (piano). Gail Ann Dorsey (backing vocals). Catherine Russell (backing vocals).
Additional musicians: Matt Chamberlain (drums on Bring Me The Disco King). Tony Visconti (bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals). David Torn (guitar). Mario J. McNulty (additional percussion, drums on Fall Dog Bombs The Moon and additional engineering.
Acoustic piano on The Loneliest Guy recorded by Bill Jenkins at The Hitching Post Studio.
Engineer: Tony Visconti. Mixed by: Tony Visconti.
Mastered at The Lodge, New York by Emily Lazar.
Many thanks to Brandon Mason, Allaire Studios, Shokan, New York for additional recording.
Illustration: Rex Ray. Photography: Frank W. Ockenfels 3. Design: Barnbrook Design.

14th September 2003

MOJO magazine are currently producing a special edition to be published in November entirely devoted to DAVID BOWIE.

The magazine will contain rare and unseen photographs, newly commissioned features and new interviews. Plus The Top 20 Bowie songs of all time, as voted by fans, writers and musicians.

Here's were you fans come in... if you'd like to nominate YOUR own Top 5 or Top 10 Bowie songs to be included, you can e-mail your choices to the following address: special.projects@emap.com

Alternatively, you can email your top 10 songs to Wonderworld and I will pass them on for you.

To make it easier for you or just to jog your memories you can see a full list of Bowie song titles here.

Check out the mojo4music.com website.

13th September 2003

Canadian TV music show MUCH MORE MUSIC are to broadcast a DAVID BOWIE biography on Tuesday 16th September at 9:00pm and repeated again at midnight - (from Stardust)...

Tomorrow morning VH-1's Bill Flanagan previews fall music releases, including CDs from DAVID BOWIE and Rickie Lee Jones on CBS News Sunday Morning, CBS, USA at 9:00am EST...

Also tomorrow Sunday (14th Sept) VIRGIN RADIO are to broadcast a special interview with DAVID BOWIE during Dominic Mohan's programme (12.00 - 2.00pm UK time)...

The current issue of WORD magazine has a two-page DAVID BOWIE feature review - nice full colour photograph alongside an excellent Reality review. Review summary reads: 'If you were persuaded by 'hours..' or Heathen that the man might just have a second career in him, here's another bundle of evidence' - (from Bristow's Mum)...

13th September 2003

Deth Killers You wanna know more about the gear DAVID BOWIE has been wearing recently?

Well it all started with two rival motorcycle clubs, Innercity Raiders (I.C.R.) and Deth Killers. They were arch nemeses since before anyone from Bushwick or even Bed-Stuy could remember. Their brawls were the stuff of legend, and the Brooklyn neighborhood known as Bushwick suffered greatly. But then came the tragedies of 9/11 and suddenly everything changed...

On November 1, 2001, immediately following the Yankees miracle comeback in Game 4 of the World Series, recognising a true miracle, the respective leaders of each clan signed the Hart Street Treaty, effectively ending their bitter battles once and for all. Not only did the Treaty stipulate the end of the bloody turf war that was tearing Bushwick apart, but it contained a special clause, the Coco Lopez Bambino Clause. A clause so special, it called for the creation of a company which would combine and capitalise on the clubs exquisite and deadly senses of style. Styles of dress so sexy they were known to lure Mamasitas, Hoochie Mamas and Rock Goddesses from all boroughs. The Company would become a blend of young versus old, sex versus love, death versus life, and riding really fast bikes versus working.

And so began I.C.R. vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick. so that their clubs, their families, and all of Bushwick, may benefit and prosper for ALL TIME...


13th September 2003

Tomorrow Sunday (14th Sept) VIRGIN RADIO are to broadcast a special interview with DAVID BOWIE during Dominic Mohan's programme (12.00 - 2.00pm UK time).

Hang on, there's even more... and on Sunday 21st September they have a whole hour in David Bowie's company in Virgin Radio Superstars (6.00pm - 7.00pm).

You can listen to Virgin Radio at www.virginradio.co.uk - on 1215AM, Sky and DAB across the UK, and on 105.8 FM in London.

From James @ Virgin Radio.

