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14th September 2008

Composer PHILIP GLASS is featured in THE INDEPENDENT newspaper today. The piece is written by Fiona Sturges on the eve of a major retrospective. Philip is interviewed and 'spills his session-room secrets' when working on his 'Low Symphony'.

David Bowie and Brian Eno - Low Symphony (1993)

"In the early 1980s I was asked to do a symphony and I had the idea of taking material from another composer and making a piece out of it. I said, 'Well, if Brahms can use Haydn, why can't I use David Bowie and Brian Eno [Bowie's collaborator on the 1977 album Low]?' I knew their 'Berlin Trilogy'; they were interesting records.

"Those were the days of double-sided LPs and I was interested in resetting the B-side. I never knew who did what on it and they never told me but I knew that a born composer and melodist had worked on it. I took a theme as Brian or David had composed it and extended it into a 12- or 14-minute movement. It was meant to be a seamless continuation. There was a certain type of orchestration in the way it was recorded and I used that as a guide.

"I like the idea that talented composers can exist outside of conservatories. (Eno and Bowie) were meant to be rock 'n' roll musicians, but the fact is that they knew how to compose. They're extremely gifted."

You can read the complete article here on the Independent website.

13th September 2008

DAVID BOWIE's 1983 worldwide smash number one hit 'Let's Dance' is being used by British company MARKS AND SPENCER in their current TV advertising campaign for womens' wear.

The commercial takes place on a fairground and features Pin Ups album cover co-star Twiggy Lawson and Mylene Klass as well as three other models.

If you are outisde of the UK you can view the TV commercial here

12th September 2008

DAVID BOWIE's 'Life On Mars?' appears on SingStar Legends for the PlayStation 2. SingStar Legends - Solus (PS2) releases on 28th October and it is the ultimate social gaming experience sure to entertain everyone for hours!...

BROLLE a Swedish singer is featured in an MQ comercial singing a cover version of DAVID BOWIE's 'Fashion'. You can view the clip here - [From Zig Dust®]...

Some nonsense news... DAVID BOWIE's 1972 masterpiece 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars' came out top in a poll to find the 'The 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums (of All Time)' on out.com - yawn, boring, whatever...

9th September 2008

The DAVID BOWIE tribute band Aladdinsane perform several gigs over the next few months.

They are booked to perform at the Touchline Hullbridge Sports and Social Club, Lower Road, Hullbridge, England on Friday 28th September. Price is £7 on the door and the show starts at 8pm.

There are also gigs lined up for the following dates:

     13th Saturday - Goodbarns, Peterborough, England
     26th Friday - The Touchline - Hullbridge, Essex, England

     4th Saturday - The Comet, Peterborough, England
     18th Saturday - The Cherry Tree, Peterborough, England
     25th Saturday - The Q Club, High Street, March (Cambs), England

     1st Saturday - Firework Fiesta, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, England

     20th Saturday - Goodbarns, Peterborough, England

Check out their website at aladdinsane.co.uk for more details and information about this excellent English Bowie tribute act.

1st September 2008

The DAVID BOWIE compilation iSELECT audio CD is scheduled for release this month on 22nd September via EMI.

As you know this compliation was personally selected by David himself.

Come complete with a jewel housed CD and the booklet contains David own words about each of the songs.

The release is identical to the recent free UK and Ireland Mail On Sunday newspaper card sleeve CD, but this is now available to all countries EXCEPT the UK and Ireland.

The tracklisting runs as follows:

iSELECT CD      01. Life On Mars?
     02. Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing
     03. Bewlay Brothers
     04. Lady Grinning Soul
     05. Win
     06. Some Are
     07. Teenage Wildlife
     08. Repetition
     09. Fantastic Voyage
     10. Loving The Alien
     11. Time Will Crawl (MM Remix)
     12. Intro / Hang On To Yourself (live from Santa Monica '72)

(Ed. I've read three different release dates - namely 22nd, 29th September and 6th October - so take your pick!)

1st September 2008

Update: You can listen to The Konrads track 'Mocking Bird' which allegedly features David Bowie - [Listen here] - it might possibly have David playing saxophone but it's definitely NOT him singing.

Legendary Sixties music producer JOE MEEK's private recording collection is to be auctioned off.

The thousands of tapes include unheard recordings of various artists which includes DAVID BOWIE when he was singer and saxophone player with THE KONRADS.

Which demo songs the The Konrads actually recorded with Meek at 304 Holloway Road, Islington are at present unknown, but the story goes that David and The Konrads were recorded by Meek in 1963 but he turned the group down.

The collection of 1,850 tapes (approximately 5,000 recordings) has been added to the It's More Than Rock And Roll sale to be held at London's Idea Generation Gallery this Thursday 4th September at 5pm.

Lot 94: Joe Meek Archive: The Original Joe Meek Master Tapes has an estimated value of £250,000 to £300,000.

Ted Owen, Managing Director of the Fame Bureau, said: "To describe Joe Meek as a rock and roll icon is an understatement - he was one of the most important figures in the industry for nearly two decades and these tapes provide a vicarious passage of the 1950s and 60s.

"Furthermore, custodian of the Joe Meek archive, Cliff Cooper has honoured the collection by keeping it intact all these years and cherished for British musical posterity."

Joe Meek became an icon of the recording industry with his experimental techniques in the 50s and 60s and was most famous for The Tornados' 1962 hit Telstar which won him an Ivor Novello Award.

Incidentially Nick Moran is currently directing a film of Meek's life, called Telstar, starring himself and Kevin Spacey.

More details and information can be found at liveauctioneers.com website.

1st September 2008

Record Collector October 2008 DAVID BOWIE in his Aladdin Sane incarnate graces the front cover of RECORD COLLECTOR magazine for their October 2008 issue.

The cover blurb states: 'Inside Aladdin's Cave - the list gems of Bowie'.

Inside the feature entitled 'Unreleased Bowie' discusses his unissued back catalogue remains hideously unexplored by EMI - we tell you what they should do.

You can read the partial online article here via their website.


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