13th September 2003

Reminder: Don't forget that today's the day for the airing of the DAVID BOWIE radio interview from NYC recording a few weeks back in NYC on the RICHARD ALLINSON show on BBC Radio Two. The programme kicks off this afternoon at 3:30pm (GMT) - you can listen online here...

Later on in the wee small hours at 3:20am on 'Cribs' BOY GEORGE Boy George takes viewers on a tour of his extremely cool crib and reveals his obsession with the legendary DAVID BOWIE. The programme is on Sky One, UK...

Upcoming DAVID BOWIE specials on VH1 in the UK on Thursday 18th September are David Bowie Greatest Hits, VH1, UK at 8:00pm GMT followed by David Bowie at the Beat Club Special (Musikladen from 1978), VH1, UK, at 9:00pm GMT - (from Jackie & David)...

ITV have lifted The Sun exclusive yesterday concerning DAVID BOWIE'S refusing a knighthood - read here...

The NEW YORK POST features a DAVID BOWIE online interview by Dan Aquilante. A few weeks ago, Bowie actually played The Chance in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., a club with room for just 300 fans. What gives? "All I want is a responsive audience," Bowie told The Post. "I get a buzz out of performing, whether it's for 300 or some exceptionally huge crowd, because of my band. We are a solid unit; we know we're one of the best bands out there. It might sound immodest, but we're really comfortable onstage because we know what we're doing." - Read the whole shabang here...

VH1 in the USA have added DAVID BOWIE'S video promo for 'New Killer Star' onto their playlist beginning Monday, September 15th...

Re the article I mentioned in the current issue of ESQUIRE magazine the other day - the Rankin photograph of DAVID BOWIE is an old Outside photograph and the Bowie piece written by Dom Joly is quite dreadful. Probably one of the most factually incorrect pieces I've ever read. I thought it was a wind up. It's like you're reading it and waiting for the punchlines that never arrive. Some nice photos though...

There's a Reality review in THE GUARDIAN by Caroline Sullivan in which she gives it a 4/5 rating - read here...

12th September 2003

There was a centre double page exclusive interview with DAVID BOWIE in The Sun newspaper today. Dominic Mohan asked the questions, Arthur Edwards took the photos.

Highlights include: He loves New York because people leave him alone there, although he has not ruled out a return to Britain. He says: "I travel on the subway a lot in New York. I don't get hassled. The locals are more than cool. "I've chopped and changed where I live so much and I never make any plans. I can just pull up roots and live somewhere else quite easily. "I learn to love the place I'm living in but I don't get so attached that it's a wrench for me to move. I do see a time when I'll live in Britain again - but probably not in London."

You can read the whole thing online via The Sun web site.

12th September 2003

For tonight's broadcast of DAVID BOWIE'S appearance on FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS on BBC1 they aired two of the three songs performed his next single 'New Killer Star' and the classic 'Modern Love'.

David Bowie performing During the recording of the show, which consisted mainly of Bowie fans, David and band also performed a tight version of 'Never Get Old' which sounded fabulous. I was reliably informed that this track will be aired on the show at a later date.

Inbetween songs and banter, David and the band also played the beginning of Blur's 'Song 2'.

Jonathan's enjoyable interview with David was very slightly edited. It's a shame they didn't show David do his levitation act and a few other funny comments passed between the pair.

Just in case you forgot and missed the show, it is repeated again tomorrow evening after midnight at 1:30am on BBC 1.

12th September 2003

SONY have announced several listening parties for DAVID BOWIE'S new album Reality over the US over the next few days.

Here are the known venues and information at present:

Reality cover      Chicago, IL:
     Monday, September 15, 9pm at ALIVE ONE

     Philadelphia, PA:
     Monday September 15, 10pm at Tattooed Moms (downstairs)

     New York City, NY:
     Monday, September 15th, 7-10pm at Lit

     Scarborough, ME:
     Tuesday, September 16th, 4-6pm at Bull Moose

     Detroit, MI:
     Wednesday, September 17th, 9pm at 5th Avenue / Sugarhiccup

     Champaign, IL:
     Wednesday, September 17th, 8:30-10pm at High Dive

     Bellmore, NY (Long Island):
     Thursday, September 18th, 9pm at The Juke Joint

     Salt Lake City, UT:
     Thursday, September 18th from 9-11pm at Shaggy's Living Room

     Portland, OR:
     Thursday, September 23rd, 7pm at Fez Ballroom

     Minneapolis, MN:
     Wednesday, September 24th, 9pm Imperial Room

From TBB @ BowieNet

11th September 2003

New Killer Star DAVID BOWIE'S first single DVD release from his Reality album is now ready to order. Released on 29th September (catalogue number: Columbia 6742759) - Pre-Order here...

DAVID BOWIE at the Odeon Cinema, Brighton by Alex Petridis Click here to read review on the guardian.co.uk website...

Check out The Miami Herald website for Hunky dory: David Bowie content with his 'Reality' piece by Howard Cohen along with a nice photo...

DAVID BOWIE has been photographed by fashion photographer Rankin and an article by comedian Dom Joly! 5 page feature in the latest Esquire magazine...

Tracks from DAVID BOWIE'S Reality have been added to the playlist on BBC 6 Music radio station - (from Dan Kramer)...

11th September 2003

Here's the third of four questions in the UNDERWORLD / WONDERWORLD competition to win one of four 'special prize packs' containing promotional Underworld movie goodies.

Each Underworld promotional prize pack includes: a t-shirt, large poster, small poster, stickers and a very cool necklace.

     1. Name the producer of the Underworld soundtrack album?
     2. What is the name of Kate Beckinsale's character in the movie?
     3. Who is the costume designer for the movie?
     4. tba

To help you all, the answers to the questions can be found on the following websites:

[Lakeshore Records.com] [Sony Pictures.com] [Underworld Soundtrack]

Please wait until all 4 questions appear before sending in your answers!

To enter the competition, read the full rules and conditions visit the competition page

11th September 2003

Surf on over to MUSICFOTO.COM and check out their 'Fall Special' - their biggest sale ever!! From September 1st until December 15th, 2003, Musicfoto offers a 20% discount on ALL photographs, plus an additional 5% on photographs ordered through PayPal!

Includes both photo sizes and no minimum quantity. Does not include gallery photos. All photographs are for personal use only, no reproduction permitted.

Check out the exclusive DAVID BOWIE photographs on offer which cover db live shots from 1974, 1976, 1978, 1983 and 1987 tours.

10th September 2003

MVC's DAVID BOWIE Nights to celebrate the launch of the new album 'Reality'.

You are invited to one of five exclusive live David Bowie events at MVC as we release the latest acclaimed album from this music legend.

CHANGESBOWIE will be performing not only classic David Bowie but also tracks from the new Bowie album. Whether or not you've had the opportunity to see the real thing, these guys are reputed to be the best tribute band in the UK and will be putting on a memorable show.

MVC has also secured exclusive artwork of the new album which will be available in a prize draw held on the night.

     Monday September 15th Brighton
     Tuesday September 16th Bury St Edmonds
     Wednesday September 17th Bedford
     Thursday September 18th Huntingdon
     Saturday September 20th Birmingham Star City

Check their store locator for location details.

During the evening we've also got the prefect excuse to increase your CD & DVD collections - there'll be triple points on all your purchases when you use your new MVC More card. You might as well complete your Bowie collection with the remastered CD back catalogue or the range of Bowie on DVD.

Numbers are limited and are on a first come first served basis. Doors open at 7.00 pm with the final performance finishing about 8.30. Entry is not restricted to MVC cardholders so you are more than welcome to bring along other Bowie fans on the night.

Hope to see you there.
From Simon Kinsler and MVC

10th September 2003

DAVID BOWIE'S live concert satellite launch of his Reality album was an outstanding success with full houses in cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne last night. Earlier that day (Australian time) Bowie performed the concert live from London and it was witnesses as it happened in cinemas through-out Europe.

Although the show was delayed for the Australian and Asian time-zone, Bowie came in live for a Q&A session for the region at 10pm local time (or around 1pm in London). The Q&A was hosted by former English rock star, now VH1 DJ Paul King.

It was here Bowie confirmed the Australian tour for early 2004. "We will definitely be there straight after Christmas" he said. The dates will be officially announced in November.

55 year old Bowie was asked if he was proud of his body of work. "I am definitely proud of my body" he laughed. The (what we can now call) veteran performer looked nowhere near his golden years.

It was good to see a bit of Bowie’s Aussie rock days emerge for the Australian cinema goers. In fact Bowie told the audience during the Q&A that he once owned a house at Elizabeth Bay and is now sorry he sold it. He spent a lot of time in Australia in the early 80’s.

You can read the full article by Paul Cashmere at undercover.com.au

10th September 2003

The upcoming broadcast of the DAVID BOWIE NYC interview with RICHARD ALLINSON on BBC Radio Two is all set for this coming Saturday afternoon on 13th September at 15:30pm (GMT). Hear Richard's exclusive interview with David Bowie - here's your bookmark - Listen online here...

The FRONT ROW BBC Radio 4 programme contains a review of DAVID BOWIE'S new Reality album. Paul Sexton of Billboard magazine does the reviewing. Visit the bbc.co.uk/radio4/ website and click on the 'listen to the latest programme' link - (from Tom at EnoWeb)...

UK'ers will be pleased to know that the American PERFORMING SONGWRITER magazine mentioned further down this page that features DAVID BOWIE on the cover, along with a great nine-page article/interview can be purchased in the UK at Borders, as can L'Uomo Vogue that also features db on the cover this month...

The October issue of UNCUT magazine contains a fabulous review of DAVID BOWIE'S new album by CHRIS ROBERTS. Elsewhere inside the magazine there's a full page colour advertisement for the album and tour, a review for Black Tie White Noise and in the 'Dispatches' section ('A record that changed my life') feature SHACK frontman Mick Head names Aladdin Sane as his mad-lad glam masterpiece - great read...

An upcoming issue of ROLLING STONE magazine (the one featuring a near naked Britney Spears cover) also contains a major DAVID BOWIE feature in the same issue. Damn good excuse for buying it I say...

Hang on... back to the PERFORMING SONGWRITER magazine I mentioned again, the magazine also contains several other DAVID BOWIE related pieces. Besides the nine-page db feature/interview inside there's also an article with EMILY LAZAR who did the mastering for Reality and Heathen, and a three-page article with THE MATRIX who talk about their work with David...

10th September 2003

David Bowie For all you fans down under... there is an upcoming DAVID BOWIE interview on ROVE [LIVE] in Australia next Tuesday 16th September at 9:3pm (AEST, Channel 10).

Rove state on their website that "they don't get much bigger than David Bowie" - indeed they don't.

Visit rove.com.au for information and details.

From Nicola.

10th September 2003

Here's some good news... CDWOW have just successfully negotiated a better price with their suppliers in relation to the DAVID BOWIE - Reality (Limited Edition with bonus CD) title from £12.99 to an amazingly low £10.99!

Remember, this digipack limited edition 2CD version is as it says 'LIMITED' pre-order this album before stocks sell out everywhere.

CD-WOW offers you probably the cheapest brand new CDs and DVDs available anywhere. Besides most CDs priced at only £8.99 - all orders include FREE worldwide shipping! The price you see is the price you pay. Here are a few examples of their David Bowie products available:

REALITY (Limited Edition Digipack with bonus CD) - Price £10.99 incl. FREE delivery!
REALITY - Price £8.99 incl. FREE delivery!
HEATHEN - Price £6.99 incl. FREE delivery!
BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE (Limited Edition with 2CD and DVD) - Price £12.99 incl. FREE delivery!
ALADDIN SANE (Limited Edition with 2CD) - Price £12.99 incl. FREE delivery!
ZIGGY STARDUST and The Spiders From Mars Live (Special 2CD) - Price £6.99 incl. FREE delivery!

Click here to see more David Bowie items

9th September 2003

Make sure you catch the repeats tonight of LIQUID NEWS on BBC 3. On the programme they show several live clips of DAVID BOWIE performing last night at the Riverside. There's also a small segment taken from an interview he did backstage after the show talking about illegal downloading.

The repeat programmes are at midnight (12:00) and at 1:55am.

(Ed. David appears just after the Marilyn Manson court case piece).

9th September 2003

Sign up to study Bowie's changes Superfan MARK GRANFIELD is to hold the first ever evening class for students to study rock legend DAVID BOWIE'S career. Mr. Granfield, a media studies lecturer, said the five-week course at South Downs College, Purbrook, would give students a thorough grounding in all things Bowie.

He said: "Over five weeks we will be looking at Bowie's influences, his career, how he has re-invented himself and how the media portray him - as well as looking at some of his music."

Mr Granfield, 25, of Kensington Road, North End, Portsmouth, has been a Bowie fan for over 12 years and has collected memorabilia including autographed albums and posters.

He said: "The idea for the course started as a light-hearted idea but it has grown and we have had a good response to it so far."

The course starts on September 16 at 6.30pm and anyone who would like to book a place can call the college on (023) 9279 7979. (Portsmouth Today)

Thanks to Graeme and Roger for the pointer.

9th September 2003

DAVID BOWIE performed his 'Live By Satellite' show at Riverside Studios, in Hammersmith, London last night showcasing his new album Reality.

A crowd of around 300 lucky punters got to watch the gig live in the studio, as well as the tens of thousands cinema concert goers who watched the proceedings from a comfy seat inside whichever cinema in their country they went to.

David and the band introduced onto the stage by Jonathan 'CBGB' Ross, started off with a warm up 'A New Career In A New Town' followed by a quick blast of Blur's 'Song 2' and Link Wray's 'Rumble'.

David dressed in a penguin tail jacket, denim grey jacket and jeans, a 'Reality' black t-shirt and biker boots he looked "well street" and well more than "a bit trusty" to match the sound and feel of the new album.

Shouts of "Go on my son" were returned back to the crowd comically by David at various intervals between songs. He was his normal witty self throughout the concert, with references to Larry Grayson and Les Dawson amongst his other comical antics and comments.

The full set list went as follows:

Set List:
     A New Career In A New Town
     Song 2 (Blur song)
     Rumble (Link Wray)

     New Killer Star
     Pablo Picasso
     Never Get Old
     The Loneliest Guy
     Looking For Water
     She'll Drive The Big Car
     Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
     Try Some, Buy Some
     Bring Me The Disco King

Satellite questions and answer session with Jonathan Ross

     Hallo Spaceboy
     Fantastic Voyage
     Hang On To Yourself
     Modern Love
     New Killer Star

Several famous faces and celebs were in attendance including: Tony Visconti, Bob Geldof, James Dean Bradfield, Kristeen Young, Mark Lamarr, Beverley Knight, David Baddiel, Jonathan Ross, Andy Davies, Paul King and David's son Duncan.

BBC News: Bowie thrills crowd with cinema gig
Glasgow Herald: A cyberspace oddity goes live worldwide
Digital Cinema Mag: Bowie launches new album with D-cinema show
Photographs: Rex Features

8th September 2003

The Reality 'Live By Satellite' performance by DAVID BOWIE tonight in London at the Riverside Studio can also be heard on the radio 'live' in Italy and Germany.

Italy's RAI/Radio 2 station online at radio.rai.it and in Germany at radioeins.de - you will need RealOnePlayer if you want to listen in online from anywhere else in the world.

Click to download free here (select the country you are in for quicker downloading).

The broadcast starts at 8:00pm (GMT) - check the World Clock to find the correct time zone wherever you are in the world.

Official Press Release: Bowie Brings His Reality To Cinemas Worldwide

8th September 2003

You can watch and listen to an exclusive DAVID BOWIE online interview at the ZDF website.

Watch the exclusive interview here there's a choice of RealVideo and WindowsMedia versions, as well as broadband and modem/ISDN.

7th September 2003

The SUNDAY INDEPENDENT contained a review for DAVID BOWIE'S soon to be released new album Reality. The reviewer gave the album four stars out of five.

Review: The hazard of being David Bowie in 2003, and having influenced everyone worth influencing in living memory, is that when you open your new album with a track like "New Killer Star", rather than sounding like your own "Fashion", instead it sounds like "Girls And Boys" by Blur. What Bowie has realised, it seems, is that if everyone else is allowed to reference his backcat, he may as well have a piece of the fun too. Whereas his previous effort, the much-lauded Heathen, tried perhaps a little too hard to be everyone's idea of a classic Bowie album, Reality is an altogether more playful take on his past (and present). The cover of Jonathan Richman's "Pablo Picasso" ("Well some people try to pick up girls, they get called assholes/This never happened to Pablo Picasso") is comically callous in a way Bowie hasn't been since Scary Monsters. Conversely, "Bring Me The Disco King" and "The Loneliest Guy" are as beautifully lost and world-weary as he's sounded since Low, an intelligent middle-aged man's alienated and fascinated view of modern life. Which is all we can possibly expect. SP

From The Sunday Independent.

7th September 2003

Check out the current issue of THE PERFORMING SONGWRITER magazine (Vol. 11, Issue 72) Sept/Oct which features a lengthy candid interview with DAVID BOWIE on marriage, music and art. As you can see db gets the front cover.

The Performing Songwriter Magazine Bill DeMain starts off his 'The Sound and Vision of David Bowie' article with... It's a clear June day in New York City. Traffic is at a horn-blasting standstill on Broadway below Houston. The lunch hour crowd jostles for space on the sidewalk. A construction project throws clouds of granite dust into the air. Nine floors above this street-level reality, in Looking Glass Studio, David Bowie is listening to rough mixes for his own Reality - his 23rd album, due this fall, along with a subsequent world tour.

"It's playing very well," is Bowie's modest assessment.

Dressed down in khakis, a light tan T-shirt and a matching ball cap, he looks more like a delivery guy than Ziggy Stardust. Only the odd left eye gives him away. That, and the fact that most delivery guys aren't able to completely disarm you with their charisma five seconds after you meet them.

While his fashion sense has gone through some changes, the sound of the new material has unmistakable links to Bowie's past. There's an Aladdin Sane-era boogaloo bounce to "New Killer Star," fuzz guitars shuffle-stepping with baritone saxes. "Never Get Old," with its insistent beat and triumphant chorus harkens back to early '80s radio hits like "Modern Love." And on the most compelling of the four tracks I'm played, "Bring Me The Disco King," Bowie's dramatic baritone floats over skyscraping jazz piano chords, suggesting a collision of "Wild Is The Wind" and "Life On Mars." "Killing time in the '70s / Soon there'll be nothing left of me," goes one couplet...

You can also click on this link for a Web Exclusive from the Performing Songwriter website where the 'always brilliant musician reflects upon his career and reveals the inspiration behind his latest masterpiece, Reality.'

The exclusive web audio interview clips are in six parts - click here to download - All audio clips are in mp3 format at optimal compression levels.

Check out PerformingSongwriter.com for more details.

6th September 2003

The current issue of GQ ITALIA (#48) features a three-page DAVID BOWIE article with photographs. Visit www.gqonline.it...

DAVID BOWIE is to appear on NBC's LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY the recording of the tv show is 17th September but the broadcast date is as yet unconfirmed. TV tickets can be applied for here...

The current issue of UNCUT magazine has a pretty good review of DAVID'S new album Reality which is released in nine days time on 15th September...

5th September 2003

Radio London presenter GARY CROWLEY is to do another interview with DAVID BOWIE and this time LDN giving you the chance to quiz the great man himself. Plus the question David thinks is the most interesting will win a personalised prize - so get your thinking caps on!! The deadline: 12:00pm Saturday September 6th.

Just click on this link to find out more.

From Clark Ainsworth @ BBC.

5th September 2003

David Bowie British rock legend DAVID BOWIE will perform live - via satellite from London - to more than 300 fans here at Orchard Cineleisure next Tuesday. The invited guests and winners of contests organised by The Straits Times and radio will be among others worldwide plugging into the 90-minute showcase from London's Riverside Studio.

The $25,000 Singapore event commemorates the release of Bowie's 26th studio album, Reality, which is due in stores on Sept 16. The showcase will be followed by a live interactive segment with the singer, who will answer questions from audiences around the world.

The show will also be broadcast live to auditoriums and theatres in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan. Similarly organised events across Europe will be ticketed affairs.

The event here is sponsored by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Cathay Organisation Holdings, Singapore Technologies Teleport, Christie Digital Systems, British media company Quantum Digital and The Straits Times. This is the first time a live concert is being beamed into a cinema here. Organisers and fans think it is a novel idea to capture new audiences who may not be familiar with Bowie's music.

Mr Suhaimi Rafdi, general manager for the cinema division of Cathay Organisation Holdings, says: 'We can now look at alternative forms of content and programming to further enhance the movie-going experience.'

A spokesman for Sony, Bowie's label, says: 'This concert adds a whole visual element to the rock legend. It's the first time we're doing something like this to launch an album and we'll keep exploring the possibilities.' A team of 10 engineers and operators from Singapore Technologies Teleport will be manning the technical aspects of the satellite broadcast.

A spokesman says: 'Ordinarily, you will need a very big satellite dish to capture the signal direct from London. 'But the signal will be beamed to an Asian satellite before being received in places like Hong Kong and Singapore.'

Bowie also recently announced a 17-country world tour beginning early next month. His first since the highly-successful Outside World one in 1995, he is not making a Singapore stopover.

The David Bowie Reality Showcase takes place at Orchard Cineleisure Hall 3 next Tuesday from 7.30pm. Admission is for invited guests only.

By Tommy Wee @ The Straites Times.

4th September 2003

Check out the BBC 6 MUSIC website where you can listen in online to DAVID BOWIE at Milton Keynes Bowl in concert from 1990 Sound+Vision world tour...

German/French channel Arte music programme TRACKS are to broadcast a report about DAVID BOWIE on Friday 12th September - the 45-minute programme starts at 7:00pm CET - (from Kim)...

DAVID BOWIE recorded a five-song performance for French television today. The programme called TRAFFIC.COM - also on the bill were Blur, Air, Françoise Hardy, The White Stripes and via satellite The Dandy Warhols. The show is to be broadcast on FRANCE 2 on Thursday 18th September - (from Patrice)...

Traffic Update: During the French 'Traffic' programme seven songs were performed by DAVID BOWIE: 'New Killer Star', 'Never Get Old', 'She'll Drive The Big Car', 'Modern Love', 'Fashion' (duet with Blur's Damon Albarn), 'Days' and 'Fall Dog Bombs The Moon'. During the three-hour show, David was also interviewed and he also spoke with Mick Rock and Moby live via New York - (from Luna)...

The September issue of German ROLLING STONE features a 16-page DAVID BOWIE feature entitled 'Stardust Memories', besides this massive feature, David also grabs the front cover slot too. See here for more details - (from Kim)...

DAVID BOWIE appears on the front cover of the latest issue of L'UOMO VOGUE (Italian Vogue) inside is a photo shoot by Steven Klein - (from TBB @ BowieNet)...

DAVID'S first single to be taken from his Reality album 'Killer Star' is also to be released as an Italian only CD single. The two tracks will contain NKS and Live Missile F1-11 - (from TBB @ BowieNet)...

BowieNet have confirmed that the exclusive bonus track on the Japanese release of Reality is a brand new studio version of 'Waterloo Sunset' recorded by DAVID BOWIE which was originally released by The Kinks - (from TBB @ BowieNet)...

3rd September 2003

Jonathan Ross DAVID BOWIE makes a welcome return to the new series of FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS on Friday 12th September BBC1, UK at 10.35pm-11:25pm.

Jonathan returns to Friday night for a fifth season of his fabulous weekly entertainment show. His first guests are David Bowie, making a return visit after his appearance last summer; Calendar Girls star Julie Walters; and comedian Jack Dee.

Future guests on the programme include Ricky Gervais, Nigella Lawson, Geri Halliwell, Primal Scream, Blur and Britney Spears.

3rd September 2003

B104.3 though it'd be really cool to see what happens when we put DAVID BOWIE in direct tropical sunlight! Want to be part of the experiment? B104.3 has your chance to a trip to see David Bowie at "Atlantis" - the crown jewel of Caribbean resorts on Paradise Island in the Bahamas!

You've got two weeks to win starting September 2nd! Weekdays at 7:40am, listen for Max & Miles to tell you the day's contest times. When you hear what they tell you to listen to...call this number: 1-866-525-WINS

Journey to a place of myth and wonder. Experience Atlantis, Paradise Island. Atlantis.com

Visit 1043oct.com for full details and information.

3rd September 2003

DAVID BOWIE'S interview (in English) from German radio station RADIO EINS which happened on Monday can now be downloaded from their website. There are also a couple of photographs of David arriving at the radio station and signing autographs...

Various radio stations in the USA including PYX 106, WRFY-FM Y102 and KCQQ-FM are announcing competitions to win tickets to see a private performance by DAVID BOWIE at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Visit pyx106.com for full details on how to enter - (from Kaz...

Apparently DAVID BOWIE'S scheduled appearance on Danny Baker's LDN radio show (London 94.9 FM) for this coming Thursday (4th September) has been cancelled (rearranged?) due to other committments...

DAVID BOWIE appeared live on the HR3 Frankfurt radio station yesterday in Germany. Visit their website - Also in Germany, DAVID BOWIE appeared on LEUTE HEUTE (ZDF) German TV at 5:45 CET...

Musicians wanted for tribute band... DAVID BOWIE soundalike, 23, in London/Kent area is looking for musicians to form a tribute band. Looking to perform stuff from across whole back catalogue. Will need guitars, bass, drums, pianist/keyboards. Interested? Then drop us an email at sfuller8@yahoo.co.uk - (from Scott)...

Happy Birthday wishes to 'She Said She Had To Squeeze It' have a great day mate :)...

2nd September 2003

Here's the second of four questions in the UNDERWORLD / WONDERWORLD competition to win one of four 'special prize packs' containing promotional Underworld movie goodies.

Each Underworld promotional prize pack includes: a t-shirt, large poster, small poster, stickers and a very cool necklace.

     1. Name the producer of the Underworld soundtrack album?
     2. What is the name of Kate Beckinsale's character in the movie?
     3. tba
     4. tba

To help you all, the answers to the questions can be found on the following websites:

[Lakeshore Records.com] [Sony Pictures.com] [Underworld Soundtrack]

Please wait until all 4 questions appear before sending in your answers!

To enter the competition, read the full rules and conditions visit the competition page

Update: All the prize packs have been delivered to me from the promoters in LA. Unfortunately the "special packs" did not contain the CD soundtracks because of a shortage. Fingers crossed hopefully the CDs will be sent on shortly via the record company.

2nd September 2003

SUNRISE, the Australian Channel 7 breakfast TV programme, just had a report on the cinema concert and also announced that DAVID BOWIE has only done one interview with an Aussie TV company and that it's with their programme.

Apparently it will be broadcast over two days in a couple of weeks time, to coincide with the album release.

From 96dbFreak.

1st September 2003

DAVID BOWIE is scheduled to appear on the following USA television programmes this month...

September 18th: THE TODAY SHOW (NBC) 7:00am - 10:00am ET, performing 3 songs as part of the Toyota Concert Series (website).

September 22nd: THE LATE SHOW / DAVID LETTERMAN performing New Killer Star (website).

September 28th: 60 MINUTES (CBS), profile with Mike Wallace (website).

Info from Columbia.

See the monthly planner for upcoming shows and appearances.

1st September 2003

On the SONY MUSIC EUROPE website you can download samples of two new DAVID BOWIE outtakes from his forthcoming Reality album.

The album versions of 'Fly' and 'Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)' are set to appear on the limited edition 2CD release of Reality.

If you've got a Windows Media player you can listen to the tracks Fly: (Album version) and Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture) (Album Version).

Check out the David Bowie pages at www.sonymusiceurope.com

Thanks to TheLodger for the pointer.

1st September 2003

Let's beat the touts with 'A Reality' Tour Ticket Exchange. If you were unfortunate enough not to be able to buy the tickets you wanted for the DAVID BOWIE forthcoming gigs you can now post your own classified ads yourself to trade/swop/sell tickets with other Bowie fans worldwide.

There must be around 50 or so classified ads up there now. Please let me know if you get sorted and need your advertisement removing. Big thanks and respect to all you db fans who are willing to sell their spare tickets at cost price and help out their fellow fans. Love on ya!

Feel free to add your own wanted/exchange/swop/for sale classified advertisements here...


Either email in and I'll post up on your behalf or even easier - do it yourself. Make sure you add a password if you want to alter you advertisement later.

Please note: Anyone deemed to be "ripping off" fans will get their advert deleted and blocked from posting again.

"May the db fan force be with you."



